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  1. 19 hours ago, Kyng said:

    First of all, try to do something about the traffic.

    Secondly, build a racetrack, just because. 

    Finally, build a massive statue of a platypus.

    Love the platypus statue idea!

  2. 1. No matter what Never say “what could be worse than this?” Because something worse will happen. 

    2. If it is your last day on a job 98% of the time you will die. 
    3. Never separate yourself from a group.

    4. If you are going out hiking always let someone know where you are going and how long you are expected to be out. If you can always have a hiking buddy with you as well. 

    5. Never be the “active” couple in a horror movie because you both will die. 

  3. 18 hours ago, Crazycrab said:


    You're supposed to react to the latest post, then post another song for the next person to react to.



    7/10  I like it.  It's not super dramatic or anything that particularly stands out but it's upbeat and relaxing.


    Now MGS3's Snake Eater was mentioned and is great track to one of my all time favourite games.  Now admittedly it's predecessor MGS2 is a game I have given quite a hard time but to be honest, I think the soundtrack from composer Harry Gregson-Williams is even better than MGS3's!  This I think was the first time a game went truly Hollywood with it's sound and music design and holy shit does it pay off!



    Wow. Definitely 10/10. This could easily be music to a movie trailer. I love joe it starts off so hauntingly sweet. I love how the changes in music easily slide into each other. 

    My all time favorite game song is Legend Of Dragoon If You Still Believe 

    So my favorite is this tribute one

    but here is the official one 

    not sure if a tribute video using scenes from the game count. 

  4. A blind rabbit and a blind snake ran across each other one day. The rabbit said to the snake, “I was born blind and have no idea what animal I am. Will you feel me and tell me what I am?” The snake obliged. “You have long ears, long feet, warm blooded, and have a short fluffy tail. You must be a rabbit.” The snake then said to the rabbit, “I too was born blind and have no idea what animal I am. Can you feel me and tell me what I am?” The rabbit obliged. “You are scaly, have no legs, and cold blooded. You must be a lawyer.”

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