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  1. I'm not sure they're the worst thing out there, but I'd say loot boxes have made me the most mad. When Overwatch came out I really loved it and at first I thought the loot boxes were a cute idea (this was the first game I had personally experienced them in). But then there was an event (I don't remember which one now) where I really wanted this specific Mercy skin for that event to the point where I broke down and bought some loot boxes to try to get it on the last day of the event. Well, suffice to say I bought a shit ton of loot boxes and still didn't get it. I didn't even have enough currency to buy it because they gave you so little of it when you got duplicate items and of course I kept getting a billion voice lines and sprays I didn't want. I was just so mad I quit playing the game and vowed to never buy anything random again. Haven't played Overwatch since.
  2. Hello! I go by Cleopatra92 on the internet usually. I'm 26, female, and live in the USA. I love Dragon Age, Britney Spears, Star Wars, ASOIAF, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Warcraft, Harry Potter, The Sims, Star Trek, The Office, YouTube, and a few other things. I've been looking for an active forum to join. I miss when I was a teenager and all I would do is post on forums at all hours of the night, so I'm trying to recapture a small piece of that lol. I look forward to posting here, and thanks to everyone in advance for possibly reading this lol
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