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  1. You always make it out about me, but it's not my standards, it's a generalized notion of what is considered attractive. If they went by my standards the outrage mob would be larger than in the case of TLOU2. Because my standards of attractiveness goes 180 to that of most men, but I know that and I'd be a selfish bastard if I still insisted that they cater to me. They themselves admit it that they want to reduce the attractiveness of female characters, to defeat that evil male gaze. It's not about realism, that's only the excuse they give. Like for example they said they covered up female characters in MK11 to make it more realistic because "you wouldn't want to show much skin in a fight", but then half of the male characters are topless. They don't just deliberately want to go against fan service, they even lie about it straight into your face. Or they made the Asari faces quite bad in ME:Andromeda, which is a race that is supposed to be attractive by lore, so much about realism. And nobody said it was a conspiracy, it is individual bad faith actors working towards the same goal which is to perpetuate their politics by using games as a platform. Just as they ruined western comic books. Just as they are using star trek as a vessel for politics.
  2. If anything seeing my mirror image relfected back at me from a game would make me self conscious, which is the last thing I want. This modern notion of representation is based on a false premise. We never looked at the characters and said, oh that protagonst has a different gender or race than me, now the game is ruined. Represent characters that make sense in the game's setting, that's it.
  3. A character can be idealized and realistic at the same time. Idealized as in better looking than average. Who says beauty can't be realistic?
  4. That some people treat their chosen platform as a religion. Even going so far to getting mad when games are published on other platforms as well. Which does not change their experience at all. But they want all for themselves and exclude others.
  5. If we learned anything about games, is that violent games don't actually cause violence in players. So why would any other in game behaviors and value systems "teach" anything to them either? There were a few games where some in game value system was extremely dubious. But who would take it as an example to follow? Just because something is in a game, that doesn't mean it should serve as an example. If we banned everything from games that could be considered undesirable behavior in real life there wouldn1t be much left.
  6. I wish Fallout had vehicles. It would suddenly make the world much more fun and accessible. OFC, this is only a fantasy as I really don't trust bethesda to be able to do a passable driving mechanic for the game, and the gamebryo engine would really struggle at faster travel speeds.
  7. Was there any game that translated well thus far? Assassin's Creed : Awful Max Payne : Awful Tomb Raider : Mediocre What else? Arguably the most successful videogame adaptation is Resident Evil, it is not good, and has nothing to do with the games apart from having zombies, but at least it found a niche audience in the direct to video market. Sure you can say the problem is not with the games' suitability, but with the creators of the adaptations, but still, with this track record, I'm less than enthusiastic for any adaptation.
  8. Mostly by having someone to discuss games with, as none of my IRL friends are gamers.
  9. Too many: Rage, Rage 2, Doom (2016), Titanfall II, Watch Dogs Legion, Battlefront 2, Ace Combat 7, Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen, Nioh2, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, The Witcher 3, Life is Strange, Prey (2017), Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 3 Remaster, Shadow Warrior (2013), Shadowrun Returns, This War of Mine, Transport Fever 2. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, Conan Exiles, Crysis3, Dead Space. And probably more.
  10. Yes, if I have not played the game yet myself. If I already played it then any review trying to change my perception would be in conflict with my first hand experience.
  11. English is one of the easier languages to learn. I always laugh when some English speakers talk about how they have much more words than other languages. Then you look at the dictionary. And the Hungarian -> English dictionary is almost twice as thick as the English -> Hungarian one.
  12. I suppose this would have to be the series of which I liked the most games of. Splinter Cell Deus Ex Mass Effect Gran Turismo
  13. Hungarian - Some say it is the hardest language to learn, I wouldn't know.
  14. I'm pretty sure nobody here has played Revenge on School, since it was only ever available in my native language. It's a text adventure game from 1994, it is full of gratuitous violence and it's so absurd and grotesque that it's actually hilarious. There was only one thing certain: that every computer at school had a copy of it somewhere hidden away in a folder.
