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  1. Sorry, but I've missed the notification for this when it was posted. There seems to be a misunderstanding. I don't oppose progress. I think being progressive is the opposite of being a traditionalist. ie.: "That's how it's always been, so why should we change it?" I think that is the dumbest mindset imaginable. My favorite quote from rick & morty is: Which brings up another point: science. I also think that life should be governed by scientific truths, which include a lot of inconvenient facts, that some would like to disregard. These are the people I'm against. And these people also identify themselves as progressive. Guess throwing out science and basing society on whims is a kind of progress too, but not all progress is automatically good. Progress is change, but change for the sake of change is not progress. My definition of progress implies some measurable improvement in quality of life. The human rights movement was progress. Defunding the police is regression. I hope that clears things up.
  2. Note that I said "so called progressives" which makes a huge difference. Not all who self identify as a 'progressive' are actually progressive. But there is no clear terminology established. They are sometimes referred to as regressives, wokists, sjws. But those are basically the same mindset.
  3. If you have the time yongyea on youtube has a few videos explaining the issues, IDK about news articles though. Maybe mainstream doesn't want to be on the bad side of take2/rockstar so they are not reporting it.
  4. I didn't even buy modern warfare 2019 because of the price.
  5. They outsourced the remaster of the three classic GTA games to an untested and inexperienced studio, who mostly used automation to "remaster" the game. And they either didn't do any QA, or thought "Yea, this is good enough" And the games were released in the most horrible state, characters look awful, not just due to bugs, but thematically and aesthetically. The game is littered with misaligned textures, seam errors, collision issues, pathfinding issues. There are even numerous spelling errors in the games where they used OCR to recreate some texts. It is the most horrible piece of trash imaginable.
  6. First we need to define what is woke, because a lot of people are not clear on that. Some regularly misconstrue being progressive and open minded, with being woke. And thus we see statements like "Star Trek has always been woke" which is blatantly false. Star Trek was progressive, as it would include ideas, themes and representation that was not common at the time. It showed what a post scarcity and prejudice society looked like. It was up to the audience to understand and draw their own conclusions based on what they saw. And thus people loved it, because it showed a better and hopeful future where there was no class system in place. They achieved equality and everyone loved that idea as the future of humanity in 200-300 years. Wokism on the other hand advocates for class separation and insists that certain classes of people must be treated differently. It preaches that everything is racist and sexist, and the only way to be fair is to recognise that everything is racist and sexist. And thus you must be actively racist and sexist to offset the pre-existing racism and sexism. It shows no hope, as it is a never ending proposition, it implies that a post prejudice world where everybody is treated as equals is impossible. So what woke ideology does is make sure that every position of power is occupied by someone belonging to an in their mind disenfranchised group regardless of whether that position is earned or not. But it's not enough to just put token characters in positions of power, they need to "deconstruct" the past as well, they need to drag previously established heroes through the mud and make them look weak and reduced to babbling imbeciles. (Ex: Luke Skywalker in Last Jedi, or Picard in the titular Star Trek show) And the typical woke person will say that I just have a problem with POC being in a positions of power, when I only have a problem with people that did not earn their position, regardless of their group identities. So yes I have a problem with Michael Burnam in Star Trek Discovery, but I never had a problem with Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek Deep Space Nine. An example for a woke game would be X-COM Chimera Squad, that displays every conceivable illness associated with woke ideology. It does not present an ideal future it presents a bleak horrid world (just like star trek discovery) and it makes statements like for example: "women are better warriors than men", instead of presenting a woman who is a great warrior who earned that title, they declare that women are better in a blanket statement. Another bad example is Far Cry 6, where the supposed good guys are all unlikeable annoying college students, who have egos bigger than the villain of the game but it is never shown what that is based on. And these 'goodguys' are aggressive and revel in violence, so just like the typical woke activist, who would happily employ violence against political dissenters if they could get away with it. Representation and progressivism in games is great, as long as it is not the end goal of the game, and story and world building comes first. Woke games are not made by people who have a passion for games, they are made by people who don't care what they are doing as long as they can insert their message in it. Just as current day Star Trek is not made by people with a passion for the material, but by people who are either indifferent or outright hostile to the existing fanbase of 40 years of star trek.
  7. A LAN party is traditionally an event you take your own computer and peripherals to. I'd not consider playing some games at a school or workplace a LAN party. It doesn't have the same festivity to it, when you just run some games on the already pre-arranged network of computers. A LAN party has its own atmosphere whether it is held in a private home a garage or a concert hall.
  8. 2004-06-29 / 30 So 17 years, 6 months, and 9 days ago.
  9. I think bicycles are really under-represented, maybe GTA San Andreas was the only game that had them. I'd also like rideable dragons in fantasy games. Or is that not considered a vehicle?
  10. I use my gaming laptop literally once or twice a year when I'm stuck in some hotel on a work related trip. It just sits on my desk the rest of the time. The recommendation is to leave the battery in it but don't leave it fully charged, just let it discharge to about 50% when in storage. But a few weeks shouldn't matter, this is more relevant for long term storage.
  11. There aren't that many PC only games nowadays. In fact I can't think of any PC only game from recent years. Everything is multiplatform PC only games are no longer a thing it seems.
  12. I'm not a fan of badges. It is a form of class system. You have the privileged class with their badges, and you have the plebs with no badges.
  13. When I was very young I used to watch Skippy and Li-La Launebar both on german satellite TV Later I watched Knight Rider and Baywatch. Then during the mid nineties The Pretender, X-Files, Star Trek the original series. In the early 2000s, it was 24. As for cartoons, Tom&Jerry, Looney Toones, Rocko's Modern Life, Courage the cowardly dog. I actually re-watched The Pretender a few years ago and it was still enjoyable. I'd also recommend Rocko's Modern life, as it has lots of great satire, I'd argue it is even better to watch as an adult.
  14. NeoGAF has always been a very toxic place. Probably the most toxic place I've ever seen. As far back as 2013 when I was a member there. And ResetEra is just an extension of the former NeoGAF toxicity. They both have the common trait that they try to police opinions and views, and both cultivate cult behaviour, where no dissent can be voiced against the officially accepted narrative. Basically both sites are mini 1984s. Where NeoGAF was the prototype Resetera is the final product.
  15. Auto saves are a great feature, but as a convenience supplementing manual saves, not as a complete replacement of them.
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