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  1. Nostalgia is a friend we encounter from time to time. Especially when gaming. Ever played a game and got like, "hey this is just like that game I used to play when I was a kid" vibe? Sometimes whenever I play games like GTA, Sleeping Dogs or Mafia, I can't forget where it all started, Grand Theft Auto: San Adreas. I've played it well over many times but after a few years, I go back to playing it all over because I just love it! What game brings you nostalgia?
  2. My PS4 tends to have dust build every now and then like 6 months in. I usually take it to a shop where they offer to service the PS4 for you. I would do it myself but I'd rather not risk it. Sometimes I get surprised by the amount of dust that the fan of the PS4 collects, even though I have it placed on a spacious and clean place. It doesn't cost much, it's about 20 bucks and the fan doesn't make a louder sound compared to when it was dirty. Do you clean your own ps4?
  3. Let's say you're playing a super lengthy game, something like The Witcher. We all come to a point where we get low on resources to upgrade our items and etc. Do you prefer to grind for hours to get that amount of loot you're aiming for or would you prefer to cheat your way through by making use of a glitch or use a software tool like cheat engine when on PC? I admit I have cheated before when I couldn't be bothered doing the same thing over and over again but nowadays I don't do it anymore, I just grind and explore the world as it is meant to be played.
  4. Honestly, i don't know. During the Garena days I was heavily involved in Blackshot competitive seasons. But things are different now compared to the times before and shooter games have become more advanced with so many more features Maybe I would be fine with CS:GO .. but Overwatch, PUBG, fornite and etc? I don't think so.
  5. Yes. Tekken. Arcades are popular in shopping malls here in Malaysia, but they all consist of dumb shooter games, basketball throws and etc. The only proper game is Tekken which surprisingly is Tekken 7. I play it all the time when I visit the arcade (I'm a Tekken fan you see). I agree with the part about the prices though, bloody expensive sometimes I feel like it's not worth it but when I'm out with my gf, I don't mind the money I spent.
  6. If they decided to persue with Vergil, what story would they have, besides of his past with Dante and etc. I think they decided to go with Nero because it widens more perspectives for a good story for players to learn about the DMC world while having Dante and Virgil involved. I do prefer Virgil over Nero, was always a fan of Virgil but I do like to see what Nero has to offer.
  7. Been playing Assasin's Creed Odyssey on my laptop. I must say, it is by the far one of the best AC titles I've played. Really involving and a lot of content.
  8. If you're heavily involved with online multiplayer with ps4 titles, then yeah. I have a PS4 pro and haven't had a PSN subscription in 2 years lol. I play Fifa, COD and MHW but I make it up by playing RPG titles on Steam. I just find PSN subscription to be a waste of money for a guy who's not always on his console.
  9. I have a Lenovo Legion y520 with a GTX 1050 and 12 GB ram. I recently installed Assasin's Creed Origins and the game played really well and smooth with no issues. With Assasin's Creed Odyssey however, despite being on the lowest settings (High setting is also smooth by the way), the cutscenes are laggy and have delayed lip sync. I've tried searching online for possible solutions but everytime it's the same advice being given - to lower my graphic settings. But it's already at the lowest. Does anyone know how I can overcome this? Is there any fixes posted online?
  10. ALWAYS DO THE SIDE QUESTS. You won't know just how much you're missing out when you don't do them. Side quests are a great way to explore the world and pick up on items you can't find on main quests. You can find great armor and weapons as well plus, it'll boost your exp.
  11. These type of money laundering has been around for quite awhile. Even from shooter games like BlackShot. I just cannot fathom why people are so into fortnite and this is happening right now. Just what is it about this dumb rip-off game that's got people so hooked I can never understand.
  12. Have you guys ever played Kingdom Come: Deliverance? The first player style combat system in this game is just bloody awful to my eyes.
  13. Can't say fav but I've been watching alot of TheRadBrad. I find other youtubers to be plain annoying. This guy ain't that bad
  14. God Of War and Red Dead Redemption 2 are at the top of my list, but if I were to choose just 1, God of War it is.
  15. Just finished the game. Spoilers in what I’m about to say, obviously. Every time parts of the world opened up I would explore them fully before moving on to the next story mission. I mostly used the axe for everything. I fought as many Valkyrie as I could before progressing the story. Getting the Chaos Blades was amazing, but by that point I’d killed 4 or 5 Valkyrie so I had my preferred style of fighting with the axe already sorted. I explored Musphelheim and Nihfelheim (spelling ?) and was thrilled to find Valkyrie in both worlds. Haven’t done the extra challenging stuff in those places yet. Fought and killed the Valkyrie queen, who wasn’t too tough as I had their battle styles memorised by them n and she just uses them all combined. Then lit the lanterns and got the enchantment to reduce damage from Valkyrie haha Atreus says “this would have helped during our battles against the Valkyrie”. Cracked me up. Didn’t matter too much though as you can’t die if they don’t hit you 😉 After finishing the game (which was brilliant) it suggested I search for the Valkyrie and explore the other locked worlds, but I’ve done that already. I went home and slept and saw the teaser for the next game which has me very excited. I’m hoping I can find Freya with her wings somewhere as the head said she’d spoken to him. I’ll visit her house tonight to see if she’s there and wants to fight. I didn’t think the fight against Boldur at the end was the final boss. I was obviously way OP by then with Valkyrie armour and some Ivaldi armour from Nifelheim. My axe and blades were maxed as well. His battle was very easy. The ending itself was quite peaceful. Thoroughly enjoyed the game. I would recommend to everyone to explore the world fully each time it opens up to you. Do the Valkyrie fights early like I did. The game would be repetitive fighting the same drogur over and over with sparse boss fights that are all quite similar too. The Valkyrie break that up and add an extra challenge to the story as you progress. 9.5/10
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