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[Sponsored] Enter to Win: Duracell Game Longer Getaway - 5 Days in Gaming Paradise

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On 11/2/2021 at 12:02 PM, DC said:

How does 5 days of uninterrupted gaming sound? How about doing it in an amazing luxury retreat in Palm Springs? That’s exactly what Duracell Optimum is giving to one lucky gamer.

It gets better! The contest winner will be flown first class to Palm Springs and whisked to the “Duracell Estate” where they will be able to game distraction-free for 5 glorious days. Seriously. No chores - the winner will have their own housekeeper and chef! And who needs to work since they will get $2,000 cash. And no worries about a dead controller, since a stack of Duracell batteries will be ready and waiting.

Duracell Optimum batteries are designed with gamers in mind allowing for them to Game Longer with less distractions. Optimum batteries actually deliver longer life in the leading alkaline battery powered wireless controller. You know the pain of getting into the meaty part of a game and then getting distracted. And so does Duracell. That’s why they want to help one gamer to get away from it all, avoid those distractions, and just game.

Entries can be submitted through Twitter, Instagram or Reddit. All of the details and official rules can be found at gamelongergetaway.com.


Last day to enter! Best of luck everyone 🙂

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