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  1. From what I get out of it, it sounds like it's just kids accounts? I haven't had any trouble at all with unauthorized charges on my acct. I don't understand what the dark pattern stuff is all about. I haven't noticed anything. Never misclicked on anything either. From what it looks like the complaint is mainly the fact that they're mad because something got misclicked on and they're not getting the money back. I don't see how they can make unauthorized charges to an acct. unless they have access to the persons credit card but that still requires authorization before charges are made isn't it? I use pay pal so IDK. Some of the items in the item shop are non refundable. If they accidentally clicked on those that's on them. Not Fortnite. They didn't hide the refund thing. It's always been in the settings section. Anyway, JMO. 🙂
  2. if it takes 10 years though i will be too old to play or care probably by then.
  3. yes and when u use the emote she turns into the little rat. it's cute. i am outta vbucks now too. i gifted myself 13500 for christmas. my shopping is done. lol!
  4. i got that one too. i bought the little rat skin bundle. i thought it was cute.
  5. I had Just Dance on the Wii. No mat though. Didn't need one. I enjoyed it but I find dancing to be a more fun way of getting exercise. I quit playing it cuz of my age and health. Plus I don't care for the newer music. They have one for the Switch if someone has one they can plug into their TV. Otherwise I doubt I'll buy anymore.
  6. There's a lot of adults that play. Do you have any statistics to show that it's died off? There's still millions of players according to Google. Some have returned to the game since they brought in Zero Builds mode. I enjoy it. I do not enjoy kids though. LOL!
  7. Animal Crossing does one but it's no big deal. I'm not sure I ever was on for the Fortnite one. I'll hafta check that out this year.
  8. i didn't start playing until around september of 2020? left a couple times. two different accts. one i don't use anymore. i wish i had been in it from the beginning.
  9. i never had any pokemon games as a kid. i tried one a few yrs. ago but don't recall the name of it. i thought it was stupid. i was looking at the let's go pikachu and decided i liked that one. it's the only one i have.
  10. depends on the game. i don't much care for the graphics that minecraft offers up however, they have the same graphics in staxel but i don't mind that game. sometimes if the game play itself is good the graphics don't need to be perfect. however if it's a shooter then it's important to be able to see. so it varies for me.
  11. i haven't gone into it to play and i'm not really a tourney type player. good luck to ya.
  12. if i used my controller all the time i probably would. but i rarely use it and there's no mapping on the switch unless you're playing on controller which i am not right now. later if i get one to hook up to the tv then i likely will. i don't really understand how to do that just yet.
  13. i think my worst in game purchase ever that i wish i hadn't bothered with was a bunch of skins and stuff i bought for my minecraft game. it was there one day and then the next it was gone. had to re-buy everything and then it disappeared again and i said the hell with it.
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