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  1. Subway makes their sandos anytime of the day , don't they ?
  2. mont86

    Community Chat #1

    How late in the year do you wear white ?
  3. Lol.. It was at McDonalds.. Don't remember many people being there at the time.. Even better I may have had someone order 1 or 2 for me... LOL
  4. mont86

    Community Chat #1

    Where do you wear white to? I'm not high brow.. People are just glad I'm dressed.
  5. All ethnic back grounds are off limits.. I guess it's a good thing... Seems what offends one doesn't offend another.
  6. I believe there is way to much social media too. All aspects including T.V. People seem to be over whelmed with all the info available.. News is more opinion then fact. And looking back that is probably always been the case... Other then a couple message boards , that's pretty much it.. And a lot of arguing on them.. Anymore I try to smile and wave..
  7. I know , it's a different world now.. It's all aspects of life.. Reminds me of how a snow globe gets shaken and all the snow floating around.
  8. mont86

    Community Chat #1

    Sorry to see Luck retire.. But don't blame him.. Holiday weekend coming up
  9. Days of funny comedy is gone in my opinion also.
  10. Seems like everyone is offend anymore.
  11. I agree with you. pretty tuff to top the first one.
  12. 5 big mac's... plus fries. My hat off to Blackangel .. That's a lot.
  13. Use to be all meat type , but now sausage is to my liking.
  14. escargot is a good answer.. I don't eat much sea food and don't really have fresh sea food available.. so sea food. Lobster and scallops
  15. egg cheese and ham.. I have been going to subway and getting a breakfast sub with onions, peppers and pickles .. Pretty good.
  16. 1 snicker 2 reese's 3 kitkat
  17. How long ago was that?? That is way to sensitive ..
  18. Heard they are making another Coming to America..
  19. Reading a lot about recycling has come to a stand still and renewable coming to a stand still.. What are your thoughts?
  20. mont86

    Community Chat #1

    Cool weather here.. Working...
  21. mont86

    Ask DC

    What's your favorite soup ?
  22. mont86

    Community Chat #1

    Working the weekend, but nicer weather so getting outside a lot more.
  23. Young Eddie Murphy... John Pinette… Richard Pryer… Older Larry the Cable guy
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