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  1. How do you decide if the reward is the adventure or the loot? Because you get both by playing most games. It's not an A or B choice, it's a scale. In some games the story is more pronounced while in others it is more of an afterthought. Or are you saying that if a game has a story it can't be a looter shooter by definition? In HZD you upgrade your abilities and equipment through in game loot drops, that is the core gameplay loop. Of course it is not a pure-bred looter shooter, but I think it is its defining characteristic. Most games are mixing genres, and not strictly fit into one specific genre. We can argue whether HZD is 40% looter and 60% action adventure, or the other way around, but I don't see the point. I'm not a professional reviewer, I write reviews for fun and they only reflect my opinion. I'm sorry if by calling HZD a looter shooter I upset you, but I stand by my opinion. The way I remember the core gameplay it is a looter shooter first and action adventure second. I have not even called it a looter shooter in my review itself, since a genre is just a label, and giving things labels is inherently restrictive. A game can be turned from being a looter shooter into a regular shooter by small changes. Take for example Ghost Recon Breakpoint, when it came out it was the general consensus that Ubisoft has turned it into a looter shooter. But due to the massive backlash that got, they implemented changes to the game that made looter shooter elements optional, and you could play the game as a tactical shooter if you wanted. I'm mentioning this to demonstrate that being a looter shooter can hinge on small details that are not necessarily built into the game from the grounds up, and are easily alterable. There are a few things that I question in your reasoning: I don't know where is it written in stone that a looter shooter has to have full character customization. Were do you get that from? Or have you made up that rule yourself? A lootbox is just a game mechanic, whether it is purchased from a cash shop or given as a quest reward is not relevant. If anyone thinks that it's only a lootbox if you paid real money for it, they are plain wrong, and it is not my fault that they don't understand the difference between in game purchases and a game mechanic If in-game loot chests that contain random loot which is generated at the time of of the drop and are not pre-determined are not lootboxes, then what should we call them?
  2. Just because you use bows and arrows instead of firearms in HZD i think it is still a looter shooter. You literally shoot machines and loot resources from them, and most mission rewards are lootboxes in the game. I don't think you can get more looter shooter than that.
  3. This was so shocking to hear, he was one of the best character actors out there, every role I saw him in was brilliantly acted and came to life. Arguably his presence alone uplifted HZD from a mediocre looter shooter into something intriguing. And secondly it is shocking because I thought he was in his 40s. Still 60 is way too young to go. I hope you had a fullfilling life Lance, RIP, looking forward to Wick 4 even more now knowing that it is one of your last roles.
  4. No, I don't think TLOU2 will ever get a multiplayer update. Despite of what they claim sales for the game were hurt by to the hate campaign, that is still ongoing BTW. Some people are so upset by the game that they still can't let it go. Just this December price for the game dropped to like $10. Normally a big title like this doesn't go so low in price just 2 years after release or ever. The initial sales of the game were still high, but it fell off a cliff after that, and remained low. So I think ND would rather put the game behind them and focus on unrelated projects. Their next game will be the multiplayer spinoff, but the on after that won't be a Last of Us game, is my guess.
  5. The Last of Us 2 MP was abandoned long ago, in favor of some mmo type stand alone title with its separate story.
  6. Modern game engines are much more complex than the ones I used. I don't think it is easier to make a game now than it was 20 years ago, only that you have access to more tools so you can add more features without having to code them yourself. But with added complexity the effort also increases, and you need more resources to make use of the plethora of tools offered by say unreal engine. I think if your aim is to learn how to make a game you might be better off learning on older or more simple engines with much less features than the latest iteration of Unreal Engine or Unity. I hope that makes sense.
  7. I have the files, but no longer have the development environment it was written in. (Delphi) Even if I had the install media for it, I doubt it could be installed on a modern OS. I also have some compiled binaries but wasn't able to get them running on a modern OS. Last time these run I was probably still on windows xp. Also microsoft defender thinks that the compiled exe is a virus 😛 As for going back to making games, hell no. I don't like the idea of indie games, so independent development is not something I'd consider. And I'm too old to switch careers and start working as a low level employee for a game developer.
  8. If the political views of everyone involved in a game's development had to 100% align with mine I could not buy any game. Besides you don't even know if Rowling gets a cut of the sales, are the contracts public, or what? I mean they might just gave a one time payment like CDPR to the Witcher writer and not an actual cut of the sales. As for selling well, the game already outsold Elden Ring by 50% in the same amount of time. So the boycott clearly failed, just as the pathetic boycott of The Last of Us failed. I just want games to be games and not a political battleground.
  9. It's not an EA game, IDK where that came from?! I've played the game for about 16 hours now, and even though I never seen any of the movies, or read any of the books, I think it is an excellent game. The attention to detail in this game is insane, every nook and cranny is filled with interactive stuff, sometimes I just stop and look at the amount of detail put into various locations. In Hogwarts Every statue and painting literally lives a life of its own. It is truly magical, figuratively and literally. Last time I played I just sat in the main menu for a while watching my character's expressions interacting with the environment. The animations in the game are top notch. I still can't believe a studio who never did anything on this scale was able to put this together and in such high quality. Every major hub is bustling with NPCs, many of whom are also questgivers, and most of them feel real, unlike the interactive hotspot role of NPCs in other games. Of course no game is perfect, but the few negatives I found so far are far far outweighed by everything else. I don't think it is too early to call it that this will be GOTY.
  10. I made a small driving game as a school project back in the early 2000s using the GLScene graphics engine. I also experimented with Unity and Unreal Engine 2.5 but ended up sticking with GLScene which was written in Delphi, a programming language I was more familiar with at the time. I never actually finished it, I planned to add tons of vehicles and multiple maps to it, but only one car and one basic map was ever playable. It was nowhere near polished enough for public consumption it would've needed tons of more work. I only ever released it to a few people for test purposes.
  11. If I knew that they wouldn't be hiding it very well. It's just that it always puts me on the back foot when something is universally praised as the next coming. They did this for Rings of Power too pre-release, and it turned out terrible, I only watched the pilot episode. The BBC is publicly funded which makes their often biased takes on entertainment media all the more egregious. If I remember correctly they were the one who published an article saying Luther the titular character in the is not stereotypical enough, because he doesn't eat traditional Jamaican food. Sure it might have not been the BBC's official stance, only one columnist, but this review is also someone's personal take. Simple, that it is not good, or that it is not a faithful adaptation. I mean there must be a reason why the showrunners said to Bella Ramsey not to play the game before filming. It might be just my naivety, but if you want a faithful adaptation her playing the game would surely be beneficial for that.
  12. I do not trust establishment reviewers. The more they praise it the more I'm concerned they are trying to hide something. I'd rather see it for myself.
  13. It's the mustache isn't it? At first they make him look like a fumbling idiot, then creepy, then he's almost normal at the end. Guess that's one kind of character development. I think every character was annoying due to how they react to well meaning comments sometimes. They get personally offended at the slightest thing.
  14. I recently completed this game, and due to a lack of games released last year I also have to reluctantly name it my goty for 2022. Here is my review: http://madblog.shacknet.us/marvels-midnight-suns/
  15. Hey Rossiya, you know what would help revitalizing not just gaming but all industries? Not engaging in expansionist imperialist warfare. Just an idea. A state run and funded game publisher? Just imagine all the great games designed by committee.
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