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  1. Is there anyone else that avoids crafting a lot because it feels overwhelming?
  2. What games feature difficulty curves that are shallow for most of the game, and then really steep at the end?
  3. What makes someone not fun to game with or watch game? I.e. I find it tedious to watch someone play who is prone to rage quitting.
  4. Are there any games where playing evil isn’t just convenient or fun, but actually compelling/interesting?
  5. What games would you have preferred to be shorter or longer than they are?
  6. What online games have the best balancing of abilities, etc.?
  7. What games benefit most dramatically from going in blind, i.e. knowing next to nothing about what one is about to play? Outer Wilds is one of the best-known examples.
  8. What are some relatively obscure games with compelling visual styles?
  9. What are some of the most stunning “creature” designs you’ve seen in games? These can include designs for literal creatures, but also non-human characters that are particularly far off from looking human.
  10. What are some of the best online gaming experiences you’ve had, from a social perspective?
  11. What are some solid story-driven games that aren’t that well known?
  12. Are there any games you’ve tried and failed multiple times to learn and get into?
  13. If you found out you were about to die, what would be the last game you’d want to play before you go?
  14. If you could give your home a remake in the style of any video game setting, which would you choose? I’d choose Rapture in BioShock.
  15. What’s a decision point in a video game where you always make the same choice, even though that choice is painful?
  16. If you had to work for a game developer, which would you choose? Where do you think you’d be most satisfied with your output and quality of life?
  17. For those looking forward to Dragon Age: The Veilguard, what do you most want from the game?
  18. Is there a game that seems to check most of your boxes for an ideal game, yet for some reason, you can’t get into it?
  19. I remember in lots of old games, it was easy to ruin your entire playthrough because of things like one missed or lost item earlier in the game, and you couldn’t progress. This seems rare now. When did this stop?
  20. What are some games where you regretted your build or class for the entirety of your first playthrough? This was me with DA: Origins and my rogue build.
  21. Are there any old game genres that used to be popular but aren’t any more that you would like to see have a resurgence? For me, this would be point-and-click games.
  22. What game have you purchased the largest number of times (i.e. remasters, new versions for new consoles, ec.)? How many times did you buy it?
  23. When you mod a game, do you use silly mods, or only serious ones?
  24. I’m on my first playthrough of The Witcher 3. I assume I’ll eventually have to back one of the two factions, but they both seem completely awful to me. What are some other games where you have to back a side, but all the sides seem awful?
  25. Have you played any games where you dreaded reaching the end so much you deliberately put off finishing for weeks or months?
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