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  1. I think it will eventually come to PC, just because Grand Theft Auto V did, and seemed to do well. Though I have never been interested enough to look up any figures to backup my observations.
  2. I felt like all of Skyrim's dungeons were pretty easy. I did hate the elementary school puzzles where you'd have to match the animal pictures on the pillars to pictures on the wall though lol. New Vegas definitely has the more confusing vaults compared to 3. My least favorite is that vault in NV that was overrun by plants. I get turned around in there all of the time lol. Something about the plants everywhere just makes me confused as to what direction I'm even going in.
  3. What did you dislike about Origins' menus? I'm just curious as someone who prefers how that game controlled over the later installments. But I do play on PC so that could be a part of it if you played it on console.
  4. Nothing breaks off or anything, but it seems to break whatever board is inside of the controller. It just never functions once it's dropped for me.
  5. As far as the game itself goes, the Empire is much more fun and satisfying to side with. The Stormcloaks are annoying and sound like idiots a lot of the time. And I love dressing up in the Empire's armor much more lol. And General Tullius is a great character imo. However, I think when I think about the lore overall, Skyrim is screwed either way. It really comes down to if they want to go down with the ship (the Empire) or try to swim out in the ocean on their own and drown (the Stormcloaks). I felt like it was quite clear that the Aldmeri Dominion is poised to take over as it stands. The Empire was clearly too weak to defeat them before, and outlawing the god that your entire empire was based on and founded by was something that crippled it even more. I would imagine that if we knew more of what was happening outside of Skyrim after Talos was outlawed, that Skyrim wouldn't be the only province that was upset by this. Any province run primarily by humans should be extremely concerned by this. All that being said, I think it sounds more like the Nords to try to swim in the ocean all on their lonesome lol. I feel like the canon ending will be the Stormcloaks winning, but we'll have to wait a while to see for sure.
  6. I have to replace my Xbox One controller nearly every time I drop it.... I also use the rechargeable battery because it's so much easier in the long run.
  7. This isn't always the case, but I usually start the game on Normal or Easy, depending on the game. I just like to get a good feel for the systems before I start diving into the higher difficulties. I play most games I like multiple times though so I guess that's why that works for me lol
  8. I used to say what you said about Rockstar about Bethesda lol. Not that I ever expected quality, but I always expected I would like it. Now I won't buy anything from anyone without a review. Even new Sims 4 expansions I watch/read a review on them first. I have just been burned too many times I suppose. I've found I like to watch/read a variety of reviews from different reviewers too. Just because not everyone looks for the same things out of games, and I've found that my interests are pretty particular lol. So I like to get the full story on something before I'm gonna spend my money on it.
  9. I primarily use a PC I built for gaming, so please bear with me when I say I have a MacBook lol. But I do have a 2011 MacBook Pro (hopefully will upgrade next year lol). All I do to keep it running pretty cool is have it sit on a large, thin book. My 15" MacBook sits just about perfectly on this large Star Wars book I got when I was younger, and the book isn't too thick. This keeps it from being directly on my lap. "Laptops" aren't really made to be on your lap as I'm sure we all know lol. When I worked for Apple, we weren't even allowed to call the MacBook a laptop, it always had to be a notebook. Just because they didn't want people thinking they should keep them directly on their laps (which I totally understand lol).
  10. Tuesday is bread making day for me 🙂
  11. I’m not sure if I’m your target demographic but maybe my answers will still be helpful. 1. How do you feel about a game based on the novel? Reminds me of the Witcher so that’s a good thing. 2. Would you buy it? Depending on the genre. I mainly play RPGs.  3. How do you want Dracula to feel? I think it’s easy for this character to feel cheesy. I would rather see a more serious, “realistic” version of the character. 4. How close to the source material would you like the game to be? With any kind of adaptation I believe it’s necessary to make some changes to make it fit the new medium. As long as the spirit of the original is intact. 5. What characters would you like to see in the game? I’m not sure I’d have any preference. 6. Are there any specific areas you would like to see in the game? Again none come to mind. 7. Which of Dracula’s powers would you like to see utilized? This would also depend on the genre of the game. Really anything that fits the gameplay well would be what’s good to me. 8. Would you be interested in exploring Dracula’s origin? Sure. I think that would help clarify to the player how your version of Dracula might differ from whatever they had previously imagined the character to be.
  12. Welcome to the board! I’ve been enjoying it so far and I hope you do too!
  13. All different types. I just have my food on the other desk next to the one with my keyboard and mouse on it lol
  14. Dragon Age Inquisition. These are just my opinions, as someone who loved Dragon Age Origins and liked Dragon Age II. In short, they seemed to try to make it play too much like Assassin's Creed or something. The open world was just pointless in a Dragon Age game, as the only things it really contained were super boring busy quests... Why am I, the head of the Inquisition, going around handing out blankets or whatever all the time? You're telling me my organization is so poorly run that I have to personally go do all of this? What are all of my advisers even doing? And you can't skip a lot of the quests either because you need the power that you get from them to use at your war table thing. The war table thing was also stupid. But less stupid than the open world full of crap. I didn't like reading about doing something cool instead of acting going to do it. Apparently I was too busy getting food and blankets. I didn't like the combat either. It was too far removed from the combat of the previous games. I can understand wanting to get something more console friendly than Origins' combat was, but I thought Dragon Age II was already a pretty good compromise there. I loved the characters, lore, and story of the game, however. But I played it once and skipped a lot of stuff. I mostly went back to YouTube and other sites to fill in all of the gaps lore and story-wise because I just didn't like playing it that much. That said, I'm still hopeful for the next Dragon Age game that was recently announced, but I won't hold my breath this time lol.
  15. Wow that story is crazy! I would have called the police if it were me lol. That's just scary! Glad you and your friend got rid of him though lol.
  16. Oh any kind. I have a system lol I have another desk next to my main desk that has my mouse and keyboard and stuff so I eat on that. It’s like an L shape between the two desks. The only flaw is that it’s open to cats jumping up there lol
  17. I'm not sure you'd notice a difference when you're actually playing the game. It will just depend on how many games you want to install. I primarily game on PC, so I got the smaller sized Xbox because I wouldn't have as many games on it. I bought this Xbox as soon as it was available without the Kinect and I still have 1/4 of the space left.
  18. I wish I had the discipline to be that careful but I eat dinner at my computer a lot lol
  19. I'm not sure I've actually returned any... but I have turned around and traded them back into Gamestop lol. As much as I love Dragon Age, I traded in the copy of Inquisition I bought for the Xbox One because I felt too blind to see a lot of the menus lol. Everything was just too small no matter what I did, so I just said "screw this" and bought it on PC later on instead.
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