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  1. I thınk in action games it should be passively regenerate. In that way you don't stay outside the action.
  2. Yes, it is necessary for complicated games.
  3. I finished crysis1, batman arkham knight. And waiting for play crysis2, crysis3, control. You guys any idea for like these games?
  4. Could you please try and comment? I would be very happy if you tell me your criticisms and what I can do better. Download Link : Get On Google Play Play online or offline. You get the same rich rewards. Unlimited entertainment Different creatures, animals, enemies, portals, weapons, equipment and characters. There is no limit to the fun. Skill System Everything is available to meet your expectations from the Rpg game. Level up, improve your character, upgrade your skills! Play with your friends, chat! Join a community (guild) in-game to play with your friends, see their levels, and even chat with them! Rank Compete with players around the world to reach the highest rank! Awards Get many rewards in the game by downloading it right now. Become a leader! Complete in-game achievements and climb to the top! Download Link : Get On Google Play
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