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Techno's Tale: The Fall Of NeoGAF

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Here on Techno's Tales, I also like telling stories, this is one I was not apart of, but I have studied it. 

Many websites rise and fall some fall gracefully, others go with a bang, and some go into dark places.

I will now talk about a forum which is still active, but has now become a shell of it's former self.

Content Warning: Alleged Sexual Harassment and Censorship.

Warning: Please do not go harass any person, website, or company apart of this story, all intentions are for education and entertainment.

NeoGAF was started as a forum called  "The Gaming-Age Forums", which was apart of a website called Gaming-Age. It eventually grew too big for it, after a few years with IGN it became NeoGAF. Many years went by, NeoGAF grew by the day. But on October 21, 2017 things took a dark turn, a film director named Ima Leupp told the community of Facebook that the forum's owner, Tyler "Evilore" Malka had approached her while she was showering without her consent. Following this, the forum erupted into chaos, half of the sites moderators quit, leaving the site in sheer chaos. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of accounts posted threads, trying to get banned. Soon, NeoGAF was offline, the plug had been pulled. But it was not for long, as afterwards, the plug was put back in, and NeoGAF had returned. But things had changed, scars left by this event can still be seen. The forum is bigger than ever, but at what cost?

 The cost, it seems, can be seem by the message at the top of the website that appeared afterwards, the one all shall see:

"The Politics forum has been nuked. Please do not bring political discussion to the rest of the site, or you will be removed. Thanks."

Maybe Evilore is gone, I do not know that, but what I can say is this:

No more political discussion at NeoGAF, please.





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NeoGAF has always been a very toxic place. Probably the most toxic place I've ever seen. As far back as 2013 when I was a member there.  And ResetEra is just an extension of the former NeoGAF toxicity.

They both have the common trait that they try to police opinions and views, and both cultivate cult behaviour, where no dissent can be voiced against the officially accepted  narrative. Basically both sites are mini 1984s. Where NeoGAF was the prototype Resetera is the final product.

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