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  1. I think the golden age was pretty long, from the early nineties to the early 2010s, so almost 20 years of greatness. But with the advent of microtransactions and DLCs it has been downhill since then. Not that there aren't still good games occasionally, but games nowadays don't focus on entertaining players, but on eliciting the most recurring payments, with respect to a few exceptions.
  2. Not being part of the western sphere of influence meant I didn't have any consoles growing up. Not that they weren't available, you could buy anything after the fall of the iron curtain, but only the 1% could afford the luxury of console gaming. The rest of us could barely scrape together enough to buy one or two bootleg PC games a year. My first console was a PS2 Slim that I purchased second hand from one of my first paychecks.
  3. Cyberpunk Edgerunners runner up: Arcane
  4. It was never about religion for me, just about getting together with friends and family and giving presents. We have a tree every year, but not for of any kind of symbolism, just because it looks nice. I was expelled from religious class for mocking the whole thing when I was 8.
  5. I can't sleep either in too cold or in too much heat. If it's more than 30C or less than 15C I'm having trouble falling asleep. I'm a really bad sleeper to boot, it takes me at least an hour to fall asleep sometimes 2 even in ideal conditions. And I get terrible anxiety sometimes especially on Sundays, when I barely sleep. Like yesterday I went to bed around 11:30 and couldn't sleep until 3:00. My most horrible experience is also related to sleeping, there was an anomaly around 10 years ago where I went with almost zero sleep for two weeks. Not out of choice, but I simply couldn't fall asleep. Not even with prescription sleeping pills.
  6. There are two ways to quit a game for me, one is quitting out of frustration, this can happen at any moment, or a planned exit point. The latter needs to be at a logical point, I'm almost OCD about that. I can't stop playing mid mission or in the middle of a conversation.
  7. An obstacle course is where it is obvious what you need to do, you just have to go through the motions to get there. A puzzle is where part of the task is figuring out what to do first. But they are not mutually exclusive, there is a large cross section between them. I think most puzzles have at least some obstacle course element to them. And most obstacle courses have rudimentary puzzles.
  8. I think the problem with these services is that you need too much manual data entry into them. If you neglect to update it regularly it could get out of hand. I used a service myepisodes for keeping track of tv series I watched, back when there was 6-8 / week. But as others mentioned for games the services like steam or gog make keeping track of this redundant.
  9. m76

    2023 for games

    If I expect something to be bad and it is, that is no consolation for not getting a good game.
  10. I bought two mice of the same type just so I can switch when the battery runs out.
  11. m76

    2023 for games

    I already said that 2022 couldn't be worse than 2021 was, then it was what it was, so I'm not doing that again. Instead I just hope that all the games lined up to release in 2023 actually do come out. Games I'm most interested in are: Hogwarts Legacy, Alan Wake 2, Starfield, Test Drive Solar Crown, Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty.
  12. m76

    2022 For Games

    I'm actually done with GT7 and selling my PS4 Pro, I'm probably done with SONY altogether.
  13. I always try to make my characters look just right, so I probably spend 10 times the average duration in character creators. Sometimes playing with the creator is more fun than the entire rest of the game. My biggest issue usually is that the character will always look slightly different in game than in the character creator. So the ability to change the look later is a must. Otherwise I have been forced to re-start games because my character didn't turn out exactly as intended. As @Reality vs Adventure had mentioned having the right character can boost the overall enjoyment I get out of the game. Having a character that I don't like can break an entire game for me.
  14. m76

