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  1. I remember setting mine to Underground because teenage me though it sounded cool, even though I had very little idea of what it actually did. The first thing that comes to mind for me is that on the PS2, you can rotate the PlayStation logo so that you can have it the right way up both in horizontal and vertical mode. I just learned this quite recently and was blown away.
  2. Is Silicon Valley considered a sitcom? I absolutely love that show. I've seen it all twice, and would love to back and watch it all again.
  3. I managed to get a Switch on launch day. I went to the only electronics store in my small town about 15 minutes before they opened, and there was only one other guy already waiting there. After a few minutes a few other people showed up, but me and the other guy that was there before me each got one of the two neon colored Switches they had in stock. A had also preordered an Xbox One before they came out, but it ended up getting delayed almost a full year in my country, so about 4-5 months after it was originally supposed to come out I just cancelled my preorder and bought a PS4 instead.
  4. I'm gonna go back and finish Cyberpunk, but at this point I'm waiting for a couple of more patches before I jump back in. I'm one of the people who actually really liked Cyberpunk, I just stopped playing for a while when I was away for Christmas, and haven't gotten back into it yet. Other than that, the only game I'm really looking forward to right now is Persona 5 Stikers. I really loved Persona 5, so I'm pretty exited for this one. Oh, and I'm gonna get a PS5 as soon as they're available again. Really looking forward to that.
  5. The only third party store I've ever bought steam keys from is Humble Bundle, which I consider to be 100% legit. I'd rather spend a few bucks more than buy sketchy, potentially stolen keys from sites like G2A
  6. I tend to agree with this, but I'm pretty biased as this was when I grew up. I had a PS1 as a kid and loved games like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, but I also finally got an N64 earlier this year and was very positively surprised by how well these games have held up. Games like Banjo Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing, GoldenEye, Gauntlet Legends, Starfox and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron are still so much fun to play.
  7. I absolutely agree. It makes Springfield feel really lived in and alive, and there are small, subtle nods to the show all over the place. The writing is also very good, it's made me laugh several times on this playthrough.
  8. I'm currently playing The Simpsons: Hit & Run on the PS2. I absolutely love this game. I think I've beaten it 2 or 3 times before, but I'm gonna try to go for 100% completion this time, which I have never done before.
  9. I'd say the objective marker from Ghost of Tsushima. Where a lot of games have either a big arrow, a compass or a glowing trail showing you where to go, Ghost of Tsushima has a great mechanic where you just give the PS4 touch sensor a swipe, and a gust of wind will blow in the direction of your next objective. It's a really simple feature, but it's very effective at maintaining immersion.
  10. You can still play Jetpack Joyride, I played it just the other day! Such a great game. I really like that Rockstar have made most of their classic games available on mobile. I've played quite a bit of San Andreas on my phone, and I just recently bought Bully again. Paired with a bluetooth controller it's a pretty damn good gaming experience.
  11. Anders


    I guess you must look at us late-twenties millennials the same way we look at late-teen zoomers, so I kinda know how you feel 😅 If it helps, when I grew up I had a 12" black and white TV in my room and we only got 2 channels, so I know a thing or two about grainy cartoons!
  12. I'm always super hyped about anything Remedy makes. I honestly haven't played much of the Max Payne franchise, but Alan Wake is probably one of my favorite games, and I loved both Quantum Break and Control. I'm still holding out hope for Alan Wake 2, but at this point I'm not not sure that's ever gonna happen.
  13. Hit & Run honestly might be one of my favorite games of all time. I played it so much when I was a kid, and I actually started replaying it very recently, and it holds up shockingly well. I recently got a CRT TV for my retro setup amd and an RGB cable for my PS2, so this game has never looked better. I also played The Simpsons Game back when it first came out. It was one of the first games I got for the 360, and although I remember liking it back then, it didn't really leave a lasting impression like Hit & Run did. The last Simpsons game I have played is Road Rage on the GBA. I had some fun with it as a kid, and it's kinda impressive considering it's a "3D" game on the GBA, but it's not really anything special.
  14. I would say that the first one was pretty much blatant ripoff of GTA IV, the second one had a lot more original ideas, and by the third one it had really come into it's own. I personally love the third one, but I can understand that some might not like it as much.
  15. I think the first game I remember playing was probably Sim Town on the PC. It was a simplified version of Sim City more aimed at kids. I must have been 5 or 6 at the time.
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