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  1. I blame the people who buy from scalpers. Weak minded fools. I'd love to see scalpers forced to sell bellow MSRP. Owning a game console is not a need, it's a want, you can wait.
  2. Blümchen - Nur geträumt Sash! - Ecuador Scooter - Break It Up Starsplash - Free Robbie Williams - Supreme Rollergirl - Dear Jessie Wamdue Project - King of my Castle Genesis - I Can't Dance Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl Well, I remembered a lot, and there is more.
  3. You were referring to movies. How do you feel guilt over what happens in movies? Sadness, pity, resentment, but guilt? HOW?
  4. Game testing is mostly about doing things in games that you'd normally never do while actually playing a game.
  5. I'm old, so my favorite gaming video is old as well:
  6. m76

    The Paralympics?

    I'm not a fan of the regular olympics either. I think it's overhyped and overorganized. I like some niche sports, some of which are at the olympics, but I prefer smaller competitions. There is more comradery and fair play, and it seems like everyone is happy at smaller events. At the olympics you can see a lot of frustrated athletes, I don't like that. I watch sports for the beauty of it, and the individual achievements, not because I root for anyone. I don't even revel when my countrymen win. I find it disgusting when the whole country acts like it is "our" victory, yeah, how did yo
  7. I can barely fall asleep when I want to. It is literally impossible for me to fall asleep in front of a computer no matter how tired I am. I suffer from borderline insomnia. If on any given night I can fall asleep within 90 minutes of going to bed then that's an extremely good day for me. I once went for about two weeks without sleep, be glad you don't know what's that like.
  8. DeusEx - An immersive sim the like I haven't seen before or since. The game's world is so complex and so well designed that there are so many layers to peel back that I'd find major secrets and opportunities even after playing through the game a dozen times. The player is not restricted by the game developers, they just give you options to solve problems, and all of the problems in the game have multiple solutions, depending on your acquired skills or choices. And I don't mean two options, most problems can be solved at least in half a dozen ways. Such a freedom is unheard of in any other gam
  9. Not anymore. When I was fresh out of school and looking for a job, I would've. But I'd have taken any job back then. Game testing is a horrible profession. It's underpaid and holds zero respect among developers. And no it's not about playing games early. Most of the time you have to playtest certain situations over and over again, often without context. Trying to produce or re-produce bugs, or check if certain changes work or not. It's a highly repetitive and boring job, that will probably make you hate games before long if done as a profession. I'd love to play through unreleased bu
  10. I feel bad for making the wrong choice all the time. And I loath game designers who trick you into wrong choices by withholding information from you. And laying traps. Like the ominous dialogue choices in Mass Effect, when you don't know what the character will say, and often it ends up the opposite of your intentions. I hate that. I even feel guilt when I run over pedestrians in gta.
  11. You absolutely cannot compare this to films and tv, you have no choice there, you just observe. You can feel bad for characters but why would you feel guilty?
  12. There was about 30 seasons of star trek made, it would be harder to find a company that never employed any star trek actors. Mass Effect has actors from many other scifi shows.
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