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  1. What games have you played that most reward tenacious exploration and experimentation?
  2. What are some games that allow the player to make use of passage of time as a tool in some way, for example, to help solve puzzles?
  3. Are there any societies/cultures in video game worlds that you find especially beautiful or compelling?
  4. What are some games that force you to play some bits in total or near darkness?
  5. Are there any games you have played that deliberately cultivated a frightening or at least tense atmosphere that affected you despite the game content not necessarily being frightening? For example, the DLC for Outer Wilds definitely puts me on edge, though so far nothing I have encountered in it is actually scary.
  6. What factors into making a game “atmospheric?” I think for me, it is a combination of art design, ambient sounds, a sense of mystery, and overall immersion. But it is hard to pin down.
  7. Ken Levine’s new game Judas is finally slated for release early in 2025. Meanwhile, BioShock 4 is reportedly still under development. Which of these two games are you more exited about? I am a huge BioShock fan. Right now, I am most excited for Judas, as I can’t help thinking it may end up being more BioShock-y than whatever BioShock 4 ends up being.
  8. What are some games where the physics of the game is utilized in puzzle design in some way? For example, this factors into gameplay in Outer Wilds. I was somewhat surprised that I got into it a lot.
  9. Has anyone ever noticed that it sometimes suddenly becomes trendy to hate on certain games, even ones that came out years ago? Does anyone have any insights into what causes this toxic and annoying behavior? I see it a lot on Reddit.
  10. First of all, hi everyone! It’s been ages! I hope everyone is doing well! Have you ever played a game that is way outside of your typical genre or format of game? If so, what was it that convinced you to play it?
  11. Thanks for the shout out! I've just been swamped lately with a lot of things. I miss creating lots of topics though. Since I don't know specifically what you are feeling nervous about, there's not much specifically I say to reassure you. But I have always found your posts to be thoughtful, intelligent, comprehensive and entertaining. I think you are probably second guessing yourself unnecessarily.
  12. I did notice that pains were taken to show us that Joel drinks to cope with his PTSD. That could be relevant here. If you watch the last few minutes of this, there are some interesting insights into the closing scenes where Joel beats that guy to death, and some discussion about how Ellie and Joel's connection is dangerous for others. I think that could be one of the reasons for the song choice. Their relationship may exhilerate them, but it is also dangerous since ultimately there's nothing they won't do for each other. While the song is about drug use, it does capture that threshold between euphoria and danger. This is one of my favourite songs; I was so happy to see it here.
  13. That's also all I know as well. More curious why Druckmann and Mazin chose Never Let Me Down Again, and whether the reference has more to do with Joel and Ellie or with Bill and Frank. I mean, the song is about drug use, but could perhaps be applicable to aspects of relationships that are intoxicating but dangerous.
  14. In some areas though, it's arguably ramped up. That last scene where Joel beats that soldier to death, for example? In the game, that situation came across to me as "Ugh, that went badly, now we gotta kill this guy." In the show, it came across more as brutal and intentional murder.
  15. The Fallout universe actually wouldn't be a bad place to end up. Where else can you get self-healing limbs from radiation exposure? Hmm, if @The Blackangel will be uploaded with her memory wiped, I'll be uploaded where she goes so we can meet all over again.
  16. What are your other contenders? The other place I wouldn't mind being uploaded to would be a non-fascist, non-racist, irreligious version of Columbia from BioShock Infinite. I want to live in a sky city with equality for all. Also, I don't think immortality would be a problem, but boredom would. But if the universes in question were continually evolving and added to, it might not be an issue. And I assume we get to hang out with other real people after we are uploaded? If so, that should solve a large chunk of the boredom problem.
  17. When you have to find a specific location for a quest, do you prefer a marker at the exact location, or would you rather have a general area highlighted, or do you prefer a reference to an area, but no indication on the map at all, making you figure it out yourself?
  18. What games feature some of the most bizarre and unexpected turns of events? As an example, I just finished the Shivering Isles DLC in Oblivion. I never in a million years could have guessed when I first started playing Oblivion that that would be the ultimate fate of the hero of Kvatch (so amazing though).
  19. Each time I play RDR2, I swear I have only been playing the game a night or two, and then I notice it’s been like a week. What games make time fly by super fast for you like this?
  20. Does anyone else feel claustrophobic swimming underwater in video games? I seem to feel this way universally in games, even though swimming underwater doesn’t make me feel claustrophobic IRL.
  21. I put a disc in my PS3 yesterday, and it made this disturbing loud vibrating noise. I took it out and put itback, and it is still doing it a little, but much more quietly. Anyone had this happen or know what the problem is?
  22. Perhaps not the drive behind the existence of the hobbies--but possibly the drive behind some individuals' interaction with them. I suppose it all comes down to what each person makes of it. If someone grows up playing TLOU and is inspired by Ellie to find a way to be optimistic in our increasingly apocalyptic-looking world, fights to survive, and ultimately ends up helping a lot of people in part because of her example, then I'd say they used their hobby to help them change the world.
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