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  1. Well, historical events are not the same as current day politics that are still being debated. I don't have a problem with political themes in games, I Have a problem with using games as a platform for political activism that is in no way related to the game's plot.
  2. Again what gives you the idea that I wanted to suppress their rights by force? And it is my right as a customer to express my distaste at it. Wouldn't that also fall in free speech? I perceive it as an invasion of my personal space, for petty, political reasons, that affect maybe 1% of the world's population. Americans often seem to forget that they are not the world, I'm not from the US, and I have no stake in their petty political bickering, and even if I had the time and place for it is not in entertainment media, as in videogames. Believe me that's what I d
  3. No, I'm not trying to limit anyone's free speech. Where did you get that idea? Is that projection? From your tone it seems to me you would limit the free speech of DT supporters wouldn't you, if you had the power? My issue that is that direct references to real world politics in a fictional universe doesn't make any sense. It's immersion breaking and it's the subversion of the platform for personal and selfish reasons. Eg: Instead of making the best game possible, they are trying to use the reach of videogames to send messages. Mostly for no other reason but virtue signalling their own p
  4. Open world games are uninteresting because they build a story and then make a world for that story. Instead they should build a living breathing world where every NPC has a purpose and their own backstory and their relationship system with other NPCs. And make scenery that is intruiging to explore in of itself, with interesting secrets. Meaning every location should have unique loot, and no gear level, so an armor you find on level1 should still be usable 10 hours later in the game. Armor is not magical it makes no sense that there is magnitudes of difference between different sets in efficien
  5. m76

    Last Game Played

    NFS: Payback and NFS: Heat Same garbage, different skin.
  6. Kickstart II / Commodore 64 It's only fair to select a game first from the first platform I played games on. Kickstart II is a side scrolling stunt bike race game, with split screen multiplayer. It also has a track builder.
  7. It depends on what type of games are you playing. Nowadays anything but simulators are a joke on racing wheels. It's a real shame.Mainstream titles like NFS are not really playable with a racing wheel. Guess the least of a simulation on PC that's still worth getting a wheel for is Project Cars.
  8. Nah companies don't get political because of lobbying, except maybe for government contractors. They do it to win sympathy points so they bend wherever the wind blows. Often it's not even top down, it it's lower level employees trying to be activists. And subverting the huge platform that is gaming to promote their agenda. So they can congratulate themselves on twitter on how swell guys they are by condemning bad things, or whatever. But we already know bad is bad, and some 20 something intern fresh out of social studies class telling me that bad thing is bad just feels pretentious.
  9. Glad you are enjoying it. The different parts are all unique, and focused on different events and characters. That doesn't mean characters are forgotten they all play integral roles in later parts. The first book is mostly just character building with not that much happening plot wise. The main plot only really thickens in the latter parts. There were one or two books that were so detached from the rest that I was struggling with them (taking place in an entirely different era), but the overall experience is worth it to get through those.
  10. Close? What would be the benefit of that? But some restructuring might happen, perhaps shift of focus even.
  11. I only remember Cool Spot, and Guldkorn Express. Both were pretty decent games at their time. But those are brand games. I never knew any fast food place had games. I also found a promotional Nestlé cereal box which had Ford Racing game in it. Never even tried it. I have the same attitude to bundled games as I have with free games on EGS and Steam and Origin. If I wanted to play them I'd have purchased them already. It's just worthless clutter to me.
  12. What are you talking about? 33C is 91.4F and 34C is 93.2F So what 4 numbers? Fahrenheit didn't make sense even at it's inception. It's based on a false reading of human temperature, and the freezing point of an ammonium chloride solution. Which is just completely random. It's not a frame of reference to any normal human being. And 0 is not an exact number, but 32 is? Whaat?
  13. Why? I recently encountered a game where the main menu boldly proclaimed the creators political affiliations. I think that is way out of line. Games are escapism, a place to let off steam. Bringing day to day politics into games is an affront, and I take it as an invasion of my personal space. They don't have the qualification, nor the moral right to lecture their customers on politics. I don't think game developers should concern themselves with actual politics even outside their games. Except as private citizens when not representing their company. And actually this rule sho
  14. Hell I don't even like the AM / PM clock. To me midnight is 0:00 hours, not 12:00, that's noon. I always have to double / triple check when converting times in my work to make sure I'm not giving the wrong numbers. How much simpler it is to just have hours and minutes, nothing else. Instead of having hours, minutes, and then a suffix to tell you how to interpret the hour.
  15. I hate the imperial system, it makes zero fcking sense. 180cm is a clear number, when someone says they are 5'11" that means less than nothing to me, they might well be talking in riddles. Same goes for stones, feet and yards. The only two things I can easily understand is miles because I've driven cars where the speedometer was also displaying miles. The other being pounds which I can roughly understand because weight plates usually have their weight embossed on them in both kgs and pounds. The celsius scale is the simplest thing ever: 0= Water freezes 100 = Water boils over. The Fahrenh
  16. I don't think that's ever happened to me. There must be some other contributing factor. Like being too repetitive or boring, or I simply wasn't interested in the story, rather than it just being too hard. If I like a game just find it too hard I'll lower the difficulty level even to story mode if necessary.
  17. i've beaten every game I wanted to. If I quit trying to finish a game it is because I didn't find it enjoyable, not because it was too hard.
  18. Did I say otherwise? Paid streams are not the hype I'm talking about. They are cringe at worst, but not really harmful.
  19. It's not that they pay some streamer to play a game. These people create hype even without being paid. Sometimes negative hype, other times positive. I find it disgusting. That success for games nowadays is not determined by how good the game actually is, but how the youtubers decide to talk about it. If at all.
  20. Let's just say both games broken promises. Squadrons failed right out of the gate by hotas support being all but completely broken, and the gameplay dumbed down to arcade levels. OFC that might appeal to the fortnite era gamer who doesn't want anything complex. Mafia simply failed by being touted as faithful to the original, and it turned out to be a complete redesign with all dialogue rewritten.
  21. Your question was in general, now you are moving the goalposts by referencing this specific situation seen in a tv show. Still if you were on an alien planet they offer little of nutritional value, they can't help you in any meaningful way since they are tiny. But let's assume they had something that was essential to your survival that you cannot obtain in any other way. Even then, WTF would I go straight to domination? That's crazy. Just ask them to give me what I need. If they are intelligent surely they can realize that I can offer them much more as an ally instead of an enemy. Somet
  22. This seems like cruelty for the sake of cruelty to me. I'd gain nothing by dominating them, there is nothing that they can offer me. Their worship and fear is of no benefit to me. So why do it if not for pure evil/cruelty? Of course if these tiny people would invade my home like ants, then I'd be forced to take action. But assuming they are capable of communication I'd first try diplomatic means to get rid of them.
  23. Mafia: Definitive Edition : 4/10 It's an unfaithful remake that is a casuality of developer pride. Hangar 13 just wasn't content with re-creating the original in its perfection, they just had to re-write every line of a spoken text. And sadly the rewritten version can't even compare to the original. It's less classy, more crude, no allegory to it. All the characters seem like brutes, when in the original all seemed like classy businessmen despite being mafiosos. Even the protagonist is unlikeable now. Full review: http://madblog.shacknet.us/mafia-definitive-edition/
  24. I like the post apocalyptic setting, yet I'm not a fan of any of these franchises in the video. The only interesting games are the NEW IPs, but the tokyo one seems kind of generic, and atomic heart seems like a bioshock ripoff, so I'm not sold on any of these.
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