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  1. I believe Chinese people are human beings too. I don't think they can use that as a bio weapon to fight the world, cause people from different nations do business with them. Hopefully we pray for a better vaccine to cure it completely.
  2. Us government have done a great things to have provide some cash and reduces tax to the citizen of their nation. It will be good if other countries can manage to do that. This is the time citizens need special treatment from their government.
  3. It affects me and my house hold. Only few of us tends to contribute to the well being of the house hold. We can't afford to buy some specific things, and we always cut cost to get another commodity we want.
  4. Religion is more like a definition of culture. Every body tends to follow his or her doctrines base on what their religion preached. But the problem in the society is that everybody tends to place his religion on top of other religions. But I hope it does not divide us in the society.
  5. Fake news cause conspiracy in the society. It makes one to have different opinions about some particular scenarios, which makes individuals to react to it in their own understanding.
  6. Racism should be banned from the community. It makes the community not to be friendly by strangers in a particular place. It also makes the economic to fall, which causes inflation of goods and services.
  7. Human being can be like a parasite sometimes. They like to take advantages of what they are benefiting from someone. But if one stand well and be vigilant one can always get ride of them if one should get they are taking advantage of what they are offered.
  8. Football to me is more like a way of life. There are moments of joy, sorrows if team lost. Football keeps one happy and if you are a player, that plays football, when is at your feet, one tends to forget all sorrows.
  9. This stake board people affect some teams in football. Especially arsenal football team. They don't like to give managers to buy world class players. But instead manage players. And is causing the team not to attain high peak this days.
  10. bomb

    XFL 2020

    I don't know why they keep canceling this games this days. But hopefully by 2021, we hope and pray there is a strong vaccine to fight the virus. It is annoying seeing this games postponed.
  11. bomb


    I was taught how to play hockey during my school days. During this times, i sustain injury which makes me to stop playing it. But trust me the sport is great and fun.
  12. Football teams are playing this days without any spectators watching them. Thou we watch from our different homes. We can't wait to start watching them inside the stadium again.
  13. bomb

    Sports injuries.

    Sport injuries are dangerous to both the player and the team they played for. Sometimes, it might be a short term injury or long term injury.
  14. bomb


    Fishing is a game for those who can be patience. There is a lateral line in the body of fish, that help the fish to determine sound. So if you want to go fishing you don't make noise, or else they tends to move away from the hook you set for them.
  15. Henry. He left arsenal when we need him the most to continue being the champion of England. He left to Barcelona because of champion league title.
  16. I like watching football. It is the most watch around the world. Great moment to catch up is watching big team loosing a match. We tends to make jest of each other.
  17. I support Liverpool football club when it comes to champions league. And so far so good, we are the one toping England in the history of England teams in that competition.
  18. bomb

    Season tickets.

    Season ticket is a great deal offer by the management of the clubs around the world. It gives any body the opportunity to watch any match of your choice.
  19. It is great as they postponed the game. It is a game the masses like to watch. But when the pandemic time is over I hope not to see any games postponed.
  20. bomb

    The Paralympics?

    The paralympic games is to motivate the disable ones to archive the aims and goals and also encourage them in sport.
  21. bomb

    Play vs watch

    Also loves to play most of the spot games. But the ones you are not good at it, it is always good for you to watch. By that you can also learn to play.
  22. Playing football is really fun. Especially if you have foot walk and can dribble pass a lot of players. Also if you can jog the ball, people will be amazed and always love to watch you doing so.
  23. They have played the final and fc Bayern won the final. They defeated PSG. But this final is going to be between Juventus and Bayern Munich
  24. I miss seeing John Cena fighting on the stage. Other great wrestlers I miss are big show, great undertaker, kane. There matches are always tough. Royal rumble is fun to watch too.
  25. This is a great season. Small teams are acting like big teams this days. They are more like treat to bigger clubs.
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