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  1. I haven't played Age of Empire 4, but it is the type of game I will be looking forward to play next year. I like new challenges especially when it is for such games.
  2. That is the same challenge we face here. I have seen USA and countries like Germany take it very seriously and I wish I am staying in that country.
  3. I would want to play Call of Duty series. As long as the organizers can tackle cheaters in the game, I can confidently say that I will go far in winning some points for my team in such tournaments.
  4. There are no basic rules in Esports tournaments. I have seen some teams lose out as a result of the home team lacking just one dude that probably didn't turn up. It is a big challenge when some teams don't have backup yet. Some of the events have rules that guides situations like this.
  5. If the pay is not great, not many of them will be pushing to be popular. My point is that they earn considerable amounts of money that can help them fix some health and home needs.
  6. The last thing that I see Microsoft doing is naming their Xbox consoles with single numbers and staying consistent on it. It is something that can't even happen.
  7. I love saving money when I make gadgets purchases. As long as the one that I am paying for can handle the things that I need to handle, I am pretty ok with it.
  8. Ajibusu

    Need game ideas

    My point is that you don't need to focus fully on the game in other to make money. There is always going to be moments you play Angry Birds just to kill boredom.
  9. Well, let me open it again today. Trick or Treat.
  10. I don't think game developers for the big hits don't make a lot of money. If I were to be one of the developers of Elden Ring, I will definitely demand for a higher payment.
  11. God of War Ragnarok and Persona Royale 5 tops the list for me. Those are the two games that I am seriously forward to playing in the coming months.
  12. Mine were precious to me as well. However, I got to do what I had to do because it is just a game and not holding tight to them for too long is the best way to go.
  13. I must say that Assasin Creed gave me that exciting vibe. The setup was so real and detailed that you will want to keep playing and never stopping.
  14. Playing League of Legends on a cold morning is something I do whenever I feel the need to remain active for the day. I played it this morning.
  15. Trick or Treat. Treat me fine 😎
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