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  1. Heard some about it, but really no interest to explore it.. Already too many problems in the world.
  2. Do you watch much news ?
  3. And the micro transactions .
  4. mont86

    Ask DC

    Ok I can see that..
  5. I've been hearing people are disappointed in the content of the new game.
  6. mont86

    Ask DC

    So your young enough to have never owned a cell phone ? I remember well the days of watches.. I haven't wore one in years.
  7. Ghost recon has one coming I guess to improve the game.. What is it ? Thanks
  8. I should add that I've been watching PvP and the teams are covering the same ground over and over..
  9. I've been looking at a few fps games and it seems like graphics look the same to me.. Or am I crazy ?
  10. Me also... It sure looks good though..
  11. From my point of view , they are unethical practices in every aspect of life.. I find most people don't care and really are too busy making a living and life in general to the steps to change things.
  12. Just watched a commercial for a DQ blizzard.. Looks great .. lol That's why I don't keep ice cream at home, cuz I'd eat it..
  13. I was watching a streamer play cod and I couldn't keep up with the action.. I couldn't tell who was getting shot. and the players keep running through the same cave time and time again.. He keep getting killed and starting over.. I got bored with it, is maybe what I should say..
  14. Streaming of COC modern warfare and It went in circles.. I Don't get the entertainment. value .. Yet anyway..
  15. No I was never cool enough for pick up lines.. lol
  16. You think there are many bots ?
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