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  1. For me it’s those choose your own adventure ones. Like the Walking dead series for example. I know they are made to be easy but they are fun too.

    Zelda 4 swords: that was really easy for me. 

  2. Yes. For me it was the SNES and I believe Mario. I also remember my first ps1 and game, Spyro. I had a demo disk with the ps1 and played a bit of Spyro and lived it! I still have an original copy if one of the Spyro games that had a major glitch in it where you couldn’t get all the eggs so you couldn’t get 100%. Still remember reading that you could send in the disk for a new one with the bug fixed. 

  3. I think so. I cannot play fist person games, they scare me too much. Because of this I miss out on a lit of games that look fun to play. The most recent game that I want to play is the new Resident Evil game, Resident Evil 8 The Village. Unfortunately it’s only in first person so all I can do is watch it played on YouTube, along with other first person games. My favorite YouTube gamer to watch is TheRadBrad, which for a time I thought it was TheRedBrad lol.

  4. 17 hours ago, Justin11 said:

    I never arrived late before simply because of playing games. But I've been penalized due to gaming during learning period at my college school, and my device was held for the period of 10 days before I got it back. 

    In College!? They really took your laptop in College!? That is weird and over the top. This is something that one would expect to happen in primary school not college.

  5. 15 hours ago, Boblee said:

    Poor dogs 😩. So sorry for your loss. What would have caused their death this year alone? Tbvh, Dogs are my favorite pets as well. I really feel for you. 

    Our first dog Gypsy had an enlarged heart and fluid around it. She was like 12-13. Died in February. I had taken her to the vet that day and they gave me some pills and the vet wanted me to call back Wednesday to see how she was doing. She died that night.  
    Then our other dog Bean Dip aka Beaner was around 11-12 (a year younger than Gypsy) had all of s sudden lost the use of his back legs. We were already treating him off and on for arthritis and he had this permanent head tilt. Once his back legs gave out I decided to go ahead and put him down because at this point we would only be treating the symptoms.

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