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  1. I decided to buy and play The Witness
  2. 👊bro. Yes, you're right. I think I need time to get used to and understand the features of the game.
  3. I understand that this is annoying, but still it gives some enthusiasm. It's even more interesting. Just imagine a mission with a Vice City airplane without a timer. It wouldn't be so interesting.
  4. Hi! Welcome to the VGR. I wish you success!
  5. in addition, I decided to replay the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt for the third time. I never get tired of saying that this is the game of the decade.
  6. I decided to try playing Apex Legends. What a fool I was not to try it before. I really liked the game. I've played 40 hours for a week. I think this is the best battle Royale among the competitors. But I still play like a noob. We are constantly losing. What am I doing wrong? So I decided to look at the game of popular streamers and their behavior in the game. I'll have to train a lot. I found a site where I can view my statistics . If I start playing better, the statistics will go up.
  7. After hard work, I lose the mood to play. And so I always play something when there is a lot of time.
  8. The Witcher 3 maybe... I do not know. I very rarely feel depressed, so I find it difficult to answer this question. Mostly I don't play, but go for a walk in the Park or just walk around the city.
  9. Is this a game for Android? No, I didn't play, but I heard something similar.
  10. Precisely! I completely forgot about Destiny 2.
  11. I mean become the same witcher as Geralt of Rivia in the same Temeria or Redania. To be honest, I'd like to be a spook for a day, but not more. Traveling and look for orders and all the time to hear in your address how ugly you are. Although you can get used to everything. What do you say? P.S. Toss a coin to your witcher...😂
  12. it seems to me that the Witcher 2 is like this. The game is quite short, but to consider the game passed, you need to replay it with other choices. At the beginning of the game there is a choice that radically changes the plot of the game. Actually it took me 3 days to see the end credits and another 3 days to re-play it on another storyline.
  13. I just recently bought Call of Duty Modern Warfare. What can I say, I liked the game, but only multiplayer. I don't like the single-player game, especially the plot. Still, they promised to show the war from the real side, but only showed the evil Russians. About the multiplayer. I didn't play much in shooters, so my aim should do better. But I always feel like I'm doing something wrong. Because of this, I began to watch the streams, and I also look at my statistics here, although I'm not quite sure that it will give me something. At least I'll start to understand that I'm starting to play better. UPD: I wonder how long the multiplayer will live in this game?🤔
  14. Yes, I agree, the laptop is very weak. At the moment, there are very few games with multiplayer for weak PCs. Basically many games that I know no longer support multiplayer. So I don't even know what to recommend.
  15. Yes, I agree, the laptop is very weak. At the moment, there are very few games with multiplayer for weak PCs. Basically many games that I know no longer support multiplayer. So I don't even know what to recommend.
  16. I mostly play on a PC, since I play multiplayer games most often, and since I'm used to playing Quake on a PC, it's easier for me to play shooters on a PC. But when it comes to single-player games like the Witcher, I prefer consoles.
  17. Cyberpunk 2077! But I'm also waiting for Dying light 2.
  18. I gave my PS3 with lots of games to my little cousin.
  19. If you have a weak PC, we would need to learn more about this PC. What configurations does your PC have? I can recommend Path Of Exile (a game very similar to diablo 3), World of Tanks or World of Warships, of course CS GO, Paladins (a clone of Overwatch) and you can still try to play Fortnite. The game is certainly not for the weakest PC, but my old guy runs it. I have been playing it for a long time and and I want to try to get to the top of fortnite ranks. UPD: I remembered Pub g Lite. This is the same pubg only for weak PCs.
  20. About three games. I have very specific tastes. If I don't like the game, I delete it immediately. I think to replay The Witcher 3 after passing the second part, and then dishonored 1,2.
  21. Most often I buy games on GOG, sometimes on Steam, and very rarely on Epic Game Store.
  22. Huge replay value. In the game Kingdom Come Deliverance you can complete tasks completely differently because you do not know what can happen. For example, there is a task to kill one person who is in the Cathedral, which can only be accessed by becoming a monk. And the game says, " Become a monk." But nothing prevents you from sneaking into the Cathedral at night, finding a target and killing it.
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