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  1. Honestly, I would just make a character from a game with character creation and play as that. 🙂
  2. Not really, if it makes you happy and you are not letting games prevent you from doing what you need to do in life, it is not a waste of time.
  3. I honestly don't think they contribute much aside from making one more happy.
  4. Just turned 24 today and in the USA.
  5. Yeah, that is one of the cons of them.
  6. I haven't spent too much on gaming within the last year due to me really not wanting much for Christmas or my birthday and there not being too much games out there now that interest me.
  7. The only game I really got into on phone would be fruit ninja.
  8. Honestly, Pokemon XD and Pokemon Colosseum, Destroy All Humans, some older spyro games and a few others.
  9. Yup, plus in my experience they tend to be fairly cheap and a like easier to find in the area.
  10. Yeah, but most people think it is easier to blame the thing one is addicted toward than the person themselves.
  11. I would say any one game I spent a great deal of time on would be Pokemon Heart Gold.
  12. Mouse and keyboard. They are just easier and a bit more ideal for me.
  13. I honestly prefer earphones. A lot easier to carry around.
  14. I really don't mind it too often. I have played a lot of turn based games growing up and it can be pretty entertaining.
  15. Yeah, I wasn't really too much into sports or sports game growing up.
  16. I never really bet on games, the idea really never crossed my mind much growing up with them.
  17. I think I really got into around 2002 when I managed to get new game systems.
  18. I think the first gaming device I had was a N64. But I unfortunately sold it a long time ago.
  19. Not really, I don't play games as often as I probably should. Really, anyone can become addicted to anything, it is not just gaming.
  20. I usually do sidequests for a bit or simply start all over when I get too bored within it.
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