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  1. AC2 was the best one in the entire series, brotherhood was good also
  2. That's why I've stopped buying them
  3. It can be a few things, some people won't like the game because it's only exclusive to playstation/xbox. Someone told me that they hate it when a game has too much story like 'The last of us' (which I think is a bloody amazing game) instead they would rather just play the game. Personally, I like it when it has a story that's pretty deep because then, you can get very invested in the characters and so on.
  4. They've ran it dry and now thy're just pulling anything out of their butts to make people want to play it even more
  5. Yeah i know that but the game wasn't as good as the movie in my opinion
  6. you tend to loose track of time nd time management is a pain in the ass when it comes to playing games. You're so absorbed in it that you forget that you have other things to do
  7. Jason Bourne and Iron man the game , it just wasn't as good as the movies
  8. 1. I don't have any issues with the navigation of the forums it's quite easy and straight forward 2. I can't think of any features at the moment but if I do think of anything then I will let you know 3. Personally I'm not really fussed about the whole PSN thing if you have it or not it doesn't bother me too much 4. Yeah I like the look and feel of the forum, everyone gets along very well with no issues that i've personally seen 5.yeah I'd say it is, it's just coming up with an interesting title that's all 6. Everyone tends to get along with no issues, its like a strange family on here
  9. I was so upset when they cancelled it! It was such a good game, I'd want to play it again just to feel nostalgic
  10. Runescape is free! I don't know if it's still available but any computer can ring he game. It's a game set in medevil times I havnt played it in such a long time. Check it out on YouTube!
  11. I tend to buy them after pay day XD
  12. A good ol' classic that I loved playing in my teen years was the lego games! They were so much fun!
  13. Yeah that is pretty messed up. I didn't even bother to scroll down after clicking that link. Some people know no bounds to how low they can go. Like they don't have an off switch you know? Whee we would say 'yeah that's not a good idea let's not do that' What do you think?
  14. I check reviews and look at the trailer for the game. If I'm sold on both then I'll buy the game and also if it's quite expensive I'll wait until it drops down in price
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