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  1. Yeah. They do that every time a new batch of systems roll around.
  2. I like both but If I HAD to pick one it'd be open world. There's just so much more things to do in an open world game and it keeps me playing longer.
  3. I think they do but I personally don't pay too much attention to that. It's not worth the time and attention.
  4. People still say that? Wow. And to answer the question: No I do not.
  5. Ps2/Xbox/Gamecube Gen. I have so many great memories from that gen and I had all 3 consoles at some point too.
  6. Pretty much for a long ass time honestly.
  7. Heck No. If anything it got better honestly. Can't wait for the new game!
  8. I wouldn't say there's an appeal for me as I don't actively seek out Violent Video Games. Some of the games I play just happen to be Violent ones.
  9. I'm The Burnout Kid and I'm here to talk about games. Looking forward to chat with you all.
  10. I'd have to go with Dreamcast. Had a good library and Several Unique games. Either that or The Original Xbox.
  11. I don't care all that much for Grand Theft Auto.
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