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  1. Shortie861

    Next in Nintendo's line of sight?

    I personally feel that Nintendo have hit a great console and that now they should really aim to make it better rather than trying to make a whole new console! I myself have a Nintendo Switch and I love it. I can either be portable with it or I can sit in my living room and play the game on my TV. It's amazing! I would love to see them improve the switch and release something else, releasing a brand new console close to the last wouldn't make many of their fans very happy I can imagine.
  2. Shortie861

    Most wanted game you want for Switch?

    There are so many games coming out for the Nintendo Switch right now that I have quite the list of what I would like to pick up for myself in the near future. Out of the whole list I have right now though, I am right now most wanting Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with Smash Bros being the next in line. Pokemon Go is also on the list but the other two I mentioned have to be my most wanted. What game/games are you most wanting for the Nintendo Switch at the moment?
  3. Shortie861

    Xbox One X

    I myself don't own an Xbox One X at the moment, I still have an Xbox One S right now and at the moment I am still super happy with it and don't see any reason to want to make the upgrade just yet. I know a few people who have an Xbox One X but a lot of them either bought it as their first console or they upgraded from the very first released Xbox One. Don't get me wrong, the Xbox One X looks cool and I love the fact it has a lot more to it but for what I need my Xbox One for, the One S is perfect!
  4. Shortie861

    Your most memorable moment in gaming?

    I think my most memorable moment in gaming would have to be a time when I played Rainbow Six Vegas 2 with friends and it was on a map called Villa. There was an area with tree's in the centre of the map and I remember all our team placed our C4's around the tree's and then one person blew their C4 and the whole lot went up. There was a huge flash and it killed around 3 people. We laughed so hard it was hilarious! Even now I wish that we had game capture back then as that would have been the most amazing thing to see and play back even now!
  5. Shortie861

    Watching vs Playing

    I personally would prefer to watch over play a lot of the time but that always depends on the kind of sport it is and whether or not I have an interest in it to both watch and play. Tennis is one I don't mind watching and playing if I am honest but when it comes to something like football I would rather watch that over play it. A small kick about on a field during the Summer is fine but to play a full match of football is not something I can do.
  6. Shortie861

    What are your favorite music genres?

    Whenever it comes to music I love to listen to 90's Pop, 80's, some 70's and Country music. Out of all those Country music would have to be my favourite though, so much so that I listen to it on a daily basis without fail and only really ever change up if I fancy a change at some point. Rock is also another I like but I wouldn't exactly say I like all Rock, just some of it and again, depends on my mood as to when I listen to it.
  7. Shortie861

    What game would you have paid more for?

    For me it would definitely have to be Halo 3! I loved Halo 3 and remember playing through it numerous times before I moved onto another game. It was one of those games that you could keep going through to complete all what you needed to and not get bored. I remember not paying full price for Halo 3 because I wasn't sure about it, after I purchased and played through it I knew it would have been worth a lot more.
  8. I would much rather play creative over survival if I am honest. Creative is a great game mode on Minecraft to be able to sit down, relax, not have to worry and just chill out building whatever you want. I love to be able to sit with my family and just have fun whilst building crazy things or something we have an idea for. Survival is fun but I find I get too frustrated over Survival and give up very quickly.
  9. Shortie861

    Has anyone actually been paid out for playing?

    This definitely sounds too good to be true, even if it is true, it will be something that people have jumped on already and it will be a little more difficult to reach the goals to receive any kind of payment. I would rather myself be able to play games, have fun and not have to worry about whether I would get paid or not. That would be like receiving free money for doing what you do every day, something like that will always have a catch!
  10. Shortie861

    Tips for beating performance anxiety?

    Taking your time, not being nervous and setting yourself a relaxing environment, may be play your favourite music as you are playing the game I find always works. If you are able to take a slight break before going into the difficult part of the game, go for it and come back a little more relaxed. It's all about focus and being calm. If you can keep yourself calm you should be good!
  11. Shortie861

    If you were going to get any game-themed tattoo?

    I think if I was to get any kind of tattoo that was based around gaming it would either be something related to Halo or something to do with Mario or Kirby. Yoshi from Mario was always my most favourite character and Kirby was also another favourite of mine so either of those video game characters would be amazing for me to have as a tattoo. With Halo it was one of my favourite games that I loved playing so a Halo tattoo would be amazing!
  12. Shortie861

    Best gaming Christmas present?

    I would have to say the Sega Master System was the one thing that made a huge impact on me as a child. My parents got me it as a kid to share with my brothers with Sonic The Hedgehog and I always remember Alex The Kidd being built in. Had so much fun playing that console and it was one of the many reasons I became such a huge gamer as I got older!
  13. Shortie861

    What Game World Would You Live In?

    I think if I was to live in any kind of game world it would probably have to be a game like Overwatch or even Kirby. Those to games seem like they would be a lot of fun to be a part of. When I was growing up I was always a huge fan of Kirby and always wondered what it would be like to meet Kirby. Being able to be in the actual world of Kirby would allow me to be able to meet Kirby, of course I would have to watch out for those enemies!
  14. Shortie861

    Most You Ever Paid for a Game?

    The most highest priced game I ever paid for was probably around £60 for something like a Call of Duty game. I am someone who really doesn't see the need to have to pay around £100 for a game just to get early access to things or even get access to things like in game currency. I am not overly fussed about in game currency a lot of the time so paying around £40 more for a game just for that is never worth it in my opinion.
  15. One game that I played when I was younger that you barely ever hear about now or when mentioned, people do not know what the game is was a game called Yoshi's Island. I loved that game and spent so many hours playing that game on the Super Nintendo but so many of my friends or people I speak to never have heard of it. It is a game I would love to see come back out maybe on the Nintendo Switch but I really don't see that happening.