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Cons of gaming platforms that you have been using

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i will start :

PC : A bit expensive parts (especially during the shortage that's currently going on and miners), games aren't always easy to play (plug and play) and some troubleshooting has to be done sometimes

PSP : analog ghosting issues that makes playing impossible till you change the whole analog stick (or fix it using some plugins that adjust the sensitivity)

PS2: slow loading times for PS1 games that i'm emulating in it (as it supports only USB 1.0), memory cards are a bit tough to get locally (unless you order them online)

how about you?



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I will point out a few cons of playing on Playstation 4 that always frustrating for me most of the time. 

1. Online game subscription fee 

2. It doesn't allow for PC streaming 

3. It's no backward compatibility is a big turn off. 

4. 15 minutes maximum duration for recording gameplay. 

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PC vs Consoles cons and pros right?  That's just going to be a long debate. The three factors that concern me are cost, comfort and who I'll play with.

Cost is a tricky one to calculate. Consoles are cheaper to purchase, but the games are typically more expensive. PCs are more expensive to buy, games are cheaper (especially from Steam) but you're likely to need to upgrade more frequently if playing the latest titles is important to you. I always been a PC person, and for me in the long run it can be costly YET, the job that I'm in it's not. Other consoles are less hassle to maintain - my PS2 served me well for awhile. whereas I would've gone through two-three PCs in the same time, then again my PC I had before the one that I got now is 10 years old and still going  😛 

Who will you play with? Most of my friends have Playstations or Xbox and also PC XD so the decision was pretty hard there. 

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