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  1. When I was really young I used to play a lot of Petz 4 on my dad's old windows 95 PC
  2. I probably would not as I would most likely get into either business or politics, but if I did game for a living I would most likely game in the grand strategy genre (think Europa universalis), or the RTS genre (think total war).
  3. 1st person all the way in most circumstances, as it is better for immersion like everyone said above, and it makes aiming much easier.
  4. A grand strategy game kind of a mix between Europa universalis and total war.
  5. I remember when one jerk who was friends with some admins on a small open source gaming server tried to flame me into getting myself banned because he was jealous of my mini-civilization I was building there and sadly did not think he could co-exist with it. Although it was only one server, it was a big influential server. My reputation is still tarnished in that game to this day. (Don't you hate jerks that are besties with the admins and can get away with nearly anything)
  6. Thank you, I look forward to making gaming history here alongside the respectable guild leaders.
  7. I am a Republican. Back in the age of slavery and segregation we were the guardians of equality and the banes of institutional racism. And now, in the 21st century the call to action has come once more. Institutional racism is being pushed by the leftists, after people like Mr. Luther king fought so hard to end it. You may have seen it in colleges in how they give minorities free passes to promote "diversity": https://www.dailysignal.com/2018/09/28/how-diversity-ideology-killed-the-university-and-is-infecting-america/. This is completely against the principles of the equality the left claims to fight for. The left have hijacked the title of "liberals" from the true warriors of equality. The leftist 'sjws' are also growing more and more bold in their attacks on gamers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MqHva92TWI I was once politically apathetic for the most part until I realized that I had a huge target on my back for being a straight white male.
  8. Salvete, ego Ferrvm Avgvstvs, princeps imperii. I am an experienced armchair general, the leader of a multigame roman gaming clan, and the head of the amicus league alliance of guild leaders. With the problems a modern gamer faces, a great leader must rise...
  9. I generally buy DLC for games I love when they are on sale on one of the many steam sales.
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