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  1. ROFL HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, that's definitely the litmus test of failure, if someone or their offspring are Republicans. That's why you have Republicans trying to get prisoners the right to vote...oh wait, no, that would be Democrats! That's why all the ghettos are in Republican-run cities...ergh, no...that's Democrats as well! To be honest, I don't mean to judge people in prison or from the ghetto. I know several people from the ghetto and who have been in prison who turned out successful. For what it's worth, one is a libertarian, the rest became staunch Republicans. Especially the guy with the successful business.
  2. HAHAHAHA, oh man, my stomach hurts! You're really getting your news from Occupy Democrats? Voted the least trusted source of 2017? Listed as a questionable source from mediabiasfactcheck.com? Oh, and let's not forget politifact! You've lost your dang mind! I'm not even going to try posting anything from Breitbart! Hahahaha!
  3. Well I'm not sure if Wrigley Field counts from MLB: The Show, but fortunately spending time there can be arranged. Not cheaply, but possible.
  4. I went for a long time living on investments and no job. Gaming eventually got old. Now that I'm back in sales full time and don't have as much time to play, the games are getting enjoyable once again.
  5. I go back and forth. Sometimes Iove the silky smooth framerate on the 1080p settings in MLB The Show, other times I marvel at the 4K settings. In years past, 4K produced an unbearable framerate, but it's ok in this year's game.
  6. No junk food here. Few have the patience to stare at a pause screen while I take my 3DS into the bathroom like Al Bundy and a magazine.
  7. Wait, what, killing himself? What did Trump do that would cause someone to do such a thing? And with immigration, Trump is more or less following the law! People who have been here 20 plus years, and who never bothered to straighten their illegal status out! Now we're supposed to have sympathy? Trump is merely doing what should have been done years ago. The absurdity of the Obama administration has come to a screeching halt, and quite frankly, I'm glad to see it! Now if we can get the Republicans back in the House we can finally end this Obamacare nightmare!
  8. Yeah you must be great salespeople if you can take a few things Trump said out of context and make the mountain out of the molehill it is. Meanwhile, where it counts, you can't tell me anything Trump has done that has hurt you. Unlike Obama, where I got absolutely screwed by his "Affordable" Care Act.
  9. LMAO, the victim card! I love it! Like the left isn't around dancing butt ass naked in the street! Or crying in front of an empty parking lot pretending it's an immigration center! Or bullying an 8 year old girl into deleting her mini AOC Twitter account! Tell you what, put away the Trump baby balloon, then maybe we can talk victim here!
  10. Ok, crybaby. Meanwhile he's the first sitting president to ever cross into North Korea, the economy is skyrocketing, and the June jobs report was the best in 84 years! Hey, what's your address so I can send you some diapers and Kleenex?
  11. Try living in Chicago where State's Attorney Kim Foxx basically lets violent criminals back out on the streets within hours. Imagine being carjacked at gunpoint, and the perpetrator is free hours later. Too many damn liberals voting!
  12. I'm a Catholic, and this being the first Friday of Lent, he's just going to have to wait until tomorrow to get his meat.
  13. Monopoly, and the best video game version is on the NES.
  14. Let this be a lesson; get. Out.And. Vote! My alderman was such a scumbag. His name was John Arena, and we would be here all night if I explained why. Basically the epitome of corrupt Chicago politics, and he was alderman of the 45th Ward. Well, because people got out and voted, Mr. Arena was defeated in a landslide! So, don't be shy. At the very least I was able to bitch about Obama for 8 years because I got out and voted for the late McCain in 2008, and Romney in 2012.
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