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  1. The N64 and the GameCube both are my favourites, but if I had to chose one, it would be the GameCube. I just loved the immense jump when it comes to graphics - and when I look at them now, I still think they're very breathtaking. Everything looks shiny and detailed, I love it so much! Also, a lot of my favourite games are on that console. Mario Kart Double Dash, Kirby Air Ride, Super Mario Sunshine, Melee, Windwaker, the two Pikmin games and many more. The library of the GC also was just massive in my eyes, and all the games were of really high quality and have a high replay value. When it comes to the N64, I still love the games, but yeah... A lot of them feel really awkward. Especially Mario Kart and the original Smash Bros are really weird to control. But else, I really enjoy Super Mario 64 (well, who doesn't), Kirby 64, the two Zelda games and a few others. But well, most of those games already got remakes and besides Majoras Mask and Super Mario 64 I tend to only play the remakes.
  2. For me it's pretty weird actually. I prefer playing with only one joycon, but I need the wheel for the additional size. But I don't use motion controls, I'm just using the regular controls.
  3. Luckily I never had any issues with that. But a friend of mine throws around his controller in frustration, and then he's always complaining that his controllers break so fast and he constantly has to buy new ones.
  4. Sometimes I need to hold myself off from rushing through a game when the story really got me. I try to distract myself from it by doing side missions, but sometimes it just gets boring, so I progress with the story. So I don't take super-long, but I still try to take my time to explore everything and then progress further. This is why I actually like BoTW so much, it didn't really have any story to go with, so I was 20 hours in the game and still didn't step foot into Hateno, haha. It really took me long to finish the story.
  5. I tend being a completionist in some games, but only if I enjoy them a lot. Actually, there is one thing I don't like though; It's, when 100-precenting a game is made ridiculously easy. I mostly enjoy the balance, it shouldn't be tedious and extremely hard, but it also shouldn't be too easy. There should be a challenge, but not an impossible one.
  6. Noru

    Hello everybody!

    Oh, yeah. To be fair, I don't mind them too much, there are a lot of nice people nonetheless. And after all, having AP Eq is not a must as long as you're not into PvP, so there's a t least that!
  7. Noru

    Hello everybody!

    Yeah, thought so. I also was mainly on the DE channel once the server were merged. Well, there are still quite some people, but yeah, it's not as lively as before.
  8. Noru

    Hello everybody!

    I'm still trying to find the last few shrines in Breath of The Wild (I'm soooo slow), but a friend also got me Digimonstory Hacker's Memory yesterday, so I'm playing that. I had the game before, but on my exe's PS4, who took both the game and the console with him, obviously. But I'm really happy to be able to play it again, it really is a gem! Ohhh, it's rare to find people who play it outside of it! My main is called Volga, a zerk. I had a break of two years, so I'm still stuck on level 93, but at the moment I'm leveling up another one. But it could be that you don't know me, depending on how long you don't play anymore. I was originally from the German server, which got merged with the US server about... I guess three or four years ago.
  9. Noru

    Hello everybody!

    It's called Grand Fantasia! It's pretty old, but I still like it a lot!
  10. Noru

    Hello everybody!

    Haha, everything is alright. I was just a little bit too slow seeing the e-mail. But well, a lot of stuff happened in the meantime anyway, so I wouldn't have had time to be on here anyway!
  11. It would really depend on the game for me, as it does right now as well. But for most game I will do the same; Wait until the price drops, here we got a store that drops the price of most games for 5€ (~7$) after the game's out for a week or two. For me actually it's not the issue supporting the people behind it and I don't think they're greedy or anything, I mean, it's a lot of work and money they put into games. It's more just the issue that I'm not sure if I will play the game enough so it makes up for the price. And I kinda count with 1 hour playtime = 1€, so if I play a Switch game for 60 hours it's worth the price for me. It's weird, I know, but yeah.
  12. Hello! My name's Noru, I'm from Austria and 22. I came here because I was looking for videogame forums, since they kinda got rare. Well, forums in general do, huh. Well, yeah, I like videgames, otherwise I wouldn't be here. I'm especially a fan of Nintendo, since I grew up with it, but I also do own a PS4.. I just forget about actually playing, haha. Well, I got it three months ago and was always busy, so there's that. I really wanna try playing more on it, haha. Else than that there's one MMORPG I'm playing for several years now and I recently got into it again after a long break. Besides that I also really like to draw and do other creative stuff. And well, I guess cooking is one of my hobbies as well. I also got some birds as pets so I will never be bored (and have some wonderful screams to listen to). I'm not sure if there's anything else that's interesting to know, so yeah... Have a good day!
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