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  1. What are some of the best games that do not do much hand-holding?
  2. I want to find a good construction simulator. Can anyone recommend one from personal experience?
  3. What games do you feel have held up really well visually, even though they are old and their graphics are dated? To me, Skyrim still looks beautiful. The original BioShock has also held up quite well.
  4. Recently we’ve had some amazing video game adaptations, whereas for many years, they were notoriously poorly-received on average. What do you think changed?
  5. What are some games that weren’t major hits that’d be great as films or TV series? My pick is Spec Ops: The Line.
  6. Ah, interesting! Yes, I didn't play that edition!
  7. For some reason, The Outer Worlds was getting so much hate on Reddit late last year for a while! Lots of threads trashing it. I thought it was quite weird considering how old--and non-controversial--it was by then.
  8. Are there any games you love that it is fashionable to loathe? For me, for example, it is The Outer Worlds.
  9. Which games do you feel a player’s experience is ruined the most if they run into spoilers?
  10. Do you feel you are a below-average gamer? How does that affect you?
  11. What games feature the smallest open worlds?
  12. Do you feel that games have been watered down too much in terms of strategic play to appeal to a broad audience?
  13. What are some games you took way longer to complete than the “average” time you’ve seen listed?
  14. In what situations are you willing to look up the answer to a puzzle? In what scenarios do you refuse, even if you are super stuck?
  15. When you encounter a tough and frustrating difficulty spike in a game, how do you handle it?
  16. What is something you had to do in a game that stumped you for days, but later, you could do it almost effortlessly?
  17. Sometimes it surprises me that I get so hooked on storytelling through audiologs/books/artifacts in a game that tell a story about the past. What makes this format work so well? Maybe the process of discovery/rewarding exploration and curiosity?
  18. What games have you played that most reward tenacious exploration and experimentation?
  19. What are some games that allow the player to make use of passage of time as a tool in some way, for example, to help solve puzzles?
  20. Are there any societies/cultures in video game worlds that you find especially beautiful or compelling?
  21. What are some games that force you to play some bits in total or near darkness?
  22. Are there any games you have played that deliberately cultivated a frightening or at least tense atmosphere that affected you despite the game content not necessarily being frightening? For example, the DLC for Outer Wilds definitely puts me on edge, though so far nothing I have encountered in it is actually scary.
  23. What factors into making a game “atmospheric?” I think for me, it is a combination of art design, ambient sounds, a sense of mystery, and overall immersion. But it is hard to pin down.
  24. Ken Levine’s new game Judas is finally slated for release early in 2025. Meanwhile, BioShock 4 is reportedly still under development. Which of these two games are you more exited about? I am a huge BioShock fan. Right now, I am most excited for Judas, as I can’t help thinking it may end up being more BioShock-y than whatever BioShock 4 ends up being.
  25. What are some games where the physics of the game is utilized in puzzle design in some way? For example, this factors into gameplay in Outer Wilds. I was somewhat surprised that I got into it a lot.
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