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  2. Only one I could even pull up would be the child depending on weight. So probably no one.
  3. Brunei, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Comoros, Djibouti, Cyprus, Crete, Lesotho.
  4. @The Blackangel just bought me a slightly used ps5 disc player. We were also lucky to get the Xbox One X S series.
  5. For me I think I hear @The Blackangel faintly calling me from the computer room. It happens quite a lot. Very annoying. Also when we were living in a different house from the one we currently live in, I could swear I would hear the tv on in the front room. I would get up and see and the tv would be completely off. Also sense @The Blackangel installed a security camera in the computer room each night it gets triggered by a single moth. There are no moths in the room but each time the camera is turned on at night it is there flying right in front of it.
  6. For anyone wondering I’m on Crystal on Goblin server. Rain Dew is my character name and my FC is Morning Star.
  7. Also where we live Mediacom is the only company that covers our area.
  8. Everything @The Blackangel said is true. Pit Bulls are cuddly, affectionate, big babies. They get their bad rap from the dog fighting community and from the news. The new LOVES to sensationalize bad stories, which include dog bites. If you look carefully at news articles that talk about someone or someone's pet being attacked you will notice that if the breed of dog is not a Pit Bull then news will NOT mention the dog breed. If it is was a Pit Bull then the news jumps all over it. You also have to take in account reports of dog bites. If you get bit by a small dog and hardly an damage was done which does not require going to the doctor, it will not be reported. If a big dog bites you, you are more likely to see a doctor and it will be reported. I had a female Chihuahua who loved me and only tolerated other. She has bitten BOTH my mom once and my wife twice. As for my wife's Pit Bull she has NEVER bitten everyone. In fact when my wife's Pit Bull interacts with other people she loves to go up to them to get petted. Also at home we have another Chihuahua (male) who thinks he owns her (he loves her to death) and has on many occasions chased her around. He will also growl at her if he wants her spot, does not want her eating with him at the same time as him, or if he does not want her near him. She always demurs to him. She will just get up and go somewhere else. If you need one more example we recently got two new puppies, another Chihuahua and an English Bulldog. Our male chihuahua hates her, the other puppy loves to play with her, and the Pit Bull is not fond of her but tolerates her and occasionally plays with her. The male chihuahua growls and stands his ground if the Bulldog comes anywhere near him. If the Bull Dog comes near our Pit and she does not feel like playing she will literally get up and walk away. Many Many times when the Bulldog jumps up on the couch and the Pit is laying on it, the pit will jump down and lay on the floor yielding the couch to the Bulldog. Our Pit is a big pushover. Pit Bulls: Why the Bad (and Inaccurate) Reputation? (foundanimals.org) This article is a good one that debunks the myth of PIt Bulls getting a bad rap. To point out a few things that they talk about: 1. "Other mischaracterized canines include rescue dogs like St. Bernards and German Shepherds." 2. Pet experts staunchly opposed to policies that discriminate based on breed. The following groups agree: Humane Society of the United States American Bar Association American Kennel Club American Veterinary Medical Association American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Animal Control Association National Canine Research Council US Department of Housing and Urban Development The Obama Administration
  9. I am able to recline enough that i am comfortable. If you are big like me it really works when you have two arm rests. I have not tried it on the couch yet.
  10. Xbox has put out the Fable Series. I would consider that note worthy, especially sense there are 4 games (one on kinect), and there is talks of a new one coming out (most likely a reboot). When I heard talks about another Fable being released I wanted to get a Xbox One X simply because of Fable.
  11. I have one of these and I love it. When I’m on my laptop and just laying on the couch and playing it I lose not only my phone but the tv remote as well. So the sides of this comes in really handy to hold both. I also like how it elevates my laptop and it makes gaming in a recliner so much easier and more comfortable. If I’m in my recliner I’m not only having to deal with a hot laptop, has to be plugged in to play FF14, but also a cooling fan. This couch Cycon really really helps keep it all together and lets me stay really comfortable.
  12. I made it 🤗. I’ve watched so many horror movies that when I take these kind of quizzes I always make it. Some of it is just common sense. Lime if you are being chased go someplace where there is a ton of people and brightly lit. Get a weapon if you can. If the killer is in the house get out of the house, etc.
  13. Tomb Raider. Graphics and game play get better each time. You can definitely tell the difference when comparing each game to one another.
  14. Getting the black Chocobo in FF7 that let’s you travel anywhere.
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