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  1. I'd rather be dead than spend the rest of my life with no human contact. Unless the rest of my life is a very short amount of time.
  2. There is no such thing as "real man". All you have to be is a decent human being. If you believe in true equality then you should apply the same standards to all people. Everyone would do well to improve their own faults. That seems strangely specific. And has little to do with manhood. Then I'm not real because I certainly think that hypocrites, pathological liars, and pseudo intellectuals are bellow me. What if someone doesn't want you to stand up for them? On what basis do you judge others to be "weaker" or "oppressed"? It seems to me that people thems
  3. That's exactly the point. The data only shows people didn't finish the game, it does not tell them why they didn't. That's why I mentioned the poor comlpetion rate of another successful game that is short. Being long has nothing to do with it. This seems like they are making excuses for the game already which doesn't exactly reassure me.
  4. This does not help the Xbox series X, any new game/franchise developed under MS is years away. In the middle of the life cycle of this console generation at the earliest. Or if their plan is to make already in development games XBOX exclusive they are just turning public opinion against themselves. Mine is already against them, due to the shitshow that is the windows store / UWP platform.
  5. Recently CP2077 developers have revealed that they shortened the story of Cyberpunk, because so many people didn't finish the Witcher 3. How do you feel about that? I say that's a load of bollocks, a campaign can't be too long if it's good. If people didn't finish it, there must be other reasons for it. If I like something the longer it is the better. And not many people finish campaigns in any game, that's just how things always are. For example only 22% of players beat the last mission in Control according to steam. Of course that doesn't account for players who are still in p
  6. That's the most ridiculous thing I've read this week. Of course sales matter for sequels, it's about the only thing that matters. High sales virtually guarantee a sequel. Low sales guarantee there won't be one. Because no publisher wants to finance a sequel to a flop. Take Alien Isolation, it was praised by critics and gamers alike, but it had lukewarm sales due to bad marketing and failing to distance it enough from colonial marines. So it never got a sequel no matter how hard fans wanted it.
  7. Last move I watched was The Old Guard. Highlander on Netflix with Charlize Theron It was not that great, it seemed like a back door pilot for a series. But I wouldn't greenlight it personally. The weakest part of the movie was Theron herself, her acting was ridiculously lazy and unconvincing. She didn't care about this job at all. Plus the main cast of immortals looks like a pack of junkies, not what you'd expect from immortal warriors. They look sickly and weak, I'd have imagined that over hundreds of years of combat they would have trained their bodies to be the perfect warriors.
  8. If Doom sold badly it wouldn't have gotten a sequel. Besides Sales != Rating. Where I come from people couldn't stop raving about how brilliant it is, and everyone was waiting for Eternal as the second coming. BTW Doom 2016 sold 2 million copies on PC in about year, which is not record breaking but clearly good enough to get a second game. And Eternal apparently sold twice as fast during launch week.
  9. Part of the reason I don't game online is because I can't be bothered to talk to strangers. But if I must I prefer typing over voice. I don't even have a mic, and I'll never get one for my PC. I prefer single player games. No chance for NPCs to try and chat you up.
  10. And that is why centralized multiplayer is bad for ya! I member the days of dedicated servers, and the option for players to host their own games.
  11. David Cage / Quantic Dream games. Especially Beyond Two Souls, but Heavy Rain and Detroit Become Human are also up there. I never felt such dread and worry in any other game. Not even the Last of Us, because there you don't control the situations, you are just along for the ride. But in Quantic titles your every move can mean something really bad. But if you make the right play there is a chance for a better outcome. So it runs through my mind a thousand times before doing anything: "Is this a good decision?, am I making the right play here?" There is nothing more emotionally taxin
  12. Also the edit button is gone? If you accept a piece of advice: Always do major version upgrades on a backup copy of the database on a non-production server. So you can see what's broken and have a fix ready before making the upgrade on the live version.
  13. This is an upgrade? I thought it was a bug! Also on multi page threads the page links are listed in a column, not in a row, so the more pages a thread has the large it gets on the main page.
  14. I don't have a stake in this at all. But physical stores have been struggling for years here as well. Digital is just more convenient.
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