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  1. I noticed the pinned topic about the last game that you played and it got me thinking... what was your first game? Do you still play it now? For me this is difficult to remember as it was so long ago. I would take a guess at it being Runescape as I would practice and help my brother play. I have not played Runescape in a few months now, it was just something I tried again fora few weeks during lock-down period.
  2. 22_22

    Evil Apples

    My friend showed me this amazing mobile game called 'Evil Apples'. It was a popular game for him during the lock-down period as he would play it with his university friends. I thought I would check it out and since we have played a couple times and held zoom phone calls during play. I think the easiest explanation for it is it to compare it against the popular game 'Cards Against Humanity'. It is a very funny card game that you can play with your friends or against strangers. i HIGHLY recommend it for some light-hearted fun.
  3. UK based retailer 'GAME' have Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on sale for the PS4 and Xbox One for £32.99, down from its usual price of £54.99. There is also the option to buy it preowned for £22.99. https://www.game.co.uk/en/star-wars-jedi-fallen-order-2388092 My brother is a huge fan of Star Wars and I think he would really like this game. What with Christmas just around the corner, I was wondering if anyone know if this is the best deal. It could make a great gift for him if it is. I do not think preowned games makes for such a good gift.
  4. I would confidently say that the majority of video games I have ever played, happen to be sport games. I am a huge sport fanatic in real life, so it is nice that I can 'kick back with a good old online adaptation. My favourites as a child would be Wii Sports as it provides me with a range of sports. We also had many controllers so we could play as a family which was nice, as we were all physically and socially active together. Another game series I always liked was FIFA and I would play it regularly as a young teenager. It is the game I miss playing the most.
  5. 22_22


    I used to play Xbox as a younger child so my memory is a little hazey, but I do not recall ever being banned. I did however report quite a few people, generally for rude and vulgar language. I wonder if Microsoft and the authorities ever did anything about the numerous reports I filed, as some of the people that are on their headsets needed banning or at least punishment.
  6. 22_22

    Pokemon Go

    I definitely tried Pokemon Go when it become this huge 'crazy' that everyone wanted to get involved in. I would play it some days and even though I am not the biggest of Pokemon fans, it would still provide me with some enjoyment. My family on the other hand, are obsessed with this game. They continued playing it long after this 'Pokemon Go phase' ended, and I still think they may play nowadays. It is impressive how many Pokemon they have caught. 😛 I do not have that kind of time to be catching them.
  7. 22_22

    Angry Birds

    I used to love this game back in my earlier school years. I had it downloaded on my Android phone and we would play together with my friends. I felt like I was little behind them though as I had the free version, but all I cared about was the simple feeling of enjoyment that it provided me with. I must go back and re download it one time if it is still around!
  8. One game I wished I had played was Mario Kart Tour on the mobile. I guess I could still download the application, but it used to be extremely popular when it first came out. I do not know if I would struggle to find opponents now that it is not as relevant. But I do know many of my friends used to play it and I wanted to join them in playing, but I was too engrossed in another game and my studies at that time. Maybe there will be other times to try it.
  9. Mine was achieving my first 99 on Runescape as a child. I was so proud of the simplest things. It did not take too long though as it was woodcutting with ivy. What is the proudest gaming moment that you have ever had? How long did it take you to achieve such a moment? Did you have many friends to share it with? How did you celebrate it?
  10. Sometimes the games that we pay very little for can be some of our best ones. There is less pressure to enjoy the game when they are so cheap I feel. So what games have you bought extremely cheap and were they smart purchases, or did you dispose of the game pretty quickly? Do we constantly need to buy expensive and recent versions of games to have fun or are we satisfied with these deals?
  11. How long can you invest in a game before you get bored? What are the various factors that can influence your enjoyment or boredom of these different games? For me I can sit at a game for a while and play it quite regularly before I get bored. What makes it more interesting for me is having online play, as playing games of FIFA for instance against the computer can quickly become tedious.
  12. I do not think you should take these reviews so seriously as they are not anything more than another persons subjective opinion. What you may dislike, I may in fact enjoy and vice versa. I think the safest option is to play a demo version of the game to see how you feel and if you like the game play. That is what I do. Then if this is still insufficient I will check out some videos of game play on YouTube because you can actually see the game being played and make up your own mind, before a potentially expensive investment.
  13. I remember as a young gamer I used to be incredibly obsessed with achievements on my Xbox 360 as I enjoyed racking up points on my gamerscore. Back then my score was pretty low as I did not play many games except for the latest FIFA game. So what I did was buy older games in the FIFA series for maybe £1 or less and just play them for a few days to unlock as many achievements as I possibly could. Looking back on it now I think it was a bit desperate really and I could not imagine doing it again.
  14. What makes you so good at FIFA 20? Is it the constant years of playing it or are you better suited to this newer model? I have heard the game play of it is so poor, so I am interested in hearing your thoughts around this and how it affects your ability at this game. For me, I discovered recently that I am really good at Baseball on Wii Sports. I really like 'similiar' sports such as rounders and cricket, so I am not incredibly surprised as some of the skills are somewhat transferable between sports. In my first game I must have scored over 15 points and ended up receiving a 'mercy win' w
  15. I am extremely sensitive to light, especially on a screen so most of the time mine is on the lowest possible setting. However, that is not always possible as there are some cases where I need to be higher, for instance when the sun is shining strongly in my direction. I simply cannot function when this is happening though, but I need to be able to play my games somehow, without getting a headache.
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