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  1. Can you think of any games that featured “plot twists” that you missed, but which in hindsight seemed obvious? In other words, plot elements that may have only felt like twists to you, but not most gamers.
  2. @Yaramaki As an example, in Stray, you play a cat in a world of robots, but none of them really treat you as anything but a person; they don't question your cat-ness. Contrast that with say, Skyrim, where if you play a Khajit (cat person), you have to put up with racist comments and scorn from NPCs.
  3. If you game at night, do you use blue light filters? I don't. It doesn't seem to keep me awake, and I prefer true colors for gaming.
  4. What games ended up being weirder than you expected?
  5. Has anyone else noticed that light looks overexposed on PS5? I have found it to be especially obvious with Skyrim and BioShock Infinite. In Skyrim, it even makes little bands across the screen directly around torches and such. It is awful. Does anyone know why this happens and how to stop it? And no, it is not that PS5 HDR thing.
  6. How do you feel about games that have a single difficulty setting with no way to adjust it up or down?
  7. Do you ever look up if main characters in a game will die before you start playing the game, or in the middle of it? Sometimes I do this, just because downer endings are easier to cope with for me if I see it coming.
  8. What are some games where music plays a really strong role, but as something more than just backdrop?
  9. I absolutely love the zoom feature in Stray. You can zoom on the background or foreground and get wonderful detail and sharpness that I don’t think was possible on previous generations. What other games have solid zoom features?
  10. What are some examples of clever minimalist storytelling in games that make use of player interaction in some way? For instance, there is a moment in Stray where you can have the cat take a nap in a particular location. When you do, the camera pulls way far away, as if to suggest the cat's dreaming mind journeying away. It plays an instrumental song which, in conjunction with a previous conversation, hints strongly at what the cat is dreaming of, even though it is not shown on the screen or stated explicitly in any way.
  11. Prejudice and bigotry are common parts of many game universes. What are some games where they play only a minor role or no role at all, despite there being a diverse population?
  12. In a lot of games, it seems to me like the average NPC is rude at best, hostile at worst. What are some games where NPCs are generally friendly?
  13. When I first started gaming on console, it took effort for my brain to adapt to each new game I played. But by now, it is almost effortless. Have you noticed this for yourself?
  14. What are some games where there is dialogue and it is aloud, but it is all in another game world language, so you read the translations off a screen? Two examples I can think of are No Man’s Sky and Stray (which I just started).
  15. What video games feature the most disturbing atmospheres? And what makes them so unsettling?
  16. We read a lot about the stresses that esports pros have to endure, which tend to result in a lot of them quitting while fairly young. Do we know much yet about the long-term physical and psychological outcomes? Do esports players have health problems after their careers are over like athletes often do?
  17. Top esports players obviously earn a lot of money, but I have read that a typical salary for those in the mid tier is more like $50,000-$75,000. Considering the sheer amount of time, work and stress that goes into the job, that actually sounds low to me. How do you feel about it?
  18. Is anyone on this forum currently an esports player, or trying to break into it? What do you play, how many hours a day do you put in, and how is it working out for you?
  19. Is anyone here well-acquainted with any professional esports player? If so, have they told you any interesting stories or shared any interesting insights about their job?
  20. If you were going to become a professional esports player, what game would you pick to play? Why would you choose it?
  21. So, I figured out that I can change the color of the DualSense lightbar by connecting the controller to my laptop. But when I reconnect it to PS5, it goes back to its default blue. Does anyone know if there is a way to make it stay a custom colour when using it with PS5?
  22. To those who have more than one gaming platform, how do you decide which platform you will purchase any particular game for (ignoring exclusives, of course)?
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