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  1. Mine was achieving my first 99 on Runescape as a child. I was so proud of the simplest things. It did not take too long though as it was woodcutting with ivy. What is the proudest gaming moment that you have ever had? How long did it take you to achieve such a moment? Did you have many friends to share it with? How did you celebrate it?
  2. Sometimes the games that we pay very little for can be some of our best ones. There is less pressure to enjoy the game when they are so cheap I feel. So what games have you bought extremely cheap and were they smart purchases, or did you dispose of the game pretty quickly? Do we constantly need to buy expensive and recent versions of games to have fun or are we satisfied with these deals?
  3. How long can you invest in a game before you get bored? What are the various factors that can influence your enjoyment or boredom of these different games? For me I can sit at a game for a while and play it quite regularly before I get bored. What makes it more interesting for me is having online play, as playing games of FIFA for instance against the computer can quickly become tedious.
  4. I do not think you should take these reviews so seriously as they are not anything more than another persons subjective opinion. What you may dislike, I may in fact enjoy and vice versa. I think the safest option is to play a demo version of the game to see how you feel and if you like the game play. That is what I do. Then if this is still insufficient I will check out some videos of game play on YouTube because you can actually see the game being played and make up your own mind, before a potentially expensive investment.
  5. I remember as a young gamer I used to be incredibly obsessed with achievements on my Xbox 360 as I enjoyed racking up points on my gamerscore. Back then my score was pretty low as I did not play many games except for the latest FIFA game. So what I did was buy older games in the FIFA series for maybe £1 or less and just play them for a few days to unlock as many achievements as I possibly could. Looking back on it now I think it was a bit desperate really and I could not imagine doing it again.
  6. What makes you so good at FIFA 20? Is it the constant years of playing it or are you better suited to this newer model? I have heard the game play of it is so poor, so I am interested in hearing your thoughts around this and how it affects your ability at this game. For me, I discovered recently that I am really good at Baseball on Wii Sports. I really like 'similiar' sports such as rounders and cricket, so I am not incredibly surprised as some of the skills are somewhat transferable between sports. In my first game I must have scored over 15 points and ended up receiving a 'mercy win' which is where the game ends prematurely as you are so far ahead. I did not realise this was possible but I was proud of myself.
  7. I am extremely sensitive to light, especially on a screen so most of the time mine is on the lowest possible setting. However, that is not always possible as there are some cases where I need to be higher, for instance when the sun is shining strongly in my direction. I simply cannot function when this is happening though, but I need to be able to play my games somehow, without getting a headache.
  8. 22_22

    Last Game Played

    The last game that I played was Wii Sports at my friends house. I was staying with her and it was a rainy day so it seemed like the perfect time to dust off the Nintendo Wii. I loved playing tennis and baseball on the game as it reminded me of my childhood and provided me with a lot of nostalgic feelings.
  9. I feel like you cannot go wrong with any of the old classics from the Mario series as they are still so enjoyable now. My favourites at the time were Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo DS and Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii. Back then I was fully geared up for the latter as I had the steering wheel to beat those little plumbers in style. 😉 More recently though I played a version of it on my friends Nintendo Touch and although it was enjoyable, it sadly did not have the same feeling of nostalgia or authenticity!
  10. Honestly, I miss the authenticity of the old schools graphics applied to older versions of games. With the growth of computer science and technology it can be too easy to get 'bogged down' in the basics and over complicate the design of some games. I like when a design is simple yet effective so that the game maintains its original presentation. I feel that a game earns its fan base often through its loyalty to certain components, so providing too big of a change to something like its design may put people off from buying future games in a series.
  11. The silliest things that I have done is in the FIFA series, specifically the career mode element as I have only completed a game save, maybe once or two. My problem was I picked a team that was already really good, or one that I was not interested in so the game became very boring, very quickly. That meant that I would just start a new one and never actually have enough seasons completed to do something that worthy as a manager. Maybe now as I am older I would try things differently, but sadly I have not bought FIFA in several years now.
  12. I wouldn't any game that I've played has taught me anything about current events but it certainly has improved my knowledge in certain areas. For example woodcutting in Runescape taught me about nature and introduced me to different trees, which I continued to research and at the time I was fascinated by how many of them were actually real. I think the reason why I have not used games to understand current events is because I prefer to use games as an outlet to escape from the 'real world' and enjoy having fun without necessarily learning anything of value.
  13. I would use the MMORPG game Runescape to describe myself as there is a large world out there to explore with a vast range of people to meet and skills to master. It also shows that even in death, the game does not end, which I like to use as an analogy for 'the game of life', as motivation to respawn and keep exploring when things don't go right the first time.
  14. How do you react when a game crashes or lags? What is the worst possible time it has happened to you? I don't get it too often with the types of games I play now but when I played Runescape things got very laggy. It was difficult in the wilderness because if my screen froze I did not stand a chance at surviving. In fact this happened so regularly I just started to avoid combat based activity as I did not want to lose the items and GP I had been earning. It made me very frustrated so I just switched it up and did something else, like practice my skilling.
  15. This is a football management simulation game that is developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega but the game itself began in 1992 as Championship Manager. It has been around the block for a while now but I haven't tried it until around a month ago, when it was free for over a week on Steam. It was an enjoyable game that is perfect for the worldwide lock-down right now, as it is so time consuming yet enjoyable. I enjoyed the free trial but I did not feel like buying the full game at the time but I instantly regretted it, as it was such a good deal. Now Steam appear to have it for 33% off until 14th May. Have you played FM20? What team are you managing and what are your best accomplishments?
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