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  1. In Heavy Rain you control both the antagonist and the protagonist. In Detroit Become Human you can effectively play as a villain, doing bad things with the player controlled characters so basically it's your choice what role you play in it. Guess Bioshock Infinite counts as well,
  2. I'm not a fan of games that require you to do mundane chores. Like fishing hunting repairing and maintaining weapons, and so on. I like however the responsibility you have in say Mass Effect 2 to not get squad members killled. And quantic dream games where lives depend on many of your actions and decisions.
  3. As I've mentioned in the topic Games that were worth it but not at full price? I rarely buy games at full price, so it made no sense to list almost every game I bought. So in this topic I'm asking what games you regretted buying because they were not worth whatever you paid for them. So here goes my list Fallout 4 Season Pass. I bought this in the middle of my playthrough of the base game when I was still enthusiastic about it, but by the time any DLC dropped I wasn't interested in the game, I never even finished the content, I maybe spent 20 minutes with the DLCs. Far
  4. I only had one dog in my entire life, I didn't want a substitute.
  5. Initially traffic was better in the first part of the quarantine, but now I think it's actually much worse than it was before it. A lot of people went back to working in the office except they switched from public transit to cars.
  6. that's roughly in the same ballpark as PS4 launch sales. Except the PS4 didn't have a pandemic driving sales. If they were able to keep up with the demand they could'Ve sold twice that.
  7. I have a strong preference against eastern videogames. Not because I'm biased against the people of the east, but because I did not like any game that came from the East.
  8. m76

    Outriders demo

    I've tried it so you don't have to. You can thank me later. The loch ness monster, chupacabra, bigfoot, the yeti, aliens, what is the common characterstic they all share? That most people assume they do not exist. Today I cross off something from the list of things I didn't believe in: A video game so bad that deserves the 1/10 rating. Not because it is broken, or does not work as intended. Oh, it works exactly as intended. It earns this rating plain and fair purely on merit. You can read my full ramblings on the demo here.
  9. I used to play 2D side scroller platformers a lot, but they can't keep me occupied anymore, I've tried modern ones, and I always get super bored in 2 minutes. The other genre is RTS games, not out of choice, but because there are no good games in the genre, hasn't been in a long time.
  10. I rarely pay full price for games, even the ones I buy new I try to find some sort of deal, so at worst I pay maybe $50 for them, but never more. A game really needs to be something to make me pay full price. I can probably count on one hand the times I Actually paid the full $60 for a game in my entire life. So I could list almost all games I Ever purchased. It would be easier to list the games that were not worth buying even at a reduced price.
  11. If I can stick with a game for a few hours that usually means I can get to the end. The exception was GTA V on the PS3. I had to quit, the controls were so frustrating for me on it, so I waited 2 years for the PC version and finished the game on PC, which I should've done in the first place and not waste my time on the console version. Thief Deadly Shadows. I don't even remember why I quit playing this game, this was in 2004.
  12. I don't but I'd not have bought one yet even if it was available. I usually buy consoles years into their lifecycle when there are at least a few good games to pick up. But with Sony moving towards releasing more and more titles on PC, I'm not even sure I'll buy a PS5. As for XBOX I don't need it, there is nothing and never was any title on that platform that would even remotely warrant the investment.
  13. Since games have so wildly different graphics fidelity it is not possible to point out any specific thing. Some games will look dated some already do when they release, while others will still look fine years on. Where I wish improvements are the areas of animation and physics. The Last of Us 2 made quite big leaps in this, but people barely even notice those. I want all games to finally embrace soft body phyiscs instead of the archaic rigid body, and ragdoll physics that has been the industry standard for 20 years at least. I also wish for characters to have realistic skin and
  14. My copy of Fallout 3 was broken, so I had to go to the literal home of the local distributor to get a replacement copy. And then that one broke too. It had some messed up copy protection. The good old days of securom and safedisc. Then I purchased the goty edition. I also purchased Command and Conquer 4 times now. First the original in 1995, then as part of the first decade collection, then as the origin ultimate collection, then the remastered edition.
  15. Can't say there are that many singular moments in video games that I can specifically recall. It's usually the whole experience. Climbing the WWII radio tower in Tomb Raider (2013) Mass Effect 1's ending Emerging from the sewers in Oblivion for the first time The homeless level in Beyond Two Souls System Shock 2's villain reveal
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