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  1. Never really, my parents bought me a lot of Toys and stuffs, but never gifted me any console or any other games. Most of the time these are gifted by my cousins and niece.
  2. the first thing I do with them is I hit skip button as fast as possible. Sometimes I have to regret that also, and again start over the tutorial to exactly know the game functions. Otherwise I find it annoying to watch those lengthy tutorials.
  3. In contrary many of The gamers have completed the highest number of games in this year. Main reason being the extended lockedown period, where people have nothing to do except playing at home.
  4. I never knew about this term before. I have been through so many YouTube channels, which primarily focuses on the retro gaming. These days people are confined to their homes, show the trend of retro gaming is collapsing. We need such type of boost by youtubers.
  5. Obviously when I am on vacation or holiday, I get more time for entertainment. Around June and July, I go for summer vacation in various places, I always carry my laptop with me. And whenever I get time I play some of the games.
  6. If you are talking about the glitches, most of the time the developer fixed them as soon as possible. I also don't remember any such instances where the developers deliberately kept the glitches.
  7. And the main focus is that earlier we have to pay the money to get the entertainment. But if the blockchain technology gets fully functional in the gaming industry, then we can also make good profit along with getting entertainment.
  8. Hey have you guys played cyberpunk? I have downloaded the demo version of it, the game is quite good. Should I go for the full version?
  9. But that is the only way they can generate more cash. I am not a supporter of microtransactions, but if you look at the gaming industry, you would understand that there is more competition to have the market share. That's the only reason why they are using such silly tactics.
  10. That's insane that you have 20 games pending for you. Sins I do to full time job,I only could be able to complete 4to 5 games. Never got more than 5 at least.
  11. Seems like you had an unpleasant duel experience with young kids. 😆 It is actually quite true that these days the kids are very good at everything. They learn to adapt quite fast.
  12. We can't complain more. I mean, if you don't like a game just don't play it. I have seen many people criticize in the game even after playing it. There might be a number of reasons for a decision that they make. Obviously it might not suit everyone.
  13. I would also agree with you. Many people play with your subconscious mind, and they are not able to enjoy the game as it should be. Also sometimes the games becomes boring, that's why you try to shift your game sometimes.
  14. You can very well do it. There are many twitch streamers, you can easily follow and contact them and have a play with them. But remember, your match also gonna go live. So better perform well. 😆
  15. The blockchain technology has changed how the games are operating these days. You can now own the character you play, that means when you upgrade your character it adds value to it, and later you can also sell your character.
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