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  1. I think cheat items that are rewarded for finishing the game are still out there (at least in some capcom games)
  2. My favorite mag used to be one made in México called Club Nintendo. It was pretty good but nowadays you get all those spicy rumors from anywhere in the web
  3. Half Life 2 has some landscapes that look amazing, even being compared to some modern games with RTX .
  4. I turn it off once I'm finished. Usually at the end of the day. If I'll be gone for a couple of hours I just leave it on sleep mode.
  5. Hi! I've been around for a few weeks but I've never introduced myself. I'm a PC gamer and I grew up with Nintendo games. I love RPG's and open world adventure games. My favorite is Fallout: New Vegas but I also like a lot of genres. Hit me up if you ever wanna play something on Steam!
  6. I have it on steam. Had like 60 hours and some fun but it's definitely not what I expected it to be. Hope it can be better. I've never had some horrible bugs tho.
  7. I've preordered for physical rewards but latelly with my last 2 preorders being Pokemon Shield and Cyberpunk 2077 I might just lay it off and never do it again lol
  8. I remember playing this for a brief time , I liked the playstyle, reminded me of Deus Ex. I actually like it more than Cyberpunk 2077 in a way...
  9. Dark Void Zero is pretty nice, I like it better than the original game lol
  10. I don't really think Cyberpunk 2077 can be a ¨GTA game¨, it is more of a Borderlands-Far Cry game. Rockstar has really taken the trophy since not alot of devs do ¨gta clones¨ anymore. Sleeping Dogs was really nice tho.
  11. Yes, that's is the main reason but I often find myself buying 2 or 4 games for the ¨future¨ and I screw up ending up playing the same f2p game again lol
  12. I actually like mods that make the game harder, those really bring a new life to old games.
  13. Oh totally forgot about multiplayer mods too. I found out that those are the best overall because alot of people see the same silly stuff
  14. I can agree with that. I always tried to mod Fallout games to make them a little bit more of a challenge
  15. The Yakuza and Persona sagas are amazing.
  16. Which is your favorite? I really like both, but I find myself more immersed on JRPGS. They take alot of time and... grinding...
  17. I don't really use because I hate when my games crash from them. What do you think about mods?
  18. Fallout New Vegas is the one for me. I replayed alot and everytime I'm amazed by it, its like reading a really good book.
  19. I am looking for something to play while I am at the bus. I'm not really into something with MT's due to the fact that I don't really want to spend alot on my phone lol.
  20. I was about to get a used copy for the ps4 but looking at the recent announcement that it will be ported to xbox sounds like it might come to pc as well.
  21. I'd love to see a remake of Stalker Shadows of Chernobyl. Viewing videos on tarkov really makes me wish of a SOC with updated graphics.
  22. I've only got Hotline miami 1 and 2. Took me a whole month to get those perfect scores lol.
  23. It was a big journey but after 5 years, It happened. It feels like it was yesterday when I unboxed it.
  24. I am planning on getting one used. Don't really have the extra bucks to buy an RTX
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