  15. On my first playthrough of a game I always go for full immersion. I do the content that makes sense for the situations and what feels natural. If the game is absolutely brilliant, I'll do a second play through where I try to do all meaningful side missions, but I'm still not going to be collecting rocks. The concept of 100%-ing a game is completely alien to me, I never did that even in my most favorite, beloved games, ever.
  16. In the context it is the exact same thing. The player's actions are the character's, and if they turn out to be in vain, then the character's actions are pointless as well. Everything you (the player character) does in those games turns out to be a fools errand.
  17. I'm uncomfortable playing characters in their underwear or nude in RPGs, that doesn't mean I want to ban others from doing that if they want to. I'm always for giving people options. Instead of nude I prefer appropriately clothed, for a sex scene obviously nudity makes sense. Having a sex scene where the characters are fully clothed would be about as jarring as running around in ancient Greece in nothing but a loincloth. Or worse in Scandinavia. I was not referring to god of war. I have never played any of the God of War games and don't intend to.
  18. OK, fair enough. It's not about challenging my views, it's dragging me up as some kind of bad example. That's completely uncalled for. I have no interest in the God of War franchise, and I have no opinion on fat Thor either way. As I don't know if this is a new character they are bringing to the game (in that case I don't see a problem with this depiction) or it is an established character in the franchise. Well, you should know by now that throwing insults my way doesn't work, as I've already said it only hurts if it's true. Now it seems that it is you who can't have their views challenged, and unable to even agree to disagree. For me, and it seems millions of others, the aesthetics of characters is a fundamental part of their persona. It is impossible to detach the look from the persona. The two together makes a whole. Well, not exactly, since many times they don't just change characters' looks but personalities too. Because I never even read that topic, I can't be responsible to follow you around everywhere to see where you did a take on some topic I might disagree with. You assume malice immediately where none exists. I might address that thread at a later date if you wish, but not if you take this attitude. As I've already stated I have no opinion on this either way, as I'm not familiar with the franchise and I don't like to run my mouth about things I know nothing about. You are taking posts out of context, yeah I'm a stickler for realism of games as far as having realistic phyisics,as in adherence to newtonian physics. Not in the sesne of games need to be a mirror image of the real world in the proportion of ugly people who don't take care of their body and good looking, fit people. Whether you like it or not beautiful people do exist in reality, it's too bad that I don't see them all the time, hence why I wish to see them at least in fiction more often. Re-stating the same thing makes no difference. It is exactly the small flaws that make people look beautiful and unique. I agree 100%. But emphasis on small. There is a far cry between characters having small flaws vs covering them in almost burka like outfits and giving them masculine jaws, square faces, hairstyles that can not be considered feminine and so on. I'm not saying all developers do it. For example I'm fine with the depiction of women in The Last of Us series. I take issue with clear agendas where they even admit to trying to de-sexualize characters and to not feed the "male gaze". TLOU2 can hardly be called asexual. I actually know something about it, and I often add imperfections to the characters I design. That's what makes them more human. As for Forbidden west, I'm not that much bothered about the design, I want to see it for myself in action before I judge it. From what I understand the problem comes from that some people think it doesn't look like Aloy in the first game. I'm more concerned by the narrative of the upcoming game, but that's entirely another topic. I think the mistake here is that the so called "perfect" depiction is with makeup, which makes zero sense in the context of the game. And the facial expression makes it impossible to compare anyway. I'd argue the two could be considered the same, the only difference being the expression and makeup effects. I'm really not the right person to argue about this, I'm not going to play devils advocate, as I've said I have no immediate complaints about that design, the cheeks look a bit puffy, but that might be due to the expression, as said i want to see the game before judging the character design, and I especially want to see the selection of outfits in the game. That's a much better sign of whether it is being deliberately de-sexualized I tell you exactly who am I: A potential customer. And if I don't like what I see in a game, I won't be an actual customer. It's that simple. I come from a traditional merchant family, where we used to try to sell things to the customer that they wanted. Instead of trying to belittle them for not wanting what we as sellers thought they should want. And let me ask you this, how do you know that the design changes implemented by