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  1. going out of my way? ok. noted. if you like i can try to look up the actual names of the games tonight if it's that important. i'm surprised you haven't already seen the titles yourself in the eshop.
  2. yeah. i enjoyed fortnite on the switch but, the performance of the game doesn't make it possible to be competitive and the graphics were so bad that when you see all the other players in the game they're all wearing the same skin. the only time you can see what skin they're wearing is if you are in a close range shootout with a team or when you get killed by one of them. if you don't care about that and just want it for portability then it's ok.
  3. to me too many of them resemble gameboy games with color. i don't care for that.
  4. there's games on the switch that are not family friendly.
  5. i shouldn't laugh but...lol... i just can't believe people are this stupid. i think they need to pull their heads out of their phones & start paying attention to the world around them. on that note....i'm going to bed.
  6. sky was fun last night. i'm at a stopping place til i figure out how to get something i need yet.
  7. i did the training sessions on both ninjala and knockout city last night. and a little animal crossing this morning.
  8. after i got the spyro trilogy i ended up getting the crash trilogy because i played that too when i was younger.
  9. yeah i know. i just don't understand why the games are more expensive on the switch and it's like way smaller and way less powerful than like the xbox and ps right?
  10. no offense to anyone in here but i think most of the games on switch are crap.
  11. How many of you have downloaded and played the free to play games offered on various platforms? Which ones do you like? I myself have had Fortnite. It was fun for a while but the hackers ruined the experience for me altogether. Plus the Switch isn't a good platform for competitive shooter games. I tried FallGuys and it was fun but really tough to win at. I got Ninjala and have had that for a while. Didn't play much. But I've gone back to that. It's fun cuz I can beat the hell outta people. *Grins* They also added Knockout City which I'm not sure if I can manage to play it but I'm gonna try cuz it looks like fun. I also got Sky: Children of the Light. Haven't started on that yet. I've had some others but they were all shooters or Paladins.
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