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  1. I know I would definitely pay to see the Lion King in the theatre again lol
  2. I agree with this. Lion King has always been my favorite movie (even still), and I'm just really skeptical about this remake. I don't understand why they replaced all the voice actors except for James Earl Jones either. If they're gonna have a new cast, replace everyone I'd say. It's not like Matthew Broderick is back as Simba, and that's the main character. This probably makes me sound old but I also find computer animation to be overrated. It was a cool novelty when Toy Story came out but now they don't hand draw any movies anymore, and I feel like that was a big part of what made their older movies so charming and amazing. I do recognize that computer animation is just as artistic, but it doesn't age as well as the hand drawn movies. They just have a timeless look to me.
  3. Yes this month is the 20th anniversary of her first album (...Baby One More Time). It's crazy lol. She looks fine, yes. But she basically can't dance anymore (she had a really bad knee energy in 2004 or 2005) and there's never any promo for anything she does and she was in Vegas for 100 years it felt like lol
  4. 2000 Ford Escort ZX2 I really loved that car. It rusted apart a year or two ago, so I don't have it anymore. I bought it from my brother once he got a new car, but I don't remember how much exactly. Like a couple thousand or something. It was 2010 when I got it.
  5. Cleopatra92

    Diablo immortal

    Don't you guys have phones!?!?!!?
  6. Ah then in that case forget SWTOR lol because if you don't like Star Wars then it's just not the same. Sadly I love Star Wars. PS: I say sadly because it's just not doing it for me lately lol
  7. I'll preface this by saying I've never been trained and I'm not very good.... But I love dancing! I like a lot of pop music and I like learning the choreography to that. I also like a lot of rap music and I enjoy twerking obnoxiously to that lol
  8. "Wow, what is this mumble rap business?" In the back of my head: "Wow I went from being young and cool to being 80"
  9. So at this rate you might as well just play them all They did server merges like a year or two ago too, and that really made a big difference in how populated the game feels. Idk I just really like it and it makes me sad that eventually it will go offline and I'll never be able to make an Imperial Agent again ;_;
  10. I usually prefer my PC, but I have consoles as well. Other than Nintendo stuff, I always had Playstations (1, 2, 3). But when I met my husband he was in love with his Xbox... So by the time that this most recent generation came out and I decided to pass on buying a PS4 to upgrade a couple of PC parts, we ended up with an Xbox One. So that's what I have now lol. Still miss Playstations, but I am planning on picking up a PS4 once they're old news and catching up on a few games then. I'm never in a hurry XD
  11. I'm really biased, but I always go for AMD processors. I don't have a particularly good reason other than that's what I started out with and I've never had one go bad on me. *secretly knocks on wood*
  12. I still like a few newer artists, but I've already started that thing I used to judge my mom for where I only like the music from when I was younger and I have a hard time liking new stuff lol XD I guess I just get jealous of people that stan for someone like Beyonce who's quality has roughly stayed the same her entire career (which started at about the same time as Britney's). But c'est la vie I suppose.
  13. I didn't mind it as much once they made it where if you subscribe just one month you unlock all of the expansions to the game forever, even if you cancel your sub.
  14. Amazon for sure. Can't beat that two day shipping on most stuff lol
  15. I love that lol Personally I really think she doesn't want to do music anymore and she doesn't want to be famous anymore. I just don't see any other logical reason for how half-assed everything she does now is lol
  16. I'm guessing you probably have, but have you tried SWTOR? I know it gets a lot of flack, and for mostly good reasons, but I am really into that game again lately lol
  17. Don't be hating on my cleric talk!!!!1 XD (I feel sad you have to clarify that lol). But yes I love finding someone dedicated to tanking. I feel like that's even more rare than healers most of the time in MMORPGs. Like I wanna play a priest in classic WoW so bad, but the thought of being alone with no tank who I know isn't shit is scary lol
  18. I can understand that. Honestly I don't mind buying something where I know what I'm getting most of the time. I know I'm guilty of buying some WoW store mounts... But I will never touch anything random, or any kind of currency. I guess that's just where my personal line is. Jim Sterling always knows what's up. I'm usually against government involvement in private industries, but I feel like gambling is a reasonable, and needed, exception. And these damn things need to be recognized as the gambling that they are. I feel bad for people who are more casual and get hooked buying cards for FIFA or stuff like that, who just aren't as in touch with the gaming community to be warned of the potential harm these kinds of microtransactions have. Because tbh the gaming community are literally the only people who consistently point that out.
  19. Which ones have you already tried?
  20. Thanks! I think I can handle not being that terrible lol. Thanks! And all of those alternatives just don't have the feel of a forum to me. Maybe I'm just getting old now or something but social media sucks and discord is overrated lol. Don't get me wrong, I like discord for basically using it like teamspeak or vent but otherwise no thanks. I think this really depends on the type of forum, like you said. Like I have my own Britney Spears forum (judge me if you want, idc anymore lol) and since her career is on the downhill slide into retirement and most of the type of people that visited my forum all care more about Instagram and crap. So it's been rough going there but I leave it open for the 10-12 of us that still use it and the memories. I'm sure this explains why I'm so determined to find a new forum to love too lol
  21. I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready! *Spongebob voice*
  22. I generally prefer single player games because in my experience they have more longevity. Though I feel like with today's DRM from most places, that's diminished somewhat. I could pop in my disc for the Sims 2 or Morrowind in any computer that would run it and just go. I will have it forever. I could drag out an old machine and show my kids these games in 20 years or whatever. Don't get me wrong, I still love and play several online games (even MMOs), but I generally lean more towards single player.
  23. Oh I'm the exact opposite of you lol. I usually enjoy being a cleric/priest/healer. I like to make my party do the damage and tanking while I support them. I'm just that type of person though lol. Like I would not mind a game where an NPC is the protagonist and I am just their healing BFF (which I guess Oblivion is kind of like that and that's why I love it so much lol).
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