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  1. Probably a smart move by the company they want to make sure they have enough time to make the game as best as they can.
  2. September 8 is not far away just a few more weeks. Winters are usually creeping cold. I wonder how many people will get this the first day it comes out.
  3. Sorry bro I'll apologize for my previous post. I usually dont take internet forums too seriously, or life tor that matter. I like to have fun and look on the positives. I agree with your last post. Playing the real thing is always way better. However, I wouls rather have a video game version of it then nothing at all 🙂
  4. This is to my belief as well. I think the GTA series is done and complete. GTA 5 is a great way to finish the series and they are still making a killing in royalties of the game. I'll be happy for a GTA 6 but I'm not getting my hopes up that there will be one.
  5. For me it would be Pokemon Go. I never got why it was so popular and the popularity of the game seemed to only last for about two years tops. I have never played the game. I'm not much of a Pokemon fan myself so maybe that's why.
  6. lol dude, calm down. I'm talking about the Pinball video games. Why so serious? The post you just made seems to be more of spam then the one I made. Take a chill pill 😄 I'm guessing you have never played pinball video games. You also seem to miss the text in my original post that I stated video games of Pinball.
  7. Nice! I don't get 2k games. I always get the NBA Live series from EA Sports. FIFA is fun too but I'm terrible at soccer games. I take too many penalties lol.
  8. PubG fans will really like this update and the new features it brings to the game. I have never gotten into these types of games.
  9. I still play this game once in awhile! I have so much fun with it. When I was younger I would build parks to destroy people haha since I was bored with doing the challenges and such.
  10. I have never gotten into Yahoo gaming. I didn't even know that it existed! What were some classic games for Yahoo gaming?
  11. Do they even make physical discs for computer games anymore? I rarely see physical discs of games for computers in stores these days. They are all for video game consoles. I do prefer the physical copy myself but now mostly I buy the digital version since it seems like they are forcing us to.
  12. I watch streams usually on YouTube. I don't do it much but once in awhile I'll watch a gaming stream. I have never tried it myself and I doubt I ever will. I'll leave that to other people and I'll stick with playing games.
  13. Spikey

    Donkey Kong

    I used to have so much fun with this game. And the sequel games. What Donkey Kong game was your favorite? What was your favorite level if you remember?
  14. Same thing. Sometimes I'll buy an expansion pack but most of the time I just want to buy the complete game all at once then you don't need to spend any more money on it.
  15. I haven't even seen the movie yet so I should probably watch that first before I start playing the video game. Or maybe I will play the video game first and then watch the movie after.
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