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  1. The video cards are nearly with the same performance as the desktop ones. But the processors aren't that powerful as they should be for that price. And in almost all cases with these video cards, the battery is dying within a hour or two when gaming on battery.
  2. Didn't you contact the owner? If you did, what did he say for this situation? This is a really bad thing to happen to a former staff, sorry to hear man.
  3. I think that everyone has a different understanding of a high end PC. You can build one which can play any games at 1080P and up to 4K, depending on the game for under $1000 USD.
  4. I always play what I want to play at the right moment. There is no thing for me like distributing my time to play a specific video game. The aim of playing game is to relax and have fun, you can't do that if you don't do what you like to do.
  5. I have played Clash of Clans. One account ran from my PC using Bluestacks and another from my phone. Just put some buildings to upgrade.
  6. As for games in Steam I want to get NBA 2K18 and Players' Unknown Battlegrounds. I have played a lot of the NBA games as younger and I kinda miss them.
  7. Well, if I want to play a game which isn't available for PC I could run it from an emulator and simply play it on my PC.
  8. I have played 3 competitive matches in a row with a friend in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I have won 2 of them and the last one finished 15/15.
  9. In generally, I don't think that the battle royale genre is overrated but Fornite. This game is for surely overrated. PUBG is much better in my opinion.
  10. The Dust2 and Inferno maps in Counter Strike: Global Offensive has always been my favourite ones. I also like Mirage but not that much as the other ones.
  11. You can become a streamer in YouTube, Twitch, etc. and when your channel grow you will start to receive donations from your viewers.
  12. Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I have played a competitive Dust 2 match and actually found a nice and friendly person and became friends.
  13. If you want to try it then it's worth the money. And the game is getting updates with new features and possibilities. It's up to you.
  14. Clementine from The Walking Dead video game would be a pretty good friend. I could learn much about zombies and be friends.
  15. Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Got a losing streak of 7 loses in a row. And the last game I was playing the electricity went out...
  16. The awesome video game ARK: Survival Evolved is now on sale on Steam. It's a great game which you can get now for 22 euros.
  17. It's Grand Theft Auto V for me. I can do everything I want there and have fun exploding and shooting things. Or just drive around with a tank.
  18. You set up it very easy. Go to settings ---> System and there is the Night Mode option. Just turn it on and boom - ready.
  19. Well, it seems that most of people vote for PUBG as their favourite battle royale game. I can't wait to get my hands on it next month.
  20. Played some Clash of Clans on my phone. Failed very stupidly on a attack which was seeming very easy...
  21. I would go for Mount & Blade: Warband. I do like to be a king and have a kingdom. Getting into battles with the army would also be fun. But most importantly, there will be a lot of adventures.
  22. Which battle royale game do you think is the best in your opinion? For me it's Players'' Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG). It's realistic and skill based battle royale game.
  23. When I first played Minecraft I forgot to eat at first. I loved the game so much that the only thing I wanted to do is to play it.
  24. Mount & Blade: Warband is a great game for me. They are working on Mount & Blade: Bannerlord II for years now and I'm pretty sure Grand Theft Auto VI will get released before Bannerlord II.
  25. DOOM is a good game to play. Not sure if it has much related to Halloween but I had to recommend the as it's a good one.
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