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  1. It would be Game & Watch: Green House (1982), but if we're not counting that... I guess it would probably be all of the launch-day NES games I have. I have Wrecking Crew, Wild Gunman, Tennis, Pinball, Ice Climber, Hogan's Alley, Golf, Excitebike, Baseball, and 10-Yard Fight. All released October 18, 1985.
  2. Splitting my time between Kirby 64 on N64 and Destiny 2 on Xbox One. Odd combo, but I like variety 😄
  3. This isn't as much of a game that I miss than an experience that I miss, that is more difficult to replicate nowadays. I miss couch multiplayer. 4 player was king from 1997-2005, then right as online became big, everyone de-emphasized local multiplayer. It's a real shame too because HDTVs and UHD would make local multiplayer look phenomenal. I miss the days of crowding around a TV, elbow to elbow, and just going on long competitive gaming sessions with friends only. No strangers, just people you know and maybe some CPUs. Games like Goldeneye, Mario Party, Super Smash Bros Melee, Halo, and Star Wars Battlefront II. Online makes everything too convenient and everyone just stays home now. Halo 5 didn't even bother to include splitscreen! What a shame.
  4. The flashback consoles made by AtGames have not been impressive. Clunky user interface, bad wireless controllers, and poor emulation. To put it simply, they're cheap, and they don't have the same level of care or quality as the NES/SNES Classic consoles. However, Sega is developing a new mini Genesis console, seemingly in-house, so maybe that one could be good.
  5. I'm physical media for life. I do have a few dozen Steam games that were free/extremely cheap, but those are the rare exception to the rule for me. There are so many advantages to physical that it's not even funny. You can sell it when you're done and get cash back towards another game. You can buy games used for cheap since the market isn't controlled by one source. You can lend it to a friend. It looks nice on your shelf. It takes up less hard drive/memory card space. If your internet goes out or becomes limited, you've always got everything on-hand with physical. Ownership is guaranteed as long as your media is intact (digital only grants you a "license" to play a game which can be altered or even revoked - just look at the way Rockstar is altering GTA radio stations years after the fact). And most importantly, your ability to play is not dependent on the publisher or console manufacturer maintaining the servers indefinitely in case you have to re-download it. All you need to do is look at the graveyard of DSiWare and soon to be WiiWare games that are possibly gone forever since Nintendo shut down the DSi and Wii shop servers. Some day that could happen to PS3 and Xbox 360... then PS4 and Xbox One. PC sources are no guarantee either. I don't want my game collection to live and die by the whims of a company. Unfortunately we are heading for a time where even physical games are becoming highly dependent on their connection with digital distribution, with some games not even working without a Day 1 patch or supplemental internet install. But I will hang on to my physical games regardless. Game publishers can pry them out of my cold dead fingers, because I'll be the last person to switch to all-digital 😂
  6. I graduated college in 2014, and since then I've been working continuously to buy games I missed and beat them. I've gone through massive buying spells which inflate my backlog, and periods where I'm powering through game after game. I've gone from 35ish games in my backlog in 2014, down to 7 in 2015, back up to 53 by early 2017, and right now I'm on a big downward trend where I've got just 10 games in my backlog. I'm hoping to keep it manageable from here on out, especially since I think I've "caught up" on most of the stuff I was interested in on older consoles. I don't know if I'll ever hit 0, or if I ever even want to hit 0. It's about the journey and not the destination. But I WILL finish Donkey Kong 64 some day. It's been sitting stubbornly in my backlog for 19 years, haha.
  7. A modern take on StarTropics would be awesome. That series is so ridiculously forgotten even though both games were quite good. Nintendo could bring it back today and it could be their response to the Tomb Raider/Uncharted style adventure games.
  8. Out of the games on the list, I'd personally say Shovel Knight is my favorite. I have the 3DS version because of the 3D effect, but obviously it would be a great game on any console. Total masterpiece of retro game design and they're STILL coming out with free content updates! I have a cousin that swears by Binding of Issac, and I've heard really great things about Celeste, Hollow Knight, and Stardew Valley as well. Can I also make a suggestion? Golf Story is a wonderful little game exclusive to Switch. Golfing and RPG mechanics seems like an unusual combination, but it works so well. Golf Story is full of humor and charm, and it keeps you engaged longer than your typical sports game. If anybody played the Mario Golf games made by Camelot on the GBC or GBA, this game is highly reminiscent of that style.
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