these studios are the creative decisions of the artists, and not a mandate from top down to avoid backlash from those advocating for non-sexualiezed depictions? I mean you know exactly how vile and disgusting some can be, going as far as doxing people for having different opinions or doing something not in line with their views, calling employers demanding the firing of the person etc. Nobody wants that, so what if they are just going in the direction of least resistance? GAmers might complain, but they'd never go to your home to throw rocks in your window, or call your employer because you made a tweet 10 years ago. I can understand where do you come with the selfish part, but where does misogynist comes from? How is it misogynist to prefer fictional women who are more attractive? I freely admit that I'm selfish of course I want to see characters that 100% match my type. Too bad that almost never happens. I can count to two so far in the history of gaming. But who doesn't want to see characters that they like? Don't tell me you prefer to see characters that go counter to your notions of beauty over ones that are a closer match to it. Just because you refuse to accept it, doesn't mean there aren't traits that are associated with feminine beauty, or even male beauty in men's case. If your notion that beauty is completely subjective were true none of the beauty pageants and sports judged by aesthetics could exist. I didn't say they were forced to change it, I said there is outrage about it. At least we agree on one thing. Now when the admin of neoGAF was ousted as a sexual predator, they went on to form Resetera which is even more toxic and vile. But I've never been there myself either. I just saw snippets where they outright banned people not just for defending Project Eve, but even for being neutral about it. It doesn't hurt me specifically. I was never a fan of that type of design myself. I'm just pointing out that the same behavior is going on on the other end of the spectrum. I haven't even heard about the DF take before, I was just referring to the resetera forums, that are considered the de-facto insider forum these days for game developers after neoGAF's fall from grace. And REsetera are banning people for not condemninig this design outright. So there is a reality check for you for how hostile some of these people are against dissenting opinions. And I can guerantee you if they could they'd absolutely force the developers to change the design.
  19. Sometimes I do much more clicks during work than gaming, so it happens that my wrist gets sore. To alleviate the issue I can switch the mouse to my left hand during work, so my right hand can be rested enough for gaming 😛
  20. But that is exactly what they are not doing. They are actively changing designs to reduce their appeal to their established core audience. Which raises the question of what is their goal with it? Because it certainly seems it's not making money. And I can't see any other explanation, but politics.
  21. You mention me Because you don't want to provoke me. That totally makes sense. About as much as there being no agenda behind making characters less appealing sexually. It just happens randomly for no reason across the board, Right. If the subject changes and the conversation remains the same that should indicate to you that there is a huge disconnect between supply and demand. The entertainment industry instead of giving us what we want decided to try and "re-educate" their audience to conform to their newfound prudish ways. Unrealistic does not equal uncommon. I don't understand this need for fiction to reflect drab, dreary reality and all its mediocrity. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, but there is a huge difference between making characters that are designed by a committe, vs designing characters without creative restrictions. It's curious how you chose to mention this case, over the other case where the prudes demand the character design of the koran game Project Eve to change. And the most sad thing is that anyone who doesn't outright condemn the design gets banned over at resetera. Talk about toxicity.
  22. For example in GTAV 90% of the map you drive through once and that's it. Yet how many thousands of hours go into designing those parts? Only for the player to pass through it once on their way to a poi. What makes exploring fun is interesting POIs with intriguing lore and artifacts, or actually unique loot items. But since loot now comes from lootboxes and paid transactions, exploration has lost one of its biggest draws.
  23. Why would they need to get bigger? I've had 10 times more fun in GTA3 and Vice City than in GTAV, despite the map being only a fraction of the size. What you ask for is not feasible, and not even necessary. And the exact mentality while we get big but pointless open world games devoid of meaningful content. As for being able to destroy cities, see Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. You can literally level everything in that game, and it's one of the most underrated open world games I've seen.
  24. Any modern racing simulator would have ruined me, because there is no going back playing old games after a modern one.
  25. I'd say games that can't be played on currently available systems are definitely retro. And emulation doesn't count.
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