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  1. Yup. That may or may not have influence, most likely not. But whatever may be the reason, Pokemon Go was banned initially in out country too. The main reason being people getting too addicted for searching for pokemons, literally had accidents while crossing/walking on roads.
  2. Only thing I had broken was toys in my childhood. My mom used to tell me that I was really a careless child then. But ever since I grown up, I never had broken anything out of rage. I had broken our 43 inch LED TV mishandling, but that's a different issue. 😆
  3. Yeah, these games will be on our memories. Just Imagine, we used to play and enjoy these games one day. And now, the gaming industry have developed that much. We have realistic games with amazing gameplay . But old will always remain gold. 😊
  4. I don't think so. Different people have different taste. Some people do like such games. I used to like it when I was kid, but after playing AAA games, now I don't really have a look into these. Specially, kids play these games.
  5. Literally. It would so nice if we get to play with our grand father. But I know, it won't happen because the generation they had, was all about outdoor sports and all. Even my father doesn't like playing with me . Lol. 😆
  6. When I had to purchase a new Game, I search for the reviews. If the reviews are good, and I am impressed with the walkthroughs, then only I go with my choice. So, I think many people actually do follow the reviewers comments.
  7. May be at this time these are out of stock. I just checked in Amazon and it's available for my pincode. Check back after sometime, I am sure that will get back to stock again. 😊
  8. That may be sound funny but I would go with GTA series. There is too much of violence and gore contents in every mission, I don't want to watch the RL version of it. I would say any open world games would be like that only.
  9. What about those video tutorial/story teller short videos. Do you watch them full? Most of the time, I skip without even giving the second thought. But when I get stuck in something, I have to go back and listen/watch to that again. Lol. 😆
  10. I would say Ghost of Tsushima, the lightings are awesome there. You can see the landscape from the third person view and the volumetric lightings are well balanced. It gives a natural finish to the game environment. 😊
  11. That's not impossible, atleast as long as you are playing at your home. Have you tried real flying simulator used for training of pilots. It has a small chamber and gives you real flight experience. Same way, for what you said you will need such type of chamber. 😆
  12. That I never do. Installing too many games not only eats a lot of space, but also reduces the speed of my PC. At a time, at most I have 2 games installed. Whenever I complete one, then install another one.
  13. I remember, I once a huge fan of Prince of Persia. The gameplay was so amazing that I finished the whole game within 2 days. But after that, I didn't felt satisfied. I then understood that joy is not in completing a game that fast, but to enjoy the environment of the game and live with that.😊
  14. Money can do everything. Those companies, which are investing huge sum for developing a game, can easily manipulate those rating organisation, just for their benefit. I am not sure, but I am quite sure that such companies do these things in backend.
  15. In contrary, I have some handful of games in soft copies that I stored in my PC. Most of them I already completed like Far cry 3, Uncharted 3 etc. But I don't have any game which I had purchased but never installed.
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