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Big Tech Censorship?

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Do you think it's okay for Big Tech to censor your posts? What if there was nothing wrong with the factual end of what you post but the person censoring didn't like your beliefs or ideology?

I personally don't like how some of my friends have been censored. I mean one friend posted a craft and she got in FB jail for a month. It was a craft! It wasn't political, racist or religious.

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What is worse is when the government censors big tech or bans them from what they are allowed to censor such as the republican Florida governor who made it illegal for social media to ban any politician from censorship, even if what they say can incite violence. I don’t think that can hold up in court.

But to be banned for a craft, it must have been offensive somehow, or maybe plagiarized or something. I have to be a skeptic when someone attacks Facebook now, because of the campaign republicans are having to try and discredit them, break them down, and try to change the demographic in their favor after their failed attempt to create their own hate filled platforms.

A few years ago I would have said the hell with social media. And I don’t even use it, but we need it and we need it to have freedom to rightfully censor people who spread conspiracies or violence including any politician and a sitting president or ex-president. So if it was just a plain old craft, sorry to hear that. I'm sure they can file a repeal or something. But I get the feeling just like your 'fake news' post, that you are campaigning to discredit the news as well as social media. 


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The Florida governor had no power to police any social media platform, and he fucking knew it.


As for your friend, if Facebook censored it, they probably had no actual reason. They censor anything that doesn't agree with what Zuckerberg says. Although he has never officially revealed his political affiliation, he has shown in his statements and actions that he is republiKKKlan. That said, I could post a blue square. Nothing in it, just a simple blue square. No caption, no special anything, and he would have it censored.





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