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  1. I have to say Team Ice Cream. That's my team! We're a small mobile gaming esports team. We're only competing in Clash Royale but if you guys are interested in watching our competitions let me know.
  2. I have to say Red Dead Redemption 2. That is the most epic game ever! Everything in that game is very detailed and beautiful. Everything is amazing! Everything has life! I don't think other games can even be compared to RDR2.
  3. My first console was a Super Nintendo and ohh did I have fun with it. For me that was one of the best consoles ever! I also had a GB, GBC, Nintendo 64 Pikachu Edition (I still have this one working lol). Those were the days of extreme gaming!
  4. OMG! So many good memories. I really loved playing Half-Life with my buddies back then. I remember when school was over we use to play at a friends house all day long. I also loved the AOE series! We use to hold small-only-friends-competitions playing Ages of Empire. These game rocked! I also remember playing Ages of Mythology which was pretty good but not as good as AOE.
  5. To be honest I prefer not to watch a walkthrough. Why? It just spoils the fun! I'd rather play the game on my own without the need of watching anything but the trailer. Why would you even consider watching a walkthrough anyways? The only walkthroughs I have seen was the pokemon for GBC but I only saw it because I wanted to relive my childhood.
  6. God I love this game! I just started playing it last night lmao! I know I know it's a bit late but who cares?! I must admit this is my favorite game of all times! After my little pony that is. This game has very beautiful graphics and the scenary is amazing! The visual aspect is the best of the best. Everything is beautiful the ponds, lakes, mountains, vast plains and alot more. I don't drink in real life but I love drinking in the game. I'm barely in chapter 2 but I'm not really doing the main missions I decided to explore this gigantic world. The gameplay is very good aswell. It's a very detailed game everything has life of it's own. I'm in love! Have any of you tried this game yet? What were your first impressions? Have you encountered any bugs? What do you like doing in the game? If Rockstar came to us with this amazing game what can we expect with GTA VI?
  7. Has anyone played FIFA 19? Ok so I just got it a couple of weeks back and let me tell you... It sucks! It's all glitchy! It's a freakin bugfest there. I've ran into alot of them. For example, when you get an extra point for your skills a notification pops up on the top right of your screen annnnnnd it stay's there through out the entire match and upon going to the menu page. The only way it will remove is if you gain an extra point. Also, There are a couple of times that my players do whatever they want they don't attack, defend nor do anything they just stand there. It's very annoying! Also, why do they all have vains on their neck? That's something I didn't like. ell, I gues I'm going back to fifa 18. What bugs have you've encounter? What didn't you like from FIFA 19?
  8. Hello everyone! I wonder, any of you own an esports team? Well I do and let me tell you how I manage it. First of all my biggest problem was "Which Game Should It Be Based On?". I decided that my team would compete in the mobile gaming game called Clash Royale. There is alot of competition there to be honest. We're not a "professional" team but atleast we try. Most of the times alot of people ask me how do I get my team into competitions. Well for this I mostly use twitter, you can find ALOT of competitions there. Most are semi-pro. Most of the tournaments are paid tournaments where you pay a fee in order to compete but the first 3 places will get money in return. Others are free to enter but you might win money if you win. Also, remember! Nothing is free! Most of the people that represent your team are there for money. The best players can represent you if you pay them. In my team I pay 2 of them. The others I do montly raffles but if you want to be the best then you have to invest. What about you guys? What do you think of eSports teams?
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