    2022 For Games

    Outside of Gran Turismo 7 I did not buy a single new game in 2022, and even GT7 was disappointing, so pretty terrible year if you ask me.
  15. I have abstained from all new games in 2022, but going by reputation alone it has to be saints row.
  16. I have built all but my first PC myself from the grounds up. I enjoy building PCs. I love quirky PC cases and have had several over the years. Sometimes I bought new cases just because I wanted to try their designs. If you are even remotely tech savvy It's not hard to build a PC, just RTFM before you do it the first time and it will be fine. That said there is one pitfall with modern PCs installing the CPU when it has a socket that has contact pads. Those things are fragile, and it is still nerve wracking even for me who did it hundreds of times before, to not accidentally drop the cpu on the pads.
  17. Cyberpunk 2077's world is amazing,I just had to stop and stare at the environment for minutes, some areas are so atmospheric. For a few moments I forgot I was in a videogame. I only wish there were more open buildings in it, because there is not much of that, even within buildings that you can access you are limited to a few corridors and rooms, which quickly shatters the illusion. Another game that impressed me was Ghost Recon Wildlands, with its huge and realistic map. It is probably the only game where the map scale seems close to real. In most other open world games the different areas are very close by and the environment can drastically change very quickly, which gives it a compressed feel. Like the world is shrunken down. For example you can end up in a snowy mountaintop in a minute starting from a rainforest or desert. I also love when games pay attention to details that most people would find irrelevant or unnecessary. Like being able to roll down the windows or use lights / blinkers in a racing game. For example Test Drive Unlimited or Need For Speed Porsche.
  18. I just sell all games with the console when I eventually sell it, I don't bother trying to return any individual games since college when I was really short on cash. I literally had to sell old games to get new ones in the PS2 era. And I could never afford brand new games only old ones that were at lest 50% discounted.
  19. Of course they track the data, but it is misleading, since everything is 'free', the data is skewed towards less interesting games. I tried out many games on games pass that I'd not have otherwise, and that gets included in their data, despite of the fact that 90% of the games I tried were not very good in my opinion, 5% mediocre, and 5% actually decent games. But all that MS sees is that I played all of them, they all get similar payouts, and all get their sequels greenlit. This is why I think it hurts game development. It reduces the bar for what gets picked up and published, because subscription services crave content even if it is low quality, this is no different in gaming than in TV. Many indie games can be finished in 3-4 hours. And the average player doesn't even finish games, so the picture gets even more muddied. I usually don't even go for free games because 99% of the time if it is a game I'm interested in then I already bought it by the time they are giving it away. But a subscription service is different, you get fomo to try more games before loosing the chance. It's like a demo disc from way back when, where I'd try every game on the disc. Sure I'm not trying every game on games pass, only those that vaguely look interesting at least, but I'm giving the time of day to games that I'd never consider buying outright.
  20. Yes, definitely. And it does not just hurt game sales, but game development as a whole. You don't agree? Let me explain. If games are sold individually their sales are a direct point of reference for their popularity and a very good way to measure the audience's interest for that type of game. Games pass and similar subscription services however are like streaming services. It turns games into just content, not individual products. On a subscription service you try a ton of games that you'd never ever consider buying otherwise. This dilutes the product, makes the quality less important to publishers and they focus on just adding more 'content' every month to keep you subscribed and coming back. I don't want content, I want a work of art, that someone made because they believed in a vision, and not to fill a quota mandated by Microsoft or EA, or whoever.
  21. I used to reject the RPG genre of games thinking that games should not be about assigning skill points and managing an inventory. It was the influence of multiple games that changed my mind on that, but the final push that sent me over the fence was Mass Effect. I still remember that during my first playthrough of Mass Effect I used auto leveling and did not manage the inventory at all. Then realized how much more depth the game has if I actually pay attention to those things.
  22. Same goes for chromatic abberation, motion blur, depth of field. All phenomenon caused by characteristics of a camera, yet they include them all the time in games.
  23. I only got snowrunner after it released on steam, I'm not dealing with EGS, by then there were zero bugs.
  24. Actually the overbearing Keanu part is what ruined the game for me. I wanted an authentic cyberpunk story, but everything in the game is overshadowed by Keanu's character. You constantly play second fiddle to him and what he says goes every time, you can never deny him, and if you don't do everything to suck up to him you get one of the bad endings for the game. I hated his character so much, and even though I enjoyed the gamplay I could not get myself to re-play the story more than once due to that.
  25. Unfortunately it is the same for me, I bought GT7 with great hope and expectation, and I have not even started it since April. I played the heck out of all the others, except for GT3, but this I can't get behind. It's a boring grindfest. It should've been called GT Sport 2, instead of GT7.
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