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  1. All of them. I don't really like challenge when it comes to games...well most of the time.
  2. The Original Fable. Can't remember how many hours it was but it was a short as fuck game.
  3. I think it depends on you financial situation and how games make you feel. For me I'm not rich and I do spend more on games than I would like at times(Especially with Nintendo, why dont they ever lower their prices?) But the joy, escapism and fun that I have while playing them is more than worth it to me so I guess im in the middle if that makes any kind of sense.
  4. Wait...you can watch Netflix and Hulu on the Switch Lite? Did not know that. Or did I just read that wrong? But to answer the question. I have the swtich lite and honestly I just like having a hanheld and to be able to play games on it that I wouldn't have access to on any other system. I don't have to plop myself up to my tv for my ps4. I can just get my Switch out and play.
  5. In Far Cry 5 when you're driving any sort of vehicle on the ground NPC's will just dart out into the street right when your coming and then you end up hitting them. It doesn't really piss me off but it puzzles me more so honestly.
  6. They probably will but I feel like there's no reason for them to do it and it'd be redundant honestly. They should focus on Code Veronica next tbh.
  7. Yeah see shit like that is why I don't play online. That'd annoy the hell out of me.
  8. Just the Regular One. But Will Change that soon enough.
  9. I don't really want to pay the money that needed for that and not only that but I prefer to fly solo when it comes to gaming.
  10. Yeah I agree the time is now because this has been happening for the longest time now. Hell cyberpunk should be the straw that broke the camels back tbh
  11. Yeah with the way games are now there's no point in pre-ordering given some games come out unfinished or with a ton of issues. It's better to wait honestly.
  12. No Disrespect at all but this sent me to the moon. But to your point: You're not wrong though. But I'd like to think there's enough people out there feeling the same way and will let these companies know what's up but there's probably isn't.
  13. That's honestly really what it all comes down to. Gamers really gotta let the Biz know that we're not gonna take this crap anymore and if you want our dollars then you need to do better. And do that buy just not buying the games. That's gonna send a clear message more than anything.
  14. I think it depends on the game. If it's something like Sims or Animal Crossing then it's fine but if it's Open World or Action Game then no. I wouldn't want to do all of that in those type of games.
  15. I mean I would think so. How else are they going to review it right?
  16. This is great news. I liked 2 and 3 so It'll be great to play those again. And I never played the first one so that'll be awesome to play too.
  17. Really? Well IDK how scummy those 2 companies have been. Guess I'll read up on them sometime.
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