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  1. Because most of Africa barely has access to drinking water and food. You should watch a few documentaries on daily life in some African countries, and then you won't be asking this question. I especially recommend this series:
  2. To relax and forget real world problems and issues. This is exactly why I don't think games should try to reflect or incorporate aspects of the real world, unless they are historic period pieces, or are set in the current day real world. Making a game 100% subservient to current zeitgeist will make them look extremely dated and cringe quickly, even if they are praised in the moment, they'll never be timeless classics. That's exactly the point of timeless classics, that they were equally relatable 30 years ago as they are now. Nothing that is made with emphasis on current day issues will be relatable in 5 years, let alone 30 years.
  3. Really? It comes across as extremely cringe and tryhard to me, and completely unfunny.
  4. Trans Am Racing 68-72 Star Wars 1313 Squadron 42 - At this point I'm pretty certain it will never be made.
  5. Well, I guess a spoiler warning is necessary even if I don't spoil actual plot points. I hate negative outcomes, and tragedies, if a game doesn't have a happy ending I can't and I won't play them again. That doesn't mean there can't be some ambiguity in the ending, but if it's overwhelmingly negative and especially if you fail to achieve the main goal of the game, then I cannot bear to struggle through the game again, knowing that the outcome is what it is. I don't like needless suffering either, too much of that can also make me dread to come back to a game. These are the games that I can't g et myself to replay, even though I absolutely loved them: Beyond: Two Souls Cyberpunk 2077 Detroit Become Human Max Payne 2 The Last of Us Part 2
  6. I don't, I actually don't like playing games at night. Outside of brand new games I'm extremely excited for and enjoy, I rarely play beyond 9 pm. My ideal game time is on weekend mornings and holidays.
  7. By the time I finish a game I had my fill for a while, so I don't miss them right away. Sure there are games I wish were longer, but that has nothing to do with re-playing them.
  8. I think it is because it's just a job for them. Imagine learning to be a journalist, and when you finally graduate, who is going to hire you with no experience and no credentials? You certainly aren't going to a big name publication. No your options are very limited, so you decide to go to gaming website. Playing videogames for money can't be that bad right? When I was growing up writers at gaming magazines were passionate gamers one and all. Nowadays it seems like not many do it out passion. On the other hand many people seem to be talking about mastering games. I don't think you need to master a game to write about it. Most actual players never master games. I certainly don't, even the games I absolutely love and play a ton. I play them to have fun, not to learn every trick and exploit in them. So I wouldn't expect that from reviewers either. It is unfeasible, the access media gets the games maybe one or two weeks before launch, that's all the time they have to play the game and write the article, you can't fit much mastering in that. There are a few reviewers, who don't give a damn about finishing their review by the game's release date, but they are usually the ones who already have a loyal audience, and don't need to ride the launch buzz to get clicks.
  9. It would be freaking hell living the rest of my life without videogames. But at $1 billion I might be able to substitute that by real life thrills. But for $10 million? I buy a home and 5 sports cars, and I'm broke. But if I have $1 billion I could rent a race track every weekend and just play gran turismo in real life.
  10. if they make you forget video games then you aren't giving up anything. There is no sacrifice on your part. Assuming that was possible, unfortunately memory doesn't work that way, you can't just pick and choose memories to remove.
  11. I don't even know what is my favorite game, good luck to them figuring it out. I'd take the money any day. Even for a tenth I'd give up one game from my library, whichever it may be. Now if the question was would I give up video games entirely, the answer would be hell no. Not even for $10 million. Maybe I'd budge at $1 billion.
  12. Is it just me or Street Fighter 6 actually looks worse than SFV?
  13. Yeah save points are a good addition to suspense in games. You can not interact with them when you are in a fight, so it can't be exploited like in many other checkpoint based games. Beiing able to save at will is good for many games, but it can also lead to recklessness. If you are not worried about failing at all, because you save at every corner that kind of takes away the suspense. Which in turn reduces immersion.
  14. Deus Ex - The game has so many alternative approaches on how you can complete certain missions, and so many references that I think it is impossible to notice everything even in several playthroughs. Oblivion / Skyrim - There is just so much content that I just never did everything in them, there is always one more sidequest that I didn't explore yet.
  15. Never I installed fortnite once when I was selling an old PC, because the buyer asked me to try it out on it.
  16. Most modern games don't even allow manual saving, but those that do, I always save before ending a game session. And when I'm in a really good position, like after completing a mission and I refilled my ammo, health and tools. i'm kind of paranoid about loosing progress so in games that have multiple save slots I always save on a new one and never overwrite the last save.
  17. Did Microsoft even directly develop any other game than Flight Simulator? What about SONY? Or are you being so brazen that you consider any game developed by a studio that is owned by either as developed by MS / SONY?
  18. Geez, I hope not. I mean playing videogames is fun, but making it a career is draining the fun out of it.
  19. The perfect fun gameplay is tactical open world shooters, on realistic difficulty. For example Ghost Recon Wildlands. Where your objectives are not at the ends of linear levels, but in open world compounds that you need to infiltrate. And you have completely free reign on how to do it. Drive up to or crash the front gates guns blazing, sneak in undetected, silently stalk and take down every enemy, parachute from the top, carve a bloody route to your objective, arrive in a tank, or any combination of the above. And the realistic difficulty makes it insanely intense, you are no super soldier, one unwise move, or an enemy allowed to circle around you, or an alarm raised, and you find yourself on the defensive instead of the offensive, often forced to flee, because if you get shot, you are dead. The enemy is as deadly to you as you are to the enemy.
  20. It was probably during the LAN party days in the early 2000s. We'd start Friday afternoon, and play until noon Sunday. But it was never a single game, but a variety of games we'd rotate randomly. If we are talking about the longest playing a single game, I'm not certain how long of a stretch I exactly played them but the best candidates are these: Carmageddon: completed the campaign the same night I got the game Half Life: I realized at 4:30 AM that maybe it's time to go to bed Beyond Two Souls: I played this game when I was really ill, it kept me focused on something else instead of how awful I felt The Last of Us II: I couldn't stop playing until I completed the story. About 12-13 hours a day every day.
  21. Except Deus Ex is not a shooting game. It is an immersive sim, that supposed to have multiple approaches, but if one approach gives far more rewards then it's less of a choice.
  22. Deus Ex human revolution gives more XP the more ruthless and brutal you are. Clearing a level by sneaking barely gives you any, while the most XP can be gained by headshot killing every NPC.
  23. I don't remember why but one NPC in a town in skyrim attacked me, and I killed them accidentally. But the game never removed the corpse it was always there when I went to that town even 20 hours of gametime later, and there was always a dismayed crowd around it. It was horrible.
  24. I always avoid combat unless the game actively punishes you for it. (ie. you get much less XP for doing it that way instead of killing everyoneI
  25. If they bore me, or they make no sense in context of the story. But most of all bait and switch can cause me to quit quests. You pick up a quest that seems simple enough, but then it suddenly turns into a much more involved thing that has you running all around the map. When you specifically picked that quests because of its locality.
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