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  1. Home cooked is better then take out though so I should, take out is good but it’s also processed.
  2. Both hahahah now there’s some flu bot going on in Australia gets really annoying
  3. So for years now Nintendo has been slightly outdated with their screen display technology but now they’re going OLED What does everyone think about this?
  4. Nice 🙂 I think dubstep is amazing for gaming songs too!
  5. I feel you on that one 🤧 I had a friends which I’m not friends with anymore that use to constantly rage at his game, It was extremely annoying even though his an adult. glad something like this exists.
  6. I’m lazy so I usually buy 😛 all though cooking would be the much healthier option or even using the microwave which is healthy and quick like buying out.
  7. Most of my missed calls are from scammers so not really.
  8. Hey! my name is Fait and I’m looking forward to meeting you all!! :)
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