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  1. I have no problems with paying for car repair, it is a legitimate service you pay for, you get something for your money. What I resent paying for is parking at paid events. If I'm already paying a hefty fee for attending the event, don't make me pay an additional fee, just for going there. I once went to an event, and said fuck it and drove right back home when I realized they were asking for parking fees (which was not advertised on the event pages). Thankfully I did not pre-purchase my ticket so I could do that without hassle. What I also find atrocious is duties and taxes whe
  2. To me it is hands down Death Stranding Director's cut. Wasn't the original game already made by Kojima? This smells like a shameless cash grab. Any new feature they add should've been an update to the original and not a completely new release. Only Kojima would have this kind of hubris, and he is probably the only one who can get away with it scot-free.
  3. Probably Starfield is the only game I'm excited for
  4. Once I saw a documentary about him and it really showed what kind of person he is. He is the type who hoards money not because of a particular goal, but just for the sake of it. He is like Dexter Morgan, pretends to be a regular human but probably is a sociopath. If I were an amazon employee I'd probably not want him back either. But to be fair working conditions are awful in other big companies warehouses as well not just amazon's.
  5. Battlefield I don't understand how this franchise is so popular. Every game I've tried from it was more atrociously bad than the last. I'm not a COD fan by a longshot, but damn BF makes COD look like masterpieces of high art.
  6. Alien Isolation, damned randy pitchford and the shitshow that was colonial marines ruined any chance that this game ever had. When you put out total garbage it is never the garbage that suffers, but the title coming out next in the franchise.
  7. I was all about tech between 2000-2010. I'm still much more aware of it than the average person, but don't follow every small detail and every field anymore. Only ones that are relevant to me.
  8. Easy: Pizza. Any and all kinds. I even like Hawaiian pizza despite of actual Hawaiians vehemently disowning it.
  9. What monsanto is allowed to do in the US is not just greedy, but reckless, as typical for humans to prioritize short term gains over long term survival. Another similar mistake is cryptocurrency mining. Imagine everyone sitting at home using electricity to produce virtual money. They aren't just non contributors to society, they are actively destroying the economy and the planet at the same time. It is mind boggling.
  10. Starting world war I. It also directly resulted in WWII. If everyone were just able to sit on their asses, but no. There is always someone iching for war.
  11. Because I highly doubt it. I haven't even checked it out. With gaming news coming out left and right all year long, what is the significance of such an event? To me E3 was last interesting when I was relying on printed magazines to get my gaming news. It was the time of year when every major reveal and announcement happened. But now with the internet being as accessible as running water, there is really no need for such an event. And big publishers are realizing this, they instead opt to stay away and have their own events, when it is not drowned out by all the noise. All in all, I think
  12. I've been referring to it as the psx since I've known about it, as everybody in my neck of the woods referred to it as the PSX. Maybe it's an European thing. i don't know why is this so upsetting to you.
  13. Well PSX was the original console that came out in 1994, the PS ONE.is the "slim" version released in 2000.
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