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  1. Chicken and chips combine with a cold coke. They give energy and makes the game time more fun.
  2. Sorry about that mate. Seems gaming on laptops is taking a plunge. But the latest machines can really handle the heat (literally the heat!). I don't have a gaming specific laptop, but i have used an Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX531GX and it worked fine. Moving to desktop is also a wise thing if you don't mind forfeiting portability.
  3. True. I believed many members will volunteer to moderate the forums for free. I wouldn't mind moderating one forum category. If we get 5 or so volunteers, the spam issue will be well under control. My thinking.
  4. The moderators should up their game should that happen. As the forum grows, there is need for employing more moderators to oversee the activities of the board.
  5. Maybe a referral system. Where members can earn points or $ for referring people to the board. Am not sure if it is already here.
  6. I have just finished watching The King Of Staten Island 2020, now am going to binge on Greenleaf next.
  7. Have you watched The King Of Staten Island? I loved it. Though it has already been released. Most of the movies that are being released right now were done before the pandemic. That is why it seems like there is nothing new coming from the industry.
  8. Hi gamemates! Glad to be here. I now feel at home. Let's do some gaming.
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