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The Blackangel

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I was reading a post, and something popped into my head. A lot of the members post long detailed articles here, that often get buried rather quickly. @Shagger is one of the best at this, as his articles always go in depth and really draw in the reader.

So I was thinking that maybe a separate board specifically for articles written by the members here might be a good idea. That way they don’t get buried so quickly, and we can all enjoy them more frequently without having to search for them.

Also, for those of us trying to get constructive criticism to learn how to write a review or other kind of article, we would have a place for that.

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I think is is a good idea. I'm not sure how well this would fit on a forum for a website that publishes gaming articles already, but I do like this. The tools seem to be thier on the forum already to recommend posts and so on, so this would be fairly straightforward to implement. What do you think @DC?

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