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  1. As much time as it takes to make me happy with how they look.
  2. Halo 2, I guess. I don't know I don't play all that many and mostly they really don't stick with me.
  3. I have been considering this for some time. I just don't really play my Xbox ONE often at all. Last time I turned it on was to play "Monster Hunter World" and during the first week or two that the game came out. So its been a while.
  4. Side quests are great. On that note though, I really like the way "Assassin's Creed: Odyssey" did them. The quest givers had different icons and their where tiers to the side quests, please forgive my garbage memory but it was something to the effect of - trash level side quests had a white diamond over the quest giver. - ones that expired had a hourglass, - more worthwhile ones had gold diamonds or hourglasses. But yeah all where optional. The gold ones where usually really well thought out and involved.
  5. I love the PlayStation Vita. I have 2. I actually bought the 2000 first then learned about the OLED screen on the 1000, and eventually buyers remorse got the better of me and I bought a second one. I registered my 2000 in the UK so I can have access to the European PS store, so far I only have Final Fantasy one & two, 25th anniversary editions on that one. Since they never added those to the PS store in NA. Anyways my favorite games for the Vita are Dragon Quest Builders Persona 4 Golden Odin Sphere Ninja Gaiden Sigma + 1 & 2 Killzone Mercenary Shantae Dragon's Crown Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Adventures of Mana Oreshika Child of Light Muramasa Rebirth I feel like I must be forgetting some. But anyways not a terrible list, and those are only the games that I love on the system that are PS Vita only games, so I didn't include any PSP games or PS1 games. Sheesh just realized this is kinda a necro post. Sorry.
  6. Spiderman is my personal favorite for 2018, although I didn't play GOW 4. For none PS4 exclusives "Assassins Creed: Odyssey" is absolutely amazing, one of my favorite games of all time and easily my favorite for 2018.
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