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Would you rather live in a world with no toilet paper or no soap?

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I mean, you can use leaves so toilet paper is some replaceable. However, I've also had a bath using coconut oil as well and that's what they used to us in the ancient days instead of soap so that's also replaceable. I'm undecided - What are your thoughts about this?

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Soap isn't a requirement to bathe. Water is all you need. For toilet paper, you never said we couldn't use paper towels, napkins, or tissues. Also you didn't say we couldn't use regular towels or washcloths and just toss them in the washer afterwards. That's pretty gross however.

That said, I would give up the toilet paper as there are tons of options.

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I like being self-sufficient & a prepper. I can live without toilet paper as well as soap. There are other alternatives. For toilet paper, there’s cloth, which is also washable. Back in the day we had cloth diapers.

For soap, you can clean with baking soda, vinegar, essential oils. People do oil cleansing which uses i.e. the coconut or another carrier oil & actually have found it to be more beneficial.  

Point is, when you think outside the box, people will find a whole other world out there.

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