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  1. I wouldn't mind Persona games in a sci-fi setting like Soul Hackers. There's Soul Hackers 2, but I heard it's shit, its dungeons a repetitive slog to get through, so make a proper one please, Atlus. A Persona horror game Silent Hill style might be fun too considering we're dealing with, you know, angels and demons. Dragon Age as a turn-based JRPG might be a neat idea too. Despite what others have said, I liked the "pause and strategize" mechanic of Dragon Age: Origins, so I wouldn't mind seeing that come back.
  2. Seconded on "Soulsborne" type games. I'm just not the kind of hardcore gamer who seek challenges and complete them. I'm more of someone who yearns for a good story or an emotional experience in games, which is thankfully very common in modern indie games and even certain AAA games (off the top of my head though, the Mass Effect trilogy and Persona 5 Royal were the only AAA games that really provided the kind of emotional experience I'm satisfied with, and maybe Detroit: Become Human too to a certain extent). I also refuse to play battle royale games like Fortnite. Even though I might give MMORPGs a shot with the right franchises (like SWTOR), battle royales are where I draw the line, since their main focus seem to be on gameplay and PvP, not story-focused experiences. Plus, there's also the fact that I'm just not a very skilled gamer, a sore loser, and get triggered easily by online insults. Other than those two though, I wouldn't mind giving other genres a try if I'm in the right mood. I've even played 4X Civilization games even though I get bored playing them easily. I don't really mind giving any game a try as long as they don't cause me stress while I'm playing it.
  3. Akun

    Last Game Played

    Finished Persona 5: Strikers after also getting all the Thieves' Den awards in Persona 5 Royal a second time (after Steam had an error in its cloud save that wiped out 480 hours of my playtime, including Thieves' Den unlocks). I didn't really try as hard for P5S, however, since the NG+ and the way you would get all of the achievements on that game (lots and lots of grinding) feel like a hollow slog not worth doing, so I just cheated using a cheat trainer to max out all my bonds instead and get the 100% achievements over with. I might have been more motivated to do it the legit way if there was some meaningful reward for me, like bonus dialogue or storyline, but alas, NG+ is more of the same (at least Royal had two new bosses in its NG+ with bonus dialogue), and I loathe repetition of any kind (hence why I hate grinding). Having finally been able to leave Persona 5 behind after what felt like an eternity, however, I'm still not fully satisfied and hunger for more Persona experience, thus tempting me to replay Persona 4 Golden. However... there's the notorious Hardcore Risette Fan achievement that requires you to hear 250 lines from her (some of which are easily missed), and a cheat trainer just can't help me with that, so I've been very reluctant to replay it since my OCD would compel me to 100% everything. But still, that itch for more Persona persists, and I'm very likely to fall into that temptation soon. On the other hand, playing all these video games (playing P5 after my Dark Pictures Anthology binge in April too) has seriously affected my scheduling for TV show binging. I literally abandoned the shows I was watching mid-season to play Persona 5, so that's another reason I'm reluctant to go back into Persona so soon, especially when I managed to recently hop back into the shows I dropped. Sigh. Ah well. Good thing Persona 4's PS2 graphics still look like shit though (especially in comparison to Persona 5), which is something that could at least keep me away from playing. Plus, from what I remember, Persona 4's storyline is a lot more light-hearted than Persona 5, a lot more focused on "the power of friendship" nonsense (Persona 5 had some of that too, but at least it had more layers on top of its tropes and cliches).
  4. Speaking of hard-to-get achievements though, Persona 4 has a legendarily difficult achievement called Hardcore Risette Fan that even the most hardcore Persona fans had trouble getting. I'd say the Persona series qualify enough as among "average games/JRPGs." It might have been an old game, but the port on Steam is relatively new, meaning more players suffering from never getting 100% achievements for this one.
  5. Not necessarily true. I tend to avoid games that challenge me, so games like Call of Duty or Dark Souls would probably have achievements I could never get, but I can't confirm on that. Furthermore, the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has achievements you could only get by completing the game on Insanity. Also, even if it doesn't require skills, it still requires massive patience and time, sometimes requiring you to play through a game 3-4 times just to get all achievements.
  6. Still, a shiny achievement on my profile is still an achievement, no matter how hollow others might think it is.
  7. It can actually be pretty satisfying, depending on the game. I'd still have to enjoy the game enough for the addiction to be a thing anyway.
  8. I got addicted to finishing Digimon World: Next Order a few months ago, and not just because I'm a huge Digimon fan. I tend to become addicted to games where I could get every achievement/trophy possible without relying on skills, merely my patience. There's just something addictive to that kind of completionism because I'm not a skilled enough gamer to get all achievements for normal games.
  9. Not just brutal games; you literally have porn games on Steam, and I'm not even talking about those anime games either. Plus, GTA games often have you killing prostitutes for fun. Yay feminism.
  10. Probably my PC for the visual novels, but the Switch had quite a lot of attention from me too due to Digimon Survive. Can't remember if I played Pokemon Sword & Shield last year or the year before.
  11. Akun

    Last Game Played

    Played some Astro's Playroom on my PS5 before quitting quickly when I got stuck. Playing Astro's Playroom, that's how bored I was. lol Also downloaded Tearaway Unfolded through PS Plus. It's okay, but I couldn't get the companion app to work properly on the PS5.
  12. I know it's a year old, but it is a series of choice-based game where you can get different endings based on your choices. They're largely standalone stories, but they do have references to one another. I just started playing this series a week ago and I'm not already trying to get my platinum for House of Ashes. I've played Man of Medan a long time ago but never got all the achievements. Having played this far, I think that, while they are standalone, it feels like it's building up to something in season 2 of the series (like an Infinity War crossover maybe? lol). That said, would love to know if anyone's still playing these games as I've only started trying to complete all four games. Man of Medan was fun with its subversion of your typical ghost ship, but I like Little Hope and House of Ashes' subversions a lot more, particularly the latter. I think out of the first three games, HoA is easily the strongest entry, with probably the best twist on a classic monster, which is why it's easily the most interesting thus far. However, I feel like The Devil in Me would top it from my first impression of the trailer. I have a feeling I know what classic monster it's going to subvert.
  13. Akun

    Last Game Played

    Played some Last Stop on my PS5 for the past few days. Already had buyer's remorse a few hours in though. Initially wishlisted it because it was marketed as a game with multiple endings, but the more I played it, the more its limited dialogue choices feel like Life is Strange than say, Detroit: Become Human or even Mass Effect. It feels more akin to Telltale Games' The Walking Dead to be honest, giving you meaningless dialogue choices that add flavor to the story. God, I hate poorly-made multi-choice games like these, especially when it has the same problems these games usually have: having the dialogue options resulting in completely different dialogue than you expected. What's the point of giving me the option to converse if you're just going to screw me over anyway? Thankfully, I didn't technically buy this shitty game. It came along as part of PS Plus Extra (upgraded it from the normal subscription), so the remorse isn't as bad. Another game I got from the PS Plus monthly catalogue is Biomutant. That game got old fast. Maybe I'm getting too old for these games that require good reflexes, because I kept having a hard time dodging. Plus, the whole gameplay of going from room to room and kill enemies is so repetitive and dull.
  14. I've been playing a lot of Marvel Snap recently. It's a great free-to-play game that doesn't really incentivize the use of real-world money to boost your rankings thanks to its limited rewards in its microtransactions. You can buy in-game credits to boost your "Collection Level" (which allows you to collect more credits and new cards). However, doing so might inadvertently put you on the path of higher-level players who have better cards than you, so it's not really something wise to do. Thanks to that, plus the consistent weekly mission rewards I can get at a steady pace, I haven't spent hundreds of dollars on this particular f2p game. However, I have wasted countless hours trying to boost my "Player Rank", which is calculated by 10 "cubes" per rank. You can earn up to 8 cubes per match depending on whether both players agree to bet their cubes for the game (it's refer to as "Snapping" in the game). If only one player snaps, you'd either only win or lose 4 cubes, not the total 8. If you retreat the instant the player snaps, you'd only lose 1 cube. Now, this does sound a little like poker, doesn't it? Except that it uses the virtual currency of "cubes" instead of real money. However, there is something else at stake on the table, which is your time. Because of how the cube system works, weak-willed individuals like myself might be tempted to win back the cubes they lost in countless hours of gaming... which is what I've been doing for the past week, despite my best attempts at refrain. I ended up thinking at one point, "What the heck am I doing with my life?" as I kept circling around the same player rank because I ended up losing many of my cubes that I won. It's not a perfect gameplay design, despite the developers' best attempts at making this game as enjoyable without paying real money as possible. So yeah, I have an obvious problem. I think I'm just going to uninstall the game now from my PC and play it on mobile instead (it's available on both platforms). If it's on my mobile, I just feel like I'd be less inclined to touch the game as often since I don't like holding it around for countless hours (as opposed to my more convenient PC). Be aware of this game's problem if you're a gaming addict like me.
  15. I recently come to realize that it depends. Marvel Snap is on both PC and mobile, so I played the PC version first, being more accustomed to the former platform and all. However, the PC version has certain issues. For one thing, the recent in-game event, "Hero", doesn't work on the PC version. You're required to go to the "news" section of the game and join the event there, but on the PC version, the news section merely contains the game's social links (TikTok, Instagram, etc.), whereas on the mobile version, the event works fine. Furthermore - and this is a more important point to me personally, which I'll elaborate later on another thread - I find myself more addicted to the game when playing on PC because it's a platform I frequently use, thus more comfortable with using it. With my mobile, I'm not as comfortable picking up this rather hefty object that is my smartphone all the time, so I wouldn't be influenced to keep playing every hour (it's also partly due to my dislike of mobile games that subconsciously makes me disassociate my mobile with gaming). However, there's a problem with this. Someone created a useful tracker app to track your activities in the game (your win/loss ratio, new cards you've added to the collection, etc.). Unfortunately, it only works on the PC version. There's no mobile version of this app AFAIK. This means I'm forced to play it on PC if I want to use the tracker. Now, as I'll explain soon elsewhere, this game hasn't done favors for my anxiety or video game addiction, so between fighting the addiction or being able to use some tracker, it's pretty clear which platform I should prioritize. So really, it depends. Both platform might have issues that the other platform might compensate for if the game is designed to be on both the PC and mobile.
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