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  1. Slennie

    PewDiePie Banned from Roblox?

    Gaming companies also ban for overuse of curse words. Doesn't make one racist. "Promoted racism" I would like to see how you think he's doing that other than the jokes he's made. Jokes =/= promoting. As for the employee. Are you talking about that hoax that she got fired and are you aware of her death threats she had sent PewDiePie? Do some research please and try watching the dude. I understand if you don't like his humor but calling him out with fake information ain't helping anyone.
  2. Slennie

    Last Game Played

    League of Legends
  3. Slennie

    PewDiePie Banned from Roblox?

    I find it a bit far fetched. Yes, PewDiePie has dark humor but that's all there's to it. If you've followed the guy around you'll know this. If he does however do bring out content that's supporting actual racism etc. I will withdraw from following it. But as far as I've known he's always been against it.
  4. Read this on another forum I browse around and it seems Sony will be ending all care for our Playstation 2's. I'm unsure whether this will effect other countries however. Links that were provided in the original post: https://nlab.itmedia.co.jp/nl/articles/1808/31/news088.html https://www.jp.playstation.com/info/support/sp_20180622_repair_ps.html
  5. Slennie

    What skills are developed - Video Gaming?

    Surprises me this hasn't been replied yet: but I do believe gamers are better with technology than non gamers. We've grown up looking up things such as mods / cheats / (sometimes cracks) to make our games work the way we like it or even on different platform devices than originally intended.
  6. Slennie

    Are most video gamers male?

    Imo there are just as many female gamers as male ones. Except, that it all comes down to what is seen as video games again.
  7. Slennie

    Gamers - how old are you?

    24 and residing in Belgium.
  8. Slennie

    Games you don't like

    Oof this choice hurts me. Amnesia was my and probably still is favorite Horror Game out of all times. Got so many good memories about that one.
  9. Slennie

    Last Game Played

  10. Slennie

    Do you share Nintendo Switch Codes with Friends?

    I'm too lazy to share but as mentioned above, just log in on any social media and you'll find your connected friends. I however don't do much with my added friends.
  11. Slennie

    What are you listening to right now?

    Haven't been into anime since ages. But saw someone post it on a forum and I'm having a nostalgia attack.
  12. Slennie

    Game spent the most time on

    I'm guessing League of Legends on my part. Started in S1 quit until end of S3 and have always come back ever since.
  13. Slennie

    Gaming in the dark

    I need me some light or I end up pressing the wrong buttons. But I don't need a well lit-room.
  14. Slennie

    Eating and Drinking

    A buffet would be neat though. I just don't have the space for it on my desk.
  15. Slennie

    Most wanted game you want for Switch?

    Just bought myself mariokart. Have missed myself some fun racing game. Hope I won't get disappointed however (game's still downloading as we speak ahh).