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Community Chat #1

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45 minutes ago, DC said:

Honestly both are nasty lol. I'd prefer Dr. Pepper or real Root Beer. 

How is everyone doing today? What's going on?

Dr. Pepper? You sir are a rare species. 🤣. I am a bit tired from editing a video for a client that is taking very long to render. Thank the heavens it's finished - What's up with you man? How's the day going?

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18 hours ago, killamch89 said:

DC said we need to chat until we filled up as many pages as possible so why is this chat so quiet? Ok, here is a question for everyone - If you had to choose between a lifetime supply of Grape Fanta or a lifetime supply of Mountain Dew, which one would you choose and why?

Mt dew.. or Diet dew which I drink.. Can't imagine much grape for me.. Lifetime would be 2 bottles.

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36 minutes ago, mont86 said:

I'm gonna gave to checkout RDR2.. I did notice when I play GR I watch the guy and not the cross hairs which slows down my reaction time. Lol. 

You should. It is a very entertaining game filled with content for days and many different ways to handle most situations in-game. My favorite thing to do in-game is feed people to the alligators - I normally lasso them, tie them up and carry them on the back of my horse. Then I just throw them where there is the biggest group of crocodiles.

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46 minutes ago, mont86 said:

What other game have you mastered.. so to speak...

I haven't really mastered it yet because there are still things that I am learning about the game but the only game I could say I have mastered is Skyrim and it doesn't take a lot to master Skyrim.

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