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  1. I do not go by the research. generally, research is a view presented from a small segment of society. The research interview 1000-2000 people and make a conclusion. How can the view of 1000-2000 people actually represent the view of the global population that comes from various cultures and countries? Gaming may not be the only reason for teen aggression, however, I believe it is one of the major reasons for violent behavior.
  2. I have not played a lot of games to the extent that I start hating the game, however, I do have a couple of games that I did not like. I will put Clash f Clans on the list of games that I disliked. I will not say hate, I will rather choose to say dislike.
  3. Well, I have watched pewdiepie, however, I am no following the channel. I also do not think he is promoting racism. These days it is so common for the people to charge of racism. In most cases those who label other people of racism are themselves, racists.
  4. The TV programs are filled with a lot of commercials. For a 90 minutes movie, it will take more than 2 hours to finish the movie because of the commercials. There was a time when I used to watch movies on Star Movies, however, these days commercials make it so boring that I no longer watch star movies.
  5. As a gaming journalist, you should put a balanced view, your writing should not be concerned with making the producers happy. However, what we see in the media is the journalist are usually the paid writers of the corporations. They are paid for writing extremely good reviews.
  6. I believe women play games as much as men, however, some games are more liked by one gender than others. This is purely an interest based. I am a woman and I play a lot of games, I see a lot of women playing games.
  7. Looks like I am the oldest gamer here. I am from Nepal, a teacher by profession and I am in the early thirties.
  8. They do not develop your physical skills, however, gaming can contribute to your mental development. For example, you can de-stress yourself by playing games, some games also help you in analytical thinking, especially if the game requires planning and making strategy.
  9. Anything can be a waste of time if you are doing it long hours. For instance, if you enjoy reading books and you read books for 4-5 hours, this can also be a time waster as there are other important things to do. Therefore, I believe gaming is a waste of time only when you are playing for many hours. One-two hours playing is recreational.
  10. Sometimes I do play games that I left playing a long time ago. There was a time when I was playing Candy Crush and temple so much, sometimes 5-6 hours straight. These games were so addictive. However, I had to stop playing these games because my phone battery started draining very fast. These days when I see these games on my friends' and family devices, I play for a while.
  11. I have not spent money on games ever since I bought Minecraft. In fact minecraft is the only game that I purchased. I bought minecraft two years ago.
  12. I like playing video games, however, I am not a hard core gamer, I play in moderation. I play when I am bored or do not have anything substantial to do. Sometimes I play every day and sometimes I do not play for weeks.
  13. I need light not only while playing on my PC but also on mobile device. Even though you may not need light while playing on a mobile device, I do not like getting stuck in darkness.
  14. I play a lot of games on my hand held devices, paid games as well as free games. These days I am playing minecraft pocket edition on my mobile phone. The problem with mobile gaming is your device battery will drain pretty soon.
  15. I have tried casino games. After playing a lot of casino games and losing a lot of money, I learned the lesson. The casino games are programmed in a way that no body takes money from these games.
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