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    Welcome to the forum! 😄 Love you taste in games too lol 😛
  2. Sometimes that's why I'm glad my MacBook is old lol. I'm sad I'll have to replace it eventually ;_;
  3. In the game's universe, it was a nuclear world war. Mainly between the US and China. But it was definitely a global war. There hasn't been much information about what has happened anywhere but the US though. A game outside the US would definitely feel completely different and interesting though. So much of the game's feel is based on that 50's era US culture, and to see something other than that would be neat.
  4. Skyrim, Dragon Age Origins, The Sims 2, and The Sims 4 are probably my most played games. If you put the Sims 2 and 4 together that would definitely win. I just can get so lost in the Sims, so even though I wouldn't consider it my favorite (DA Origins is what I consider my favorite), it probably wins using just the number of hours lol.
  5. This is my laptop. My desktop is way messier lol
  6. Fallout 76 shouldn't have existed in my opinion. Bethesda clearly have no idea what they're doing, and have no business using this game engine in a multiplayer game. If they wanted this type of multiplayer Fallout (which I'm not against in principle, even if I despise Fallout 76) they should have farmed it out to another studio that knows how to make an online game. Instead they went the cheap/lazy route of just reusing everything from Fallout 4 to get a quick cash in or something. And don't even get me started on the things it did to the lore. This game just didn't work out for them at all. If there is another Fallout game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, it should be a singleplayer game for sure. I think they should stick to their place on the East Coast, and I think going south would be cool. The Fallout Miami mod proved how cool that could be as a concept. In general, I wish they would put more of their focus on the intricacies of the story and lore of the game, and less on the actual shooting/combat. I feel Fallout 4 suffered in this regard. Fallout 3 may not have had the best story either, but it was more engaging to me than Fallout 4's story. And Fallout New Vegas trumps both of them with the story quality. 3 and New Vegas didn't have the best combat, but they just destroy Fallout 4 in every other way to me. Bethesda isn't that great at designing combat when they try anyway so they should worry way less about it.
  7. When using my MacBook I almost always use my touchpad. I just don't do anything on it that really requires me using a mouse. Even playing The Sims I can handle using my touchpad lol.
  8. I feel like most governments are going to be so slow to act on this, we will have to wait years and years, if they ever act at all.
  9. I think this is pretty important to me. But I don't really play any games that offer my clothes or a skin as a microtransaction. I spend a lot of time on my transmog in WoW, or how I look in other RPGs I play is important. I'll do a challenge or go out of my way to get something cool looking any day lol
  10. 1998 or 1999. Pokemon Yellow on the Gameboy Color was my first game lol. I was like 6/7 at the time.
  11. Hello and welcome to the forum! I also love several of the games you mentioned 😛 Nice to see another SWTOR player as well.
  12. I only upgrade my PC when it can't play the games I'm interested in well. And I go a long time in between games I'm really interested in playing these days lol. Most of the time I'm content watching a let's play of games just to see what's out there. I upgraded my graphics card for Fallout 4/Skyrim SE, for example. Since then there hasn't been a new game I've wanted to play, so I haven't worried about it. I just spend a lot of time replaying the games I like or playing WoW I guess. Not a lot of upgrades needed lol.
  13. I use it quite a bit the first time I finish a game. If I like the game enough to keep making multiple "RP characters" to play through the game again, I will walk instead.
  14. I don't think it's ever going to happen lol. No matter what they do at this point the hype has gotten too big to where no matter what game they put out it wouldn't live up to people's expectations.
  15. Do you still have to jailbreak your iOS device to use the emulators though? I've always felt like that's a lot of trouble just for that lol. But I'm lazy.
  16. My favorite PC games when I was little were probably Pharaoh, Caesar II & III, Zoo Tycoon, RollerCoaster Tycoon, and, of course, The Sims 2. Other than Caesar II, I still play most of these at least once a year lol
  17. I would have to be cliche and say GLaDOS. She is just too awesome lol and it's the main thing that made me finish the Portal games so fast. I just had to see what happened next with her lol.
  18. I have donated to one YouTuber: Sorcerer Dave (https://www.youtube.com/user/Jingles1215) He needed a new PC a few years ago to keep doing his let's plays (they are my favorite let's plays pretty much). So I was happy to give him a bit of money to get something decent to make videos faster. Otherwise I have YouTube Red/Premium so I'm pretty sure that the channels I watch get money from my viewing regardless of what the ad situation is on the video.
  19. I would watch several different videos about building it. I think that helped me the most the first time I did it because I saw a lot of different possibilities and felt more prepared when I actually got all of my parts ready to go. As far as picking the parts you want, https://pcpartpicker.com/ is the way to go. This will help make sure the things you're picking actually work together, plus it will tell you how much the build you've picked out costs. For gaming, I would spend the most on your graphics card of course. RAM and processor next, and then the rest. As a general guideline.
  20. The way that the lore is heading now is leading to a racial conflict if you ask me. Mer vs. man. Assuming that both of these factions wouldn't try to remain neutral, I would imagine the Argonians would side with the humans since they were enslaved by the Dunmer for so long. The Khajit I would imagine would side with the elves, mainly because I think that they would look like the winning side at the start lol.
  21. I feel like Star Wars has a lot of problems at its core lately, and the video game issues are just a symptom of that.
  22. The only time that gaming specifically causes me a headache is trying to do it in the dark. If I just have a little bit of light in the room I'm good. Idk if that helps though lol
  23. 99% of it is YouTube for me. I watch hours of YouTube daily somehow lol
  24. I can completely understand being frustrated by it on consoles lol. I primarily play PC and the menus work great there but when I play on my Xbox instead I can really notice that they work terribly there in comparison lol
  25. I still play WoW often. I haven't been into the current expansion though. But I have always enjoyed just leveling up new alts and collecting stuff. I have never been super interested in raiding. I just don't like committing to a schedule lol. Excited for Classic though 😄
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