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  1. Just putting it out there: I'm more than 150 pounds/70kg, so maybe I'm not fat enough to speak about this. That being said, I've always tried to not inconvenience others with my own flaws or insecurities. I don't think I have a sense of entitlement in that manner. So if my weight is causing someone else to be sandwiched in between me and another overweight person... I'll usually take the responsibility and move somewhere else. It's my problem, not theirs. Them being annoyed about being touched by a stranger in that way (or being a literal human sandwich on a flight) has nothing to do with weight, especially if they had a history of being sexually assaulted. It's not fat-shaming.

    People really need to stop calling out discrimination when there is none. It dilutes the meaning of the words and makes them meaningless in the long run, because if everyone is a discriminating bigot, discrimination itself has no meaning. Use these terms correctly.

    1. Techno


      Okay, what on earth happened?

    2. Akun


      Just my take on the whole Sydney Watson smear campaign that the mainstream news outlets have performed on her because of supposedly "fat-shaming." I've talked to her, she talked about her side of the story, and it's definitely not fat-shaming in my opinion, speaking as someone who's chubby myself.

      She was sandwiched on a flight between two obese individuals, and the airline's response was that "Our passengers come in all shapes and sizes," when the discrimination against someone's weight wasn't really the issue Sydney was trying to bring up here, but the fact that she was uncomfortably squeezed between two individuals. That's the focal point of the issue these outlets failed to grasp